In This Moment’s Maria Brink Hurt In Crash

It’s always tragic when hot chicks have to go through traumatic ordeals like car accidents. It makes you want to shed a tear, really. But sadly, this is what happened Tuesday (August 31). Blonde, beautiful, babe-a-riffic In This Moment frontwoman Maria Brink wrote on Facebook that she was involved in a motor vehicle accident that […]

Exclusive: Ipsissimus Ink Deal With Metal Blade

I am not only psyched but honored to be able to bring you this news first, before anyone else will. It’s a Gun Shy Assassin exclusive! It’s something super exciting for me because…well, one of my oldest and dearest friends — His Emissary — is a member of Ipsissimus, the New Haven, Connecticut-based black metal […]

Underoath Name New Album Ø (Disambiguation)

Underoath are good at what they do. I’m not a big fan of what it is they do, but whatever. That shouldn’t matter to you or anyone really, but guess what? Underoath have a new album coming out. Aren’t you psyched? Ø (Disambiguation) is the title of the band’s new disc. I have no idea […]

Behemoth’s Nergal Responds To Outpouring Of Support

Since news first broke that Behemoth frontman Nergal would be receiving treatment for advanced leukemia, the leader of the Polish extreme metal act’s spoken only once — to confirm the dismal news. But now, Nergal — inspired by the overwhelming amount of support that’s flooded his inner sanctum since last week — has spoken out […]

Axl Rose Acts Like A Drama Queen

Not sure how reliable anything from English rag The Daily Star could be, but the daily’s claiming Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose fired his entire road crew when they didn’t wake him up for his Reading and Leeds Festivals sets. Again, The Daily Star is as reliable as a Taiwanese hooker, and even more […]

An Open Letter To The Sword

Hey guys. Great new record. I’m loving the shit out of it, and I think everyone should have to hear it. But what gives, fellas? You know, we go back a spell. Remember? I was the dude who was walking around all day in that park in Brooklyn, freezing his ass off in the snow, […]

Full Blown Chaos Ink New Record Deal

I’ve always been a fan of Full Blown Chaos. The hardcore metal band from Queens destroyed shit on Ozzfest in 2006 and the band’s released a bunch of solid records. To top it all off, frontman Ray Mazzola has to be one of the coolest dudes I’ve ever met. So I am a big supporter […]

I Was Right: More Pantera Re-Issues Coming!

Last week, I gave a first-listen review of a new track you can now here over at Pantera’s Facebook page called “The Will to Survive.” It was a leftover track from the Cowboys From Hell sessions and can be yours starting September 14 when the band celebrate’s the album’s 20th anniversary by re-issuing the album […]

Accept’s Album Cover Is Bloody Good

I must admit — for the most part, this blog is a compilation of whatever comes to mind when I first see, hear, or read something. If I’m apathetic about some lame-ass band going out on tour with an even lamer-assed band, I just get to the goods as quickly as I can. In the […]

Acacia Strain Tour Dates, Slash Divorcing: Odds & Ends

Its the end of another long, muggy Monday here in New York and now, it’s time for Odds & Ends, a quick recap of all the news that’s fit to print, but perhaps is not deserving of its own individual posts. After the jump, there’s even a video preview of the new Megadeth track. Sweet. […]