Sully Erna Calls Scott Stapp A “Faggot”

Fucking half-pint
Are you fucking surprised? Sully Erna — the lead singer of one of the fucking worst bands to ever weave a string of notes together — is a fucking douche with a Napoleon complex and an IQ lower than my shoe size. I interviewed him once at MTV News, and he was a total tool. Perhaps he could sense that I despise his midget ass. Anyways, so yeah — Sully is a homophobe.

While playing up in Mohegan Sun, a casino in Connecticut, Erna called on the fans to help him remember the lyrics to one of his own songs, and urged the audience to sing along with him, but with feeling.

By the way, why does every Godsmack song have “Go away” or “Get away” in the lyrics? I’m telling you, this dude hates that he can’t ride most of the coasters at Six Flags New England, so he has to go and attack the lead singer of one of the fucking worst bands to ever exist: Creed.

“I will go to Bangor, Maine tomorrow and I will tell them that Mohegan Sun had a bunch of fucking dead-ass pussies on the fucking floor and maybe you should be going to see a Creed show or some shit like that,” Sully says in the following video. Then, he notices someone giving him the finger in the crowd. “You’re flipping me off? What, you like Creed? You like Scott Stapp? He’s a faggot. Faggot.”

Man, what an asshole! I’d call for all gays and lesbians to boycott this band, but it’s not like gay and lesbian folks are snatching up their CDs and concert tickets. So I urge you, the dumb-ass who will inevitably come to Sully’s defense, to boycott the band. They don’t like gay people. Figures…he’s a Red Sox fan. He’s just jealous that Scott’s seven-feet tall.

21 thoughts on “Sully Erna Calls Scott Stapp A “Faggot””

  1. Not only is he using homophobic words, but he’s a fucking asshole for berating some people in the audience for sitting or not “losing their fucking mind”. Yeah, make yourself feel like some big hardcore metal guy by guilt-tripping your crowds to mosh to your shit music. Anyone else find it funny that at 1:17 Sully sits down on the stage? Hypocrite much? So people in the crowd who paid to have seats versus standing room are lazy pussies, yet he, who people are paying to see entertain them, is sitting? Fuck him. If I were there, I’d be throwing shit at his little douchey ass.

  2. Saw them Friday in Dallas. The show was awesome. Met the band sans Sully before the show and was shocked how little they are. I get how some of you don’t like Sully because you think he’s anti-gay or whatever but these are good musicians and they put on a solid show. I especially liked the classic metal tribute they do at the end of the show with bits from Black Sabbath, Hendrix, Jethro Tull and AC/DC. Very cool.

    I was in the pit and jumping all over the place and screaming my head off along with everyone else. Dallas rocks and so does Godsmack.

    1. That’s rather harsh, Moli. I think you’re just jealous because you live in Hungary and I live in New York. What did I do to you that you would wish ill on me and my kith? Fucking Hungarian piece of shit! And it’s OF cancer, not IN cancer. Learn English, ya fuck!

  3. Chris Harris,you are a total fuck wit and shouldn’t be writing about things you clearly know shit all about.Sully is an extremely well rounded musician,just listen to his solo album.wake the fuck up you douche

  4. he seems to have a knee brace on his left leg.. I used to like their music but Sullys head has become too
    big for the stage. saw them probably 5years ago and it was a good show but he pulls crap like this and other things
    and it makes you like him less and less.

  5. godsmack sucks ass thier more gayer than new metallica anyone who thinks godsmack is actully metal is a dumbass aslo scott stapp sucks too creed is the gayest band ever and they riped off pearl jam both sully and scott are nothing but talnetless fags who rip off other musicians and make shitty music p.s. red sox rule yankees fans are fags

      1. ^ This guy is just a troll, people. Anything you say can, and will, be used by him in attempt to make himself feel better by insulting people behind a computer screen. Please don’t feed him. 

        1. I will insult you to your face too.

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  6. Welll I’m a gay man, and let me tell you when someone uses the word fagot its sometimes used in a way that doesn’t pertain to gays, I personally call people fagots. The same way that every person that uses the word nigger doesn’t always mean an African American. Last off you insulted two good bands in this article calling Godsmack and Creed shitty bands, but let me tell you that you are a shitty writer and probably more homophobic than him. You know why? You stereotyped us saying Gay people wouldn’t buy a Godsmack album. Are you saying were all pop fiends in a club that hate rock? Go fuck yourself.

  7. I pity the teachers and people along the way who helped you get into journalism, they should have exerted their efforts in something that would yield some form of talent. What kind of writer would waste their words calling out a band. It seems to be a reoccurring theme that the talentless attack the talented. “Well, yeah. That’s why Sully called Scott Stapp a faggot.” Yes, pardon me for MY faulty logic. You are a disgrace to the field of journalism, and it really is a shame to see what an “internationally-published music journalist” can call an excuse for an article.

  8. Hmmm…A little late to the party, but oh well. I’m far more disturbed that this Chriss Anne Harris is in fact “an internationally published journalist”, and was employed by MTV. Well, perhaps not that surprised that MTV, gave this creature a gig with their outfit. MTV hasn’t exactly been relevant to anything in the world of legitimate music, in a couple of decades…other than it’s own sense of self importance.
    REALLY?, This guy is a JOURNALIST? Okay. I guess some folks might mistake Kesha for a classically trained vocalist.
    Harris, you’re nothing but a whining, little cunt. An egotistical, un-talented hack. When I first started reading your post, I thought you were some ignorant, 15 y/o troll, claiming to be a journalist, that had worked for MTV, in an effort to look like a big shot.
    I’m a gay man, love Godsmack, love metal, and a host of other things that fall outside the accepted norms of “gay”, by douche bags like yourself. Who the hell are you, or any other member of the self-appointed kewl set, to define what is, or isn’t “normal” for Queers to like or dislike?
    As far as Erna is concerned. He’s got an ego. Who wants to listen to a rock god that doesn’t? Goes with the territory.
    Besides, Scott Stapp IS a faggot, regardless of his sexuality. An untalented, simpering, egotistical, loves the smell of his own shit. faggot…just like you.

  9. It appears the author of this article took offense from Sully saying “Faggot”. Personally, I don’t care the Sully called Scott Stapp a faggot, because Creed sucks anyway. I think Sully’s a cool dude, and Godsmack creates some legit music. Oh, you kinda stereotyped the gay community by saying they don’t buy Godsmack albums, therefore saying that gays cannot like Godsmack. Fuck off, dude. No gives a shit about your opinion.

  10. Well I for one and a total godsmack and sully fan .. i also like creed so what ! N if the coaster comment is cuz hes short .. another so what ! Youre probably just jealous that he is a nice guy ..does have good music n is hot as hell ! Yea ill defend him anyday !!

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