Slipknot Working On New Material


That, according to pint-sized drummer Joey Jordison, who tells Billboard — of all folks — that Slipknot has already begun work on material for a new studio album. Guess that’ll silence all that speculation about whether the band would carry on after the May 2010 overdose death of bassist Paul Gray. “It’s already in motion,” […]

Amon Amarth To Release Surtur Rising In March

Amon Amarth

Oh snap! Amon Amarth are returning, Amon Amarth are returning. I am fucking beyond psyched, because let’s face it — no one does the whole viking metal thing better than Amon Amarth. Their sound is crushing and epic, and their albums — at least for me — seem to just cruise by; I turn ‘em […]

Sodom Part Ways With Drummer


Sodom need a new drummer, now that the German thrash metal veterans have decided, “by mutual agreement,” that Bobby Schottkowski shouldn’t be in the band any more. “After personal and private problems between [bassist/vocalist Thomas ‘Angelripper’ Such] and Bobby [Schottkowski], it was decided, by mutual agreement, to end the cooperation between Sodom and the drummer […]

Former Kiss Drummer’s Porsche Can Be Yours…

Or you could buy a 2012 Civic...

That’s right, folks. You can now own late Kiss drummer Eric Carr’s car. Oh yes…a gray Porsche 924 that looks like it’s been parked under a tree for 20 years. It also looks like Louie Anderson used the car’s front end as a fucking recliner. But you can own that piece of shit, folks…we just […]

Trivium Delay Recording Of New Disc


Yep. The Trivium dudes were supposed to begin work on their new one at Jason Suecof’s Audio Hammer studios in Florida tomorrow. But now, they won’t begin tracking the effort until January. According to a source, the decision to postpone the recording sessions was out of Trivium’s hands. And it probably means the band will […]

Voyager Change Name to VYGR


Wait, I see what they did there…they just took out all of the vowels and now it’s just VYGR. I wonder why? Voyager is a pretty sick name. Not like Ignominious Incarceration. Oh wait, there’s an explanation for it. In a post on their Web site, the band claims “we’ve achieved a plane of existance […]

Music As A Weapon Tour Dates Revealed


Hey you. Yeah you — the one in the Disturbed shirt. Yeah, I need you to know that the band you’re promoting on your chest is actually touring early next year with Korn. But then again, if you’re a Disturbed fan, you probably already knew this. But you probably didn’t know when the tour was […]

Deftones Release Alternate Version Of “Butcher”

The Deftones

I happen to love hearing altered versions of songs I’ve already fallen in love with, especially when done by the artists themselves. And the Deftones sort of excel in this department. They’ve released a ton of acoustic and re-imagined versions of their songs in the past and they’ve all been brilliant. That acoustic version of […]

Trevor Strnad’s Deadspeak: Booyah

Trevor Strnad's Deadspeak

Black Dahlia Murder frontman Trevor Strnad is back again after the long holiday weekend…this time, with some praise for one of his most beloved food groups. Faithful followers, this week I am going to broach yet another subject of great controversy: religion. I bow only to one god, and I assure you that my way […]

Murderdolls Cancel Upcoming Tour

Joey Jordison

Well that sucks…if you happen to be a fan of the Murderdolls, the side project of Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison. Seems the “Violent Night, Deadly Night” tour is off because of an “unforeseeable family emergency.” In a statement, the band said it was bummed to have to pull the plug on its tour, but — […]