Bach On The Market: Sebastian’s Single, Ladies

The unhappy couple

That’s right, girls. Former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach is a single man…now that he and his misses, Maria, have separated. Sebastian, let me just say this right off the bat: It’s always sad when one thing ends, but you need to look on the bright side — now, you can get new pussy! And […]

BTB&M Frontman To Front Owen Hart For Pantera-Only Set

Tommy Rogers

Between The Buried And Me vocalist Tommy Rogers — who we spoke to last month about his forthcoming solo LP Pulse — will front Tacoma metal maniacs Owen Hart for a special, one-time-only, Pantera cover set. The show’s been booked for January 8 at El Corazon in Seattle.  The BTBAM-Owen Hart collaboration is part of […]

The Human Abstract To Tour With A.J. Minette

The Human Abstract

He was instrumental in the creation of Digital Veil, the forthcoming new record from The Human Abstract. So it stands to reason that A.J. Minette would be with the band when they hit the road to tour on that LP, no? Well, not so quick. Minette returned to the Los Angeles-based metal act just in […]

Paul Gray Wasn’t Just A Drug Addict

Paul Gray

This, according to Brenna Gray, Slipknot bassist Paul Gray’s grieving widow. She made this revelation in the new issue of Revolver [Edit: Yes, they still make that magazine], which Blabbermouth claims takes a look back at the shitty year that was, and all the folks who croaked during it, like Ronnie James Dio and Peter […]

The Haunted Give New Album Boring Title

The Haunted

I feel like The Haunted missed out on a real opportunity here, but then again, what else is new? I mean, they could have gone big with the title of their new record…lots of menacing words, strung together in a way that makes something of a statement. But no…they name their new one Unseen. The […]

Doomriders Get Permanent Drummer

I am pretty sure this is Q

Doomriders happens to be a band I think are, well, dope. Jen Guyre agrees with me completely. In fact, she probably likes them more than I do, even. But that’s neither here nor there. The truth is folks, most of the time, it’s easy to talk about members changes, but this one’s rather anticlimactic, as […]

Queens Of The Stone Age To Start Recording Soon

Queens of the Stone Age

Yes, that’s right! Queens of the Stone Age, one of the best rock bands ever, will be entering a recording studio next month to begin tracking songs for their forthcoming album. In a word, I am fucking psyched. I could not be happier about this development, even though the last QOTSA record was rather hit-or-miss […]

Ex-Soulfly Bassist Tells Max Cavalera To “Take Some More Pills”

Bobby Burns

In a series of Facebook posts, Bobby Burns, who left Soulfly earlier this year, has threatened to go public with “some shit” about Max Cavalera, should the Soulfly frontman and Sepultura legend continue “talking shit.” Calling Max “a fucking idiot,” Burns apparently is none too happy with statements Max made about Bobby’s departure. Burns tells […]

Chad On Film: “Black Swan Is An Amazing Piece Of Art”

Chad on Film

This week, Chapter 14’s Chad Ackerman checks in with a review of one of 2010’s most celebrated films, “Black Swan.” I’ve seen it, and it is worth the price of admission…if only for the lesbianism and Natalie Portman’s ass-tastic masturbation scene. Chad’s a little more evolved, so his review focuses more on the film itself. […]

Vince Neil Sees Dead People

Vince Neil

Or more specifically, his dead daughter. Yes, folks. That’s right. Vince Neil — who has a penchant for drinking, driving, and maiming the people he doesn’t kill — will do anything for publicity. What do you think that whole “Skating With the Stars” nonsense was all about. Vince — Motley Crue’s frontman — appeared on […]