Behemoth’s Nergal Dumped Fiancée Doda

Nergal dumped this
The girl pictured in this post is Poland’s Britney Spears and the ex-fiancée of Behemoth guitarist and frontman Adam “Nergal” Darski. Her name is Doda, and she stood by Nergal through his recent battle with leukemia and now, she’s single and so is Nergal.

According to online reports, Nergal dumped her on Sunday, over the phone. I’m sorry, but that’s kind of weak. I love Behemoth and all, but if you are engaged to a chick, that’s really the sort of break up that needs to happen in person. Sure, it’s hard; I’ve done it so I know. But if you’re just one civil ceremony away from being hitched to a gal, I think you’ve got to man up and show her some respect by telling her face-to-face.

The couple were together two years. Reports speculate Nergal pulled the plug because he “didn’t like some of Doda’s friends, including one muscled fitness instructor from Berlin.”

So Nergal’s the jealous type. It’s cool; I’m the same way, dude. Clearly, there must have been more to this situation than what these reports are claiming. Maybe Doda and this fitness instructor knocked boots, in which case, a phone call works. Either way, I know you can find nudes of this broad online, if you’re ultra perverted. And if you live in Poland and travel in such circles, have a go at Doda now. Nergal won’t mind.

I wonder if chicks actually dig Nergal’s look. I always figured this Doda chick was the best he was going to get. So, let’s her it girls: Would you bang Nergal and would you need him to be in his Behemoth make-up in order to accept his wang?

14 thoughts on “Behemoth’s Nergal Dumped Fiancée Doda”

  1. Man…I figured I’d read about relationship drama on fucking Perez Hiltons bullshit site…But not here. Who really fucking cares if he split from his fiance…other then him and his fiance. Another fucking fantastic post Chris…keep em coming….Fuck…..

  2. You don’t know shit about it, hes in Gdansk and after bone marrow transplant, he cant get out of his house, cant travel! She lives in Warsaw. And you know what? Durgin these 3 months she spent with him only TWO DAYS. She didnt even bother to visit him in Gdansk! She was busy partying, kissing with other guys and cheating on him. So gimme a break, he loves her very much, she didnt love him, thats the truth!!!!

    1. ok Im from poland and i know much more about this. this what you wrote is total bulls..t; she has never cheated on him. she had to be in warsaw b/c when he was sick, she postponed ALL contracts so after he felt better, she had to finish all contracts;otherwise she would be in a huge troubles. and she was deeply in love with him. ity really pisses me off when smeone puts totally false stories.

  3. I love and respect nergal. i admire him so much, I’d marry him in a heart beat! I always knew Doda was a cunt, and for her to do that i so pathetic. I’m so glad he got rid of that whore.

  4. Adam is good looking man, but even if he wasn’t it wouldn’t matter, because he’s succesful. And that’s what counts. He’s a bad boy and a superstar in Poland, so he could get a hundred better looking chicks once he’s back on his feet.
    Get well, Nergal, the world loves you ! :)

  5. Well, I hate to say this, but the entire “happily ever after” and “one man for one woman” bullshit is an imposed, roman catholic culture. It might sound terrible but that is the truth. We expect our current girl to be our best friend and best lover, but the truth is that people change. And it sucks maybe, but it is what it is. We just need to face things the way they are and live by our true nature.

  6. Nergal is HOT, so I don’t think getting a “better-looking-chick” is going to be a problem for him. Now, think about this… An extreme metal musician and a pop singer? That had no future. I’ve seen Nergal going to MTV partys and TV programmes with this girl… I don’t think any metalhead but Ozzy will be happy with that. I was him, I would be sick of acting like a famous chick boyfriend.

    1. and again – i doubt that any other girl would do as much as she did for him when he was just about to die. and Nergal for me is looser – she saved his life, and he left his fiance over the phone. such a lack of class. AND how do you feel about his comment, that they are not together b/c there was not enough sex after his disease? would you be happy if in difficult moments of your life your bf/husband dumps you b/c there was not enough sex? come on … looser.

  7. i’m straight and everything, but if you’ve never seen him in normal street clothes, he is a DAMNED good looking guy.

    1. for me i personally dont like doda and nergal (adam) at all. she and he for me r not attractive. she has fake silicon breast and he is totally NOT hot – you have never seen him talking maybe, but i HATE when guy talks a lot a lot like crazy… all around… fast… and A LOT.

  8. “the best he was going to get”-ok lets see what we have here…first thing-Silicons!(you can’t miss that),to bang her for a while would be fun,but thats as far as i could go (i don’t know her,but i’m 90% sure it would be pain in the ass to live with her).second-if you marry women for her looks then you are an idiot! not because it’s “narrow minded” and offensive to womens name,but because all women as men get old,and when they do they loose their charming looks they once had in youth.and if we consider her looks,even then she doesn’t look like a great catch for your bed,you take of those kilos of make-up and reality will turn it’s ugly side to you.and i thing nergal in the long run realized this at least a little.the best HE was going to get?haha THE BEST SHE WILL EVER HAVE!

  9. i’m sure he had his reasons. as for the phone call it would seem quite the task to travel from gdansk to warsaw after a bone marrow transplant and continuing leukemia treatment.

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