It Appears In Flames Have A New Guitarist

In Flames

The band’s Facebook page seems to indicate they’ve found a replacement for Jesper Strömblad, who quit the band more than a year ago to seek continued treatment for alcoholism. Bummer for him. The band now lists Niclas Engelin as its new guitarist in its roster of current members. Engelin is a former member of Gardenian. […]

Arch Enemy Reveal Art For New Album

Khaos Legions

And it is pretty rad. I have to admit…this is the best album cover this band’s approved in fucking eons. I love the detail, I love the grimness…and the realism of Angela Gassow’s boobies. She’d be the one in the middle, I assume. But there it is people — the cover of Arch Enemy’s Khaos […]

Dredg Roll Out May Tour Dates


Crucify me! I don’t listen to metal exclusively. I happen to like a lot of quirky bands as well…bands that don’t fit the metal mold. Bands like Dredg, who have been embraced by the metal community as one of those bands it’s OK to be down with. On May 3, Dredg will launch its first […]

Wolvhammer Launching SXSW-Bound Tour Friday


Minneapolis black metallers Wolvhammer have announced a string of March dates with brothers of the sonic cloth The Atlas Moth. The tour gets underway this Friday with a gig in their hometown; the trek will be making stops here and there along the way to the SXSW Music Conference, where both bands will drop filthy black […]

System Of A Down Add Two Dates To Reunion Run

System of a Down

And they’re still not on the East Coast! What’s up, System of a Down? Why are you hating on us? Making us wait with bated breath? How pissed would you East Coasters be if no such date surfaced on this reunion run? I’m guessing pretty pissed. But they’ve got to play New York, right? Boston? […]

Wretched, Son Of Aurelius Touring


And that tour starts on March 15 in Nashville, Tennessee. That’s right, folks. Wretched, Son of Aurelius, and Last Chance to Reason are teaming up for a tour. Hide your daughters and sisters. Called “The Exodus of America Tour,” the jaunt runs through April 14 in Brookfield, Connecticut, of all places. I’ve yet to form […]

Sex Pistols Frontman Slams Ozzy Osbourne

This dude's batshit

Not in the butt, but in the metaphorical sense. John Lydon — the former frontman for the Sex Pistols and a dude who has never sold out, ever…never — has spoken out against Ozzy Osbourne. Lydon slagged off Ozzy for what he perceives to be an endorsement of drugs. During a promotional stint for his […]

Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine Talks About Church On Twitter

This guy's best friend is his wife

I often forget that Dave Mustaine’s an ultra-religious guy. I’m not sure if he’s bona fide “born again,” but the dude’s got a special relationship with the imaginary man in the sky, and has become — in his old age — something of a pushover. Kind of weakens the image of Killing Is My Business-era […]

The Haunted Frontman’s Solo EP To Be Re-Released

Peter Dolving

As you well know, The Haunted have a new album coming out soon — it’s called The Unseen and will be unheard by me. That album drops March 21. On the same day, Suicide Records will re-release The Haunted frontman Peter Dolving’s solo EP Just ‘Cause You Can Talk, Don’t Mean I Have To Listen. […]

Kamelot Touring With Alestorm, Blackguard


American power metal outfit Kamelot have revealed plans for a late summer tour in support of the band’s latest LP, Poetry for the Poisoned. So, yeah — that’s happening. The trek will also boast Alestorm, Blackguard and The Agonist. I need to be honest here — there’s no fucking way I’m going to see this […]