Re-Up: If You’re In A Touring Band, You Need To Help Us

Help us find this

We don’t usually do shit like this, but we’ve got a dream. A vision, if you will. For years, we’ve wanted to make a feature come to life, but unfortunately, we can not do it alone because we’re not in a touring band, out there on the road, stopping at various rest areas along various […]

Breaking News, Broken Singer: Jackyl Frontman Involved In Serious Highway Accident

Jesse James Dupree

Oh my GOD! Who knew anyone would ever care again about Jackyl? I do, because right now, there’s some Jackyl-related breaking news. Frontman Jesse James Dupree has been involved in a bad accident along Route 411, near the Georgia/Alabama state line. The accident happened today — we’re pretty sure anyway. The press release Jackyl’s publicist […]

Anaal Nathrakh Working On New Album

I love Anaal

U.K. extreme metal act Anaal Nathrakh — consisting of Mick Kenney and David Hunt — are currently working on the follow-up to Passion, which you can hear in its entirety here. “The songs we’ve recorded so far have come out very well,” says Hunt from the studio. “They are stylistically quite heterogeneous yet somehow sounding […]

Down Book Pair Of Pre-Halloween Hometown Gigs


Down — the band featuring Corrosion of Conformity’s Pepper Keenan, Crowbar’s Kirk Windstein, and former Pantera frontman Phil Anselmo — will celebrate Halloween this year by kicking the asses of their hometown fans. Down will play two shows in the New Orleans area on Halloween weekend — at Southport Music Hall in Jefferson on October […]

Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe Starts Own Blog

Randy Blythe

He hasn’t posted much yet, but Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe has started a blog. There are only two posts on, and one’s a picture. I’m hoping there are future installments soon, because I like reading Randy’s writings. I wish he’d have just written a column for us. He didn’t have to go […]

Brian Fair’s That First Step’s A Doozy: Apocalypse Upon Us

Brian Fair's That First Step's A Doozy

Months ago, I shamelessly emailed Brian Fair of Shadows Fall, Death Ray Vision, and Overcast, begging him to grace Gun Shy Assassin with his voice. He agreed. I told him I understood if it took him a while to find inspiration, what with Shadows Fall writing a new album and Brian being newly wed. The […]

Jack Osbourne Engaged To Hot Piece Of Ass

Nice work, Jack

Jack Osbourne is hanging up his womb broom. The son of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne has proposed to girlfriend Lisa Stelly — that hot piece of ass pictured in this post. The 25-year-old Osbourne — who will always be a fat kid mentally — asked the model and aspiring actress to marry him and she […]

If You’re Going To Get Shithoused, Do It With Your Friends From Kiss

Tastes like Gene Simmons' swamp ass

I’m not a big drinker. If I’m at a wedding or on a date, I will imbibe. But I’m not the type of dude who has a liquor cabinet or a wine refrigerator. Just not how I roll anymore. But if I were a booze-hound, you bet your asshole I’d be drinking Kiss-themed wine and […]

Soundgarden, Battles Tapped For Australia’s Big Day Out


Oh you lucky Aussies! Not only do you have prisoner DNA coursing its way through your veins, you have awesome surf, kangaroos, and super hot broads. Could it get any better to be Australian? Yes, yes it can. That’s because Soundgarden have been tapped for next year’s Big Day Out Festival, set for January 20 […]

Lamb Of God, Trivium Booked For 2012 Hellfest

Lamb of God

Perhaps Chris Adler will be able to sneak me into his drum kit or something. Then maybe I’d be able to go see Lamb of God play at France’s Hellfest next year. Lamb of God have been confirmed for the fest’s lineup. I’m thinking Adler can hide me inside his bass drum. I’ll just cramp […]