No NYE Plans? Spend The Night At Home With Jane’s Addiction

Jane's Addiction's Perry Farrell

Chances are you either make sure to go out on New Year’s Eve — or as I like to call it, Amateur Night — or you fucking don’t care and stay home, usually falling asleep before midnight. Me? I could give a fuck less about what I’m doing and who I am with as we […]

Katatonia Update Fans On Forthcoming Album


Oh yeah, homie. Ever notice the word homie looks like hornie. Not that hornie is a word. I guess it is now. I just noticed that. Swedish rock stalwarts Katatonia have provided fans with an update on their coming plans for the new year. “The first couple of months of 2012 will see us hard […]

Marduk Is Recording Right This Second


Well, this is awesome news to cap off 2011, what was actually a half-and-half year for me. A lot of good happened, but a lot of shit also went down. My search for Miss Right continues, but the site did well. And I did get laid. It’s not like I went all year without fotch. […]

Dream Theater Frontman “Taken Aback” By Grammy Nod

James LaBrie

I don’t know why. Someone paid good money for that nomination. He had to have known about it. I’m kidding. The Grammys are totally legit. Seriously. Some Web site recently spoke with Dream Theater vocalist James LaBrie about being nominated, and he was “taken aback.” “It’s the feather in our cap to be in that […]

A Story That’ll Give You A Warm Fuzzy Feeling For 2012

She also warms my cockles

Admittedly, I’m a huge pessimist. The glass is never full. It’s almost always empty. But sometimes, stories like this can warm the cockles of even this frigid, bruised and battered heart. WJCU 88.7 FM and Auburn Records hosted a food drive for the Cleveland Foodbank and Friends of the Cleveland Kennel on December 23, at […]

Fred Durst Promises Two New Studio Offerings In 2012

Fred Durst

Looking back on 2011, Fred Durst can’t be thinking that shit was a banner one. Limp Bizkit released a record no one fucking cared about, and Interscope dropped the band. They booked and then cancelled numerous tours, and Fred just ended up losing more hair and putting on more pounds. Today, Freddy took to the […]

Silent Civilian Lose Touring Van

Silent Civilian

Dude…where’s the van? I’m sure it did not involve a night of drinking followed by tattoo sessions with strippers and aliens, but Silent Civilian can’t find their van. It’s missing, according to the band’s Facebook page. Silent Civilian need your help to find it. “ATTENTION ALL VEGAS FANS AND UTAH FANS!!!!! Our van is missing,” […]

Lamb Of God Vocalist Talks Caca Doodoo Poopie

Randy Blythe

That’s right. This post is about something we all do…even hot chicks: Poop. We all poop. I’m a two-time-a-dayer, at least. I love shitting. After eating, fucking and sleeping, it’s my favorite thing to do. Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe was on Twitter before, talking about poo. He started asking his fans what methods […]

Birth A.D. LP To Feature Guest Appearance By Rotting Christ Singer

Birth A.D.

No way! Texas crossover thrash act Birth A.D. have announced that they will be entering Pyramid Sound on January 3 to begin recording the full-length follow up to their critically acclaimed EP Stillbirth Of A Nation. The album, which has been named I Blame You, will be engineered and produced by Alex Perialas (S.O.D., Testament, […]

Dysrhythmia Guitarist Releases Second Solo LP


Kevin Hufnagel of Dysrhythmia and Gorguts fame has just released his second solo guitar album, Transparencies. Kevin put the disc out through his own imprint, Nightfloat Recordings. The effort can be streamed in full and purchased at Kev’s also selling his past recordings, including a rare, self-released cassette demo from 1997, titled While I […]