Former Bury Your Dead Guitarist On Trial

This dude's gangsta

Kudos to Lambgoat for catching this one. I guess someone must have Google news alerts set up for lameness. Former Bury Your Dead guitarist Eric Ellis is currently on trial in Florida for being an associate in a “fledgling” Jacksonville gang; that’s fucking hilarious. Or is it pathetic? I vote “Both.” The 27-year-old Ellis was […]

Video: Vince Neil Has A Strip Club

Vince Neil and Flava Flav

Go to the end of this post. Right now. I’m serious. GO!!!!!!! You need to see this video featuring Vince Neil of Motley Crue and a bunch of tatted strippers with big fake chesticles. The video is cheesier than that Nine Inch Nails video we posted the other day. I’m also fairly certain Vince is […]

Deftones To Enter The Studio In July

Chino Moreno

Holy. Fucking. Shit. Anytime the Deftones book studio time is reason to celebrate. And that’s just what I will do. I will celebrate with a drink or few, sex, and sleep. That’s how my night’s going to play out, kids. Newly-married Chino Moreno, the band’s frontman, tells a Chilean Web site that the Deftones have […]

Dawn Of Ashes Lose Two

Dawn of Ashes

That’s right, cowpokes. California melodic blackened death metal band Dawn of Ashes is down two men. Othuum and Volkar Kael have parted ways with the band, and the split was characterized as “amicable,” so, that’s cool. “With the new change in Dawn of Ashes and Kristof Bathory making Dawn of Ashes as his project,” reads […]

Gwar Frontman Says What Has Already Been Said


Oderus Urungus — lead singer of Gwar — has slammed Dave Mustaine for his inane political views, which is something I’ve been doing for a while now. Gwar’s leader thinks — like me — that Dave Mustaine needs to fucking shut his proverbial trap. In an interview on some radio station, Oderus said Megadeth’s frontman […]

Baroness Frontman “Over Writing Hard Music”


Say what? Baroness vocalist and guitarist John Baizley spoke with, for some fucking reason (because since when do they care about stuff that isn’t pussy-whipped punk dreck), and said that’s it — the band’s no longer down with the filthy shit. When asked about their forthcoming LPs “biggest curveball,” dude responded, “It’s easy for […]

Shadows Fall: Track List Unveiled

Shadows Fall

I don’t normally do the “Track List Revealed” type posts, but this is Shadows Fall we’re talking about. And after what I heard from these dudes yesterday, how is this not one of the most anticipated metal releases coming down the pike? Shadows Fall’s new album Fire From The Sky drops May 15 on Razor […]

Strife Announce California Shows


I wish I lived in California sometimes. The other day, I said that I’d be down to help with gang vocals on the new Strife record. This seemingly caught the eye of the band. Guitarist Andrew Kline got in touch and said I should come on down to help, and I was psyched. But then, […]

Oceano Booking Shows Despite Break Up?


Oceano, don’t go away bad…Oceano, just go away. ThePRP claims that Oceano’s farewell appearance at this year’s “New England Metal And Hardcore Festival” will not be their last. The site for the fest no longer mentions that it will be Oceano’s last show, as it had when the NEM&HF was first announced. There is seemingly […]

Inanimate Existence Sign With Unique Leaders

Inanimate Existence

Someone’s gotta care, right? The ink is still drying on a new multi-album deal between San Francisco Bay Area technical death metal dudes Inanimate Existence and Unique Leader Records. The band’s debut CD, Liberation Through Hearing, will be released this summer. A press release claims the band “brings an onslaught of crushing, true death metal, […]