Industrial Band Featuring Disturbed’s Draiman Gets Name

David Draiman

And as expected, it’s not very inspired or fun. Kind of like Disturbed’s music. The band will be called Device. As in, “He used a device to destroy all of their eardrums.” Device — featuring Disturbed vocalist David Draiman and former Filter guitarist Geno Lenardo — even has a new Facebook page, which means they’ve […]

Trash Talk Put Out Ridiculous Press Release

Trash Talk

At least their label did. The band’s new label. Odd Future Records, the umbrella label formed by controversial alternative hip-hop collective Odd Future. The Sacto-based hardcore act is the most recent signing to the label, and will release an album called 119 this fall. Frankly, I have never been a fan of Trash Talk; there […]

Third Annual Gwar-B-Q Slated For August


Oh yes, folks. Get pumped, because you know you wanna drive all the way the fuck down to Richmond, Virginia, for a day of fun, metal, and flesh consumption at a fucking water park! Gwar has revealed that this year, the Gwar-B-Q is returning to the location it was slated for last year — Hadad’s […]

Cavalera Says Collabo With Puciato To See Light In 2013

Max Cavalera

Fuck that cunting noise. I was expecting — like most of you, I imagine — that this insane collaboration between the one and only Max Cavalera and the one and only Greg Puciato would surface before the end of the world. Alas, the Soulfly frontman — that’s Max — says that his project with the […]

The Contortionist Releasing New One In July

The Contortionist

That’s right, dudes. I never got the chance to bang a female contortionist. Something tells me it would be both weird and amazing. The positions she’d be able to curl into…but then, it’d throw me off to be banging a pretzel, you know what I mean? I digress. The Contortionist will be releasing a new […]

Call Me No One Announce Tour

Call Me No One

By now, you have probably heard about Call Me No One. They’re a band featuring Sevendust guitarist Clint Lowery and drummer Morgan Rose, among others. Call Me No One have an album coming on June 5 called Last Parade. I haven’t heard note one from this record, and don’t expect I will any time soon. […]

Stone Temple Pilots Doing Core Tour

Stone Temple Pilots

I was 15 when Stone Temple Pilots’ debut album Core first came out in 1992. I was a sophomore in high school, and loved Black Sabbath, Jane’s Addiction, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, and fucking Death. I was a mixed up kid. My buddy Matt — who is still a great friend of mine — […]

Sacred Reich Guitarist Opens Burger Joint

He's a burger therapist

I think Revocation’s Dave Davidson is going to have to review this place the next time he’s in Arizona. Sacred Reich guitarist Wiley Arnett has launched a new business with his partners: a burger restaurant in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona. Called Rehab Burger Therapy, the joint was founded on the idea that everyone deserves a break, […]

Glassjaw’s Palumbo Working On New Project

Daryl Palumbo

For someone living with as debilitating a condition as he does, Daryl Palumbo is one prolific motherfucker. In fact, just yesterday, I was driving around and found an untitled mix CD I had made, and a Head Automatica song came on and it filled me with joy. I love Palumbo’s atypical voice, and pretty much […]

Alice In Chains: New Album Likely Out In Early 2013

Alice In Chains

In a new interview, Alice In Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell says the next Alice record should be out early next year. “We started writing stuff last year,” Cantrell says. “I think we’re all good with that now, so now it’s time to cut it. “So we’re gonna try to [finish the record for a 2012 […]