Motörhead Frontman Says Band Mulling Covers LP

His holiness Lemmy Kilmister
That’d be dope. But may I suggest Motörhead at least consider covering a Decapitated track? That’d be most dope, in my opinion.

Maybe “Way to Salvation.”

Classic Rock Revisited recently spoke with walking pheromone Lemmy Kilmister, who said Motörhead is thinking about doing an album of covers.

It would probably be easier than writing new Motörhead songs.

“We haven’t come to a concrete decision on it,” explains Lemmy.

“It would be fun to do. The three of us are very different when it comes to music, so it would be a very diverse album. We’d make them all into Motörhead songs, anyway. We’ve done covers before.”

Lemmy says that when it comes to new music, the band “will just go into the studio a month before we do the next album and just write.”

What songs would you wanna hear the ‘Head cover?

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