Old Man Gloom Album Coming In November

Old Man Gloom
Old Man Gloom
Hot damn!

Just hours ago, I reported on the new Old Man Gloom film that’s coming out. Now comes word of a record!

It’s a good day to be a fan of Old Man Gloom, as I am.

The band, boasting members of Cave In, Converge, and Isis, will issue Ape Of God through Profound Lore on November 11.

SIGE Records will handle the vinyl release.

One thought on “Old Man Gloom Album Coming In November”

  1. Good news. In a post-ISIS world OMG is the best chance I have of finding musical bliss. Saw these guys live earlier this year and it was fucking amazing. Partly I think because they keep the set focused and relentlessly heavy without too many of the meandering atmospheric passages which are peppered throughout the albums and unnecessarily break up the flow.

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