Bloodbath: A Third Track Streaming From New LP


Delight thine ears with the splendorous sounds of Bloodbath, whose new tune is now streaming like urine down a steep hill at the end of this post. Ever have that happen? You’re at the bottom of a small hill talking to some friends, and a piss river just comes dribbling down the road so you […]

More Details Provided On Free Slayer Track

New Slayer

Any day now, there should be a new Slayer track available for free download. It’ll probably be a major disappointment. Say, like the last three albums were. If it’s anything other than that, I’ll shit myself. For reals. I’ll make sure I don’t get up in time, and have an accident on my way to […]

Killswitch Engage Dress Up For “Halloween”

Killswitch Engage

OK, so what would be better than a video of Killswitch Engage from last night’s gig at New Jersey’s Starland Ballroom? Being there. Alas, I couldn’t make it out. Fucking job keeps me from doing so much with my life. But anyways, not everyone could attend last night’s gig, for which the band got all […]

Readers’ Bands: California’s Otoño Are Severe


If you like your metal rough, raw, and without all the frills that come with enlisting a capable producer, then you’re going to dig Otoño. From their pictures, it would appear that Otoño has no drummer. Which leads me to believe they use a drum machine. Wouldn’t be the first time a band’s done this […]

Napalm Death, Voivod To Tour

Napalm Death

Why, this is one fucking kick-ass lineup. In support of their forthcoming album, Napalm Death will be touring North America in early 2015 with Voivod, Exhumed, Iron Reagan, and Black Crown Initiate. This, according to that dart at Lambgoat. The trek has not been announced by Napalm Death yet, but some dates for it have […]

Metallica Re-Releasing Iconic Albums

The birthday boy

Because they will never, ever outdo them, Metallica have decided to release deluxe remastered editions of Kill ‘Em All and Ride The Lightning. Look for them to hit in early 2015 through their own Blackened Recordings label. The band are seeking help with video, audio recordings and more from that era, issuing the following plea […]

36 Crazyfists Inks New Deal

36 Crazyfists

That’s right, folks. 36 Crazyfists — everyone’s favorite Alaskans — have signed a new deal with Spinefarm Records. At the end of this post, hear a new song from the band called “Also Am I.” The song will appear on the band’s debut for the label. Here’s what the band has to say: “Crack open […]

Atreyu Plot Next Album


Say it ain’t so, Joe. Fuck, man. That band Atreyu, who I was fairly convinced was old news, has decided to return from its hiatus, with plans to record and release an album now. Why? Who the fuck even likes this band anyways? The band have signed with a new label, the result of a […]

The Deftones Return To The Studio


The Deftones are one of my favorite bands. I haven’t hated a single note of theirs. In fact, I think the band’s output has been flawless — it’s matured with the Deftones, and evolved with time, but it’s always been bad-ass. The Deftones have been writing material as of late for their next album, which […]

Exodus Fan Cleared After Posting Lyrics Online


It’s about fucking time, man. That 31-year-old Kentucky man who was arrested for posting the lyrics to Exodus’s song “Class Dismissed (A Hate Primer)” has had the charges against him expunged. James E. Evans had been charged with terroristic threatening and served eight days in jail. Why? ‘Cause the song’s about a school shooting. A report […]