Body Of Mustaine’s Missing Mother-In-Law Found

Dave Mustaine

This week will likely go down as one of the shittiest for Dave Mustaine. Not only did he lose half his band, the Megadeth leader’s mother-in-law was finally found on Wednesday. Local reports claim the remains of 76-year-old Sally Estabrook, who was last seen at a campground near Julian, California, on October 4, were discovered […]

Fender Once Owned By Satan’s Tippins Up For Auction

Lessons not included

So, it looks as though someone is auctioning off a more than 30-year-old Fender guitar that is described as “road-worn, but fully functional” on eBay. What makes this guitar different than all the others up for grabs on the popular auction site is this one was once owned by Russ Tippins from Satan. Check that […]

Borknagar Frontman Hospitalized With Head Trauma


You know, a very ugly human being twice wished death on me this week. This person — a recent ex-girlfriend — was fucking serious, too. First, she texted me: “I hope you die in a fire.” The second time was yesterday, when she basically instructed me to have an aneurysm whilst driving down the highway […]

Marduk Detail New Disc


What’s up, bitches? Sorry for the lack of posts today. I was busy celebrating Thanksgiving, and, well, I just didn’t have any time for you. Between running around with my niece and nephew and downing gravy-saturated stuffing, I had little time to even fart. But fart, I did. Posts, though, had to wait. Farting shouldn’t […]

Readers’ Bands: And Now, The Progressive Rock Stylings Of Persona Grata

Persona Grata

If you don’t dig progressive rock, move along. There’s nothing for you to see here. I, myself, am a huge fan of progressive rock and metal — everything from Yes to Opeth to the Mars Volta — so Persona Grata are pretty much right up my alley. In my bailiwick. We received an email not […]

Online Game Tests Your Drum-Face Recognition

You be the judge

Need something to break up the monotony of another work day? Go here, then. Play everyone’s favorite new online game…Cumming or Drumming. Complete with ’70s porn music. The concept is simple: You’ll be shown a male or female face. You need to determine whether they’re popping off or just pounding the kit. There’s a NSFW […]

I Am Heresy Guitarist Battling Heroin Addiction

Simon and Nathan

This, in two words, fucking sucks. Boysetsfire has revealed that Simon Gray — the guitarist for I Am Heresy and son of Boysetsfire frontman Nathan Gray — has been battling the dragon that is heroin addiction. Gray has medical bills associated with this fight piling up. Those who are feeling especially thankful this week can […]

Venom Detail Next LP


I hope you’re not a fucking wimp. Because if you are, you apparently won’t be able to handle the forthcoming album from Venom. It’s called From the Very Depths and will be released on January 27 through Spinefarm Records. The band is led by vocalist, bassist and original Venom titan, Cronos, who decided against making […]

Metallica Secure Spate Of European Festival Gigs


If you’re a Metallica fan and live in Europe, I have some great fucking news for you. Metallica will be playing throughout Europe (and Russia) this coming spring, hitting most of the major festivals. Something tells me more announcements will be forthcoming soon, about even more festivals they’ll be playing. But we’ll just have to […]

Drunk Driver Puts Acacia Strain Tour In Peril

Vin shows us the boozer

The Acacia Strain’s van may not be able to go the distance, folks. For the dense, that means the remainder of the dates on the band’s current trek could be in doubt. Last night in Connecticut, an alleged drunk driver crashed his car into the band’s van outside the Webster Theatre in Hartford. From the […]