Melechesh’s New Album Now Streamable


Wanna listen to Enki, the forthcoming new album from black metal act Melechesh? Then simply head to the end of this post. There’s a video there that will allow you to stream the entire disc. So go ahead. Stream at will. Enki will be released March 10 on Nuclear Blast. The record boasts guest appearances […]

Morgan Ågren Enlists Guest Devin Townsend For New LP


That is correct, young folks. Morgan Ågren, the extraordinary drummer for Kaipa, has released his debut solo album, which is called Batterie Deluxe. As the headline indicated, the album boasts Devin Townsend as one of its features guests. You can also include Meshuggah guitarist Fredrik Thordendal in that list. If you’d like to listen to […]

Chris Barnes’ IHate Streaming Eight-Song Demo


An eight-song demo from IHate, the side project featuring Chris Barnes of Six Feet Under, can now be streamed online In fact, you’ll find IHate’s demo at the end of this post. The band was founded by Bob Taggett, a multi-instrumentalist. Barnes called the demo “a masterpiece of brutal, violent death metal.” He adds: “The […]

New Cloudkicker Probably Beyond Cool

Little Histories

I haven’t listened to it yet, but it was released this morning and it’s probably actually dino-choking. God, I hope that phrase catches on…about as much as I hope my pubes spontaneously catch on fire. But for reals, I haven’t gotten around to the live album Cloudkicker released last month, featuring Intronaut as his backing […]

Stream The Black Dahlia Murder’s New EP

The Black Dahlia Murder

It won’t be out officially for a couple more days, but you can now stream the Black Dahlia Murder’s new covers EP at the end of this post. The effort carries the title Grind ‘Em All and will be released as a 7-inch on Friday. It’s a pithy offering…just three fucking songs, courtesy of Exclaim. […]

Fugazi’s First Demo Streaming Now


Next week, Fugazi will be releasing what they’ve titled their First Demo. The set is a compilation of the band’s original demo recordings, and can be heard now at the end of this post. All of the following tracks — sans the tune “Turn Off Your Guns” — were originally available on cassette. If you […]

Machine Head’s New Album Streaming


Last night, I received a link from Nuclear Blast to download the new Machine Head album. I’ve yet to download it. I don’t know what I am waiting for. Maybe it’s just that I don’t care about Machine Head. Haven’t in years. But maybe you are different. Maybe you’re into tough guy metal. If so, […]

UnKured Exclusive Album Stream: Mutated Earth


Do you dig death-thrash? I mean, do you dig death-thrash for real? Well then, proceed to the end of this post. where you’ll find UnKured’s new album streaming in its entirety. The Ohio thrash metallers’ debut disc is called Mutated Earth and you can stream it now, for free. Gratis. Zero. Zilch. Nada. All that. […]

Stream The New Anaal Nathrakh Album — Right Now!


One of my favorite bands — no shit — is Anaal Nathrakh. They’ve never released a dud, you know? They are consistently awesome and I dig everything they’ve released thus far. The band’s new album is a masterpiece, and it follows at the end of this post. The record’s called Desideratum and drops on October […]

Obituary’s New Album Streaming Online

Inked In Blood

The new album from Obituary can now be streamed using the player that appears at the end of this post like magic. Actually, it’s just some HTML coding. But still, it feels like magic sometimes. The full album stream of the band’s album Inked in Blood comes compliments of Loudwire. The new album will be […]