Stream The New Anaal Nathrakh Album — Right Now!


One of my favorite bands — no shit — is Anaal Nathrakh. They’ve never released a dud, you know? They are consistently awesome and I dig everything they’ve released thus far. The band’s new album is a masterpiece, and it follows at the end of this post. The record’s called Desideratum and drops on October […]

Obituary’s New Album Streaming Online

Inked In Blood

The new album from Obituary can now be streamed using the player that appears at the end of this post like magic. Actually, it’s just some HTML coding. But still, it feels like magic sometimes. The full album stream of the band’s album Inked in Blood comes compliments of Loudwire. The new album will be […]

Listen To Baptists’ New Record — NOW!


Baptists are pretty awesome, if I’m going to be honest I dig what they’re doing. That’s why I want you to listen to their new album Bloodmines below. If I dig ‘em, maybe you will too. Southern Lord will release the album to the world tomorrow morning. In the meantime, in between time, rock Baptists […]

Septycal Gorge Exclusive Album Stream: Scourge Of The Formless Breed


If you’re a regular on this site, chances are the name Septycal Gorge looks familiar. They are a kick-ass band from Italy who deliver Grade A death metal of the technically-proficient variety, and they debuted a song with us last month. Plus, the band’s guitarist — who’s a monster with that axe — penned a […]

The New Revocation Record Is Now Streaming


The album I have been listening to most these days is streaming at the end of this post. Why, it’s the new Revocation record, of course? Deathless will finally hit stores next week through Metal Blade. Dave Davidson — our food columnist — and the rest of the Revocation boys outdid themselves with this one. […]

The Acacia Strain Streaming New Disc

The Acacia Strain

I’m not much of a fan myself, but people who dig the Acacia Strain claim their new album is killer. What follows is the band’s new album, streaming in full. Rise Records will release the music, which will be released next week as Coma Witch. Check out the new disc. Let us know what you […]

Blut Aus Nord Streaming New Disc

Memoria Vetusta III: Saturnian Poetry

Blut Aus Nord’s new album is now streaming online, in case you give a shit. The album is called Memoria Vetusta III — Saturnian Poetry. The album will be released on October 10. If you don’t dig Blut Aus Nord and claim to like black metal, I think you’d better go back to listening to […]

Decapitated Streaming New Album In Full

Blood Mantra

Stop what you’re doing. Head to the end of this post right fucking now. There, you will find the new Decapitated album, streaming in its entirety. The disc is called Blood Mantra and releases on September 30. Listen. Love.

Xerath Exclusive Album Stream: III


You folks in the mood for some technically-proficient, riff-revering progressive metal this fine Tuesday? I sure hope so, because that’s just what we’ve got at the end of this post, in the form of an exclusive album stream from United Kingdom-based band Xerath. Xerath’s album, III, is now available for purchase through Candlelight Records. The […]