Contest: Win A Copy Of Whore Of Bethlehem’s New LP

Whore of Bethlehem

What’s that, you say? You’re wholly unfamiliar with Austin-based blackened death metal act Whore of Bethlehem? Well, guess what? That could change soon. We’ve got a physical copy of the band’s new album to give away, and you could be the lucky motherfucker who wins it. Called Upon Judas’ Throne, Whore of Bethlehem’s new one […]

Contest: Win A Copy Of Throne of Sacrilege’s Split With Impurium

The split's cover

Sometimes, when two bands come together, they release what we call in the industry “a split.” It is thusly called because the time allocated to each “split” release, whether it be a full-length, EP, or 7-inch, is divided — or “split” — between the two bands. Make sense? Of course it does. You’re not 3. […]

Contest: Win Tickets To The Sunset Strip Music Festival

Janes Addiction

If you live near — or will be near — Los Angeles on September 20 and September 21, boy, do I have a contest for you! It’s a real humdinger. I’ve got two pairs of tickets for the Sunset Strip Music Festival to give away, and will on September 18, which gives you ten days […]

Contest: Win A Copy Of MACH22’s New LP


We’ve been slacking with contests lately, and for that, I apologize. Running a metal blog while being a full-time employee at a media company leaves me very little time to do anything other than sleep. I don’t have a lot of spare time to get contests going. But today, we’ve got your chance to win […]

Contest: Win A Tiger Flowers Prize Pack

Tiger Flowers

The lads in New York’s Tiger Flowers will be releasing their debut album next week, and I can attest, people: Shit’s unreal. The record has many opulent and imposing layers, and hasn’t left my CD player in weeks. Why? ‘Cause I like it brutal but cerebral, kids. And so do you. Or at least you […]

Contest: Win The Scorpions’ “MTV Unplugged” On DVD

You could own this...

OK, so, it’s not exactly a vaporizer. But still, a copy of the new Scorpions “MTV Unplugged” DVD is pretty fucking rad, if I say so myself. Especially if you dig The Scorpions, and I know some of you do, whether your fandom lives in a closet or is out in the open. Due out […]

Win Tickets To Amon Amarth’s Upcoming Trek

Amon Amarth

I just may have to enter this contest, because, as usual, I waited until the last fucking minute before asking for a spot on the list for their New York show, and shit’s filled, man. So, if I wanna see Amon Amarth and Skeletonwitch (and I do), I’d better enter this contest. And you should […]

Contest: You Could Win Vaporizers From SSV

This could be yours

Now, this may be the best fucking contest we’ve ever hosted, because it involves actual electronics. We’ve been chummy with the fine folks at Colorado-based Silver Surfer Vaporizers for a couple of years now, and have even served as sponsors for some of their showcases and whatnot. I’m not sure how many of my readers […]

Contest: Win A Pinball Rocks Prize Pack

It does

So, this is a prize pack-and-a-half, to be fair. Me? I happen to be a proud pinball dork. If there’s a pinball machine next to one of those mega-huge, gun-wielding Marines-inspired titles, I’m playing pinball. I have pinball games on my phone, even. Of the pinball titles on my phone, my favorite is “Pinball Rocks” […]

Gojira Book Two Slayer Off-Dates


Well, yesterday, we selected the winner of the Slayer/Gojira tickets we were giving away. The lucky winner of the tickets for the Las Vegas show was Ashley Gordon. Ashley was randomly selected and will be seeing the show there at the Joint, with 4ARM opening. In related news, Gojira will used some of their off-dates […]