For Today Boot Guitarist

Samuel Penner

I only report on this band For Today because I like to remind people they’re Christian and probably loathe gay people. Guitarist Samuel Penner is out, and religion may have been a factor. A statement from Penner claims he flew back home less than a month ago when his mother-in-law entered the hospital. In time, […]

Ghost Get New Papa, Prep New Album


Get ready for Papa Emeritus III! As hinted nearly a year ago, Ghost have “fired” Papa Emeritus II and enlisted a new singer, according to Sweden Rock Magazine. The band’s third album and first with Papa Emeritus III will be released in late summer or early fall of this year. The follow-up to 2013’s Infestissumam […]

Criminal Working On New Album With New Guitarist


I’m telling you, people — the truth is here. Criminal have parted ways with lead guitarist Olmo Cascallar, but have a new member, a dude from Chile named Sergio Klein, taking over in that post for the band’s upcoming album sessions. The band’s Anton Reisenegger says that “Olmo is a great guy and an excellent […]

Nader Sadek’s Band Bails On Him


Reports are claiming it was a mutual parting, but something tells me that’s horse shit. Most of Nader Sadek’s band has bounced — namely, longtime drummer Flo Mounier of Cryptopsy, Cattle Decapitation’s Travis Ryan and guitarist Rune Eriksen, known for his work with Aura Noir. Not for nothing, but at a certain point, I thought […]

Wormrot Part With Drummer


That’s right, fuckers. This morning, I said that maybe I’d stop posting for a week, so you fucks would see what it’d be like not to have the site anymore. As if that would make a fucking difference in whether you’re gonna pledge your support or not. I kind of feel like if you were […]

In Solitude Call It Quits

In Solitude

Yup. It’s true. In Solitude is finished. Over. Done. Just like this site’ll be in about a month because people like to claim fandom but usually show their true colors when push comes to shove. So, yeah — In Solitude have broke up. A statement says “this is something that’s been taking shape for a […]

Chance Says He Was Fired From Skeletonwitch


Chance Garnette is out! Skeletonwitch fired him, he claims in a statement to Metal Injection. Notice no one credited me with the news yesterday that Chance had been arrested, but that’s cool. That’s how motherfuckers get rich…by fucking people over. Anyways, Garnette said he’s got a problem with booze, and that that’s basically what precipitated […]

Conducting From The Grave Part With Singer

Mikey Powell

Not that most people give a fuck, but California deathcore outfit Conducting From The Grave have parted with their singer. Mikey Powell is out. “After 5 years and 2 albums, Conducting From The Grave have decided to part ways with vocalist Mikey Powell,” says the band. “We wish him the best and love all the […]

Skeletonwitch Part With Frontman?


It would look that way. Skeletonwitch’s Facebook page no longer lists Chance Garnette as the band’s singer. This development comes months after Garnette left the band’s tour, which they finished as an instrumental act. Now comes word that the band’s upcoming shows overseas will also not feature Chance. Instead, Andy Horn, formerly of Cannabis Corpse, […]

Amon Amarth Part With Drummer

Fredrik Andersson

Amon Amarth need a drummer. The band’s kitman of 17 years, Fredrik Andersson, has quit. Or was fired. It’s not clear. Says the band: “Fredrik has been an important part of Amon Amarth’s development since he joined the band in 1998 and we wish him all the best for the future. We are currently in […]