Contest: Win A Copy Of Throne of Sacrilege’s Split With Impurium

The split's cover

Sometimes, when two bands come together, they release what we call in the industry “a split.” It is thusly called because the time allocated to each “split” release, whether it be a full-length, EP, or 7-inch, is divided — or “split” — between the two bands. Make sense? Of course it does. You’re not 3. […]

Inferion Exclusive Song Stream: “This Will Decay”


So, I have a serious question to ask you and I want an honest answer. Do you dig blackened death metal, and if so, have you ever before experienced the lavish stylings of the band Inferion, who hail from the birthplace of the genre, Florida? If you answered “yes” and then “no,” do yourself a […]

Guest Column: Three Books You Need To Read By Ancst’s Torsten


In our undying efforts to bring you engaging columns you won’t find anywhere else, we’ve reached out to the metal world seeking submissions for a new subject: Three amazing books you have to pick up and devour. Seeing as you read this blog everyday, we went out on a limb and assumed you’d maybe want […]

Gunshy Assassin Presents: The Disastercast With Divider’s Chris Tzompanakis


It’s that time of the week again. Disastercast time, people. This week’s episode is a good one, if I do say so myself. Our special guest for the podcast is Divider’s Chris Tzompanakis. We chat about Divider’s new album, All Barren as well as Superstorm Sandy’s devastation, and Tzompanakis’ past bands, like Skycamefalling. If you […]

Dark Fortress Exclusive Song Stream: “I Am The Jigsaw Of A Mad God”


There’s a small chance you’re unfamiliar with Dark Fortress, which is kind of a shame, to be honest. The band formed in the Bavarian foothills, at the start of black metal’s second wave of black metal. Two decades later, they’ve issued six albums that’ve stretched the genre’s boundaries but never bastardized them. With each release, […]

Readers’ Bands: Writhe Rip


A while back, we here at Gunshy Assassin received an email from a fellow named T.J., who plays in Vermont-based unsigned band Writhe (who don’t have any band photos — hence, the imagery from their EP). T.J. praised the site, and wanted us to check out Writhe for a possible write-up in this column. “We’ve […]

Guest Column: Five Albums That Will Change Your Life By Septycal Gorge’s Marco Lasano


A long time ago, we asked a bunch of bands to submit columns on the following topic: Five Albums That Will Change Your Life. Today, we bring you an entry provided by Septycal Gorge guitarist Marco Lasano. Slayer’s Reign In Blood Yes, I know — it’s not really original but this record changed my life […]

Cannibal Corpse Destroy Down Under

Cannibal Corpse

This tour being announced gave me a half-chub. Cannibal Corpse and Hour of Penance on the same bill, and playing at the former Billboard? Count me in. Since I missed Hour of Penance last time they were here (last year with Behemoth) and hadn’t seen the Corpse for going on 2 years, I was excited […]

Guest Column: Three Bands You May Not Know But Should By Osmium Guillotine’s James Balcombe

Osmium Guillotine

By now, you should know the drill. We’ve been having musicians from across metal’s grand spectrum pen brief guest columns for us on a number of engaging topics: must-read books, must-see films, and bands you may not know but absolutely should. Today’s column was written by James Balcombe of Osmium Guillotine. Kaine A band we’ve […]

Under The Radar: Ethereal Riffian

Ethereal Riffian

Have you ever wondered what it would sound like if Sleep and Tool started a monastery that played progressive doom instead of Gregorian chant? I have a feeling it would sound like Ethereal Riffian. Go here and hit “play.” See what I’m talking about? Man, Ukraine has some seriously good psychedelic doom music. I’m not […]