The Goat Picks His Favorite Albums From 2012


Year-end “best of” lists are full of shit. While it’s no secret that 98.3-percent of paid music journalists are inept cunts and 100-percent of us hobby bloggers are narcissistic dildos, it takes a real fuckin’ turd to suggest they’ve heard — AND FUCKING PROCESSED — all of the year’s relevant releases by the first week […]

Ghost Reveal New Album’s Art

I can dig it!

I refuse to call them Ghost B.C. They will always be Ghost to me. And that image, right there…that there’s the cover art for Infestissumam, the second album from the Swedish buzz band. The new Ghost CD will be issued April 9 on Loma Vista Recordings. You can’t wait for it. I can’t wait for […]

An Album That Will Change You By The Goat

The Goat

Our buddy Ryan Adams — guitarist for Connecticut black metal outfit Ipsissimus, who is perhaps better known to metalheads up and down the East Coast as The Goat — has dusted off his laptop to bring us his genius prose once again. He decided to take on the challenge of naming “Five Albums That Will […]

Undercroft Sign With Season Of Mist that an Undercroft shirt on a member of Undercroft?

I love Season of Mist. They have introduced me to bands I’ve learned I couldn’t live without, and consistently churn out regal releases from solid underground acts. They’ve now signed Undercroft, and will release the band’s sixth album, Ruins Of Gomorrah, on October 9 here in the states. Europe gets that shit two weeks earlier. […]

Nightbitch Performing Tomorrow At Connecticut Nudie Bar!


So, this is something of a shameless plug for The Goat, who promises me he will return will some prose soon. Look — I’ll get straight to it: this weekend, if you are in or around the area of Connecticut, you need to go to this show! Sleazehounds Nightbitch (featuring guitarist The Goat — a.k.a. […]

Limp Bizkit’s Durst Goes Solo: Hear That Awfulness Here!

Inside jokes are fun

Last night, I went down to St. Vitus in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, which is undoubtedly the coolest bar in New York, to see Sourvein and The Goat’s other band, Nightbitch. That has nothing to do with Fred Durst, I know. But I don’t care. Last night, I met The Goat’s new girlfriend, and we hit it […]

The Goat’s Latest Obsession: “After-hours Dance Party At The Goat’s”

The Goat's Latest Obsession

When Satan Himself wants to get sketchy, He puts on Scorpion Violente’s Uberschleiss. The album oozes a drugged-out, sleazy 70’s Euro cinema /disco vibe that slowly possesses your erogenous zones as its metaphysical pores perspire ketamine-and-amyl-nitrate-laced semen, while writhing in the ecstasies of Black Mass orgy. Opener “Violet Revanche” (I think it means “rape and […]

Another Look: Seth Putnam Sings At Gay Bar, Apocalypse At 11…

Seth and The Goat

So, Seth Putnam died Saturday at the age of 43 from a heart attack. In light of this, and to honor his memory (and given The Goat’s been slacking in the column writing department), I thought I would re-run his piece from back in December, and take another look at The Goat’s encounter with the […]

Ipsissimus Exclusive Song Stream: “The First Secret Of Fatima”

Album cover

Today is a momentous day, folks. Why? Today, you can head to the end of this post and listen to the opening track from Ipsissimus’ new album. The song is called “The First Secret of Fatima” and it’s fucking awesome. Ipsissimus’ Metal Blade debut hits record stores on May 24. In my opinion, Ipsissimus is […]

Check Out This Awesome Nightbitch Video

The cover of 'Sex and Magic'

You may or may not know this, but longtime friend of Gun Shy Assassin — The Goat, who also writes the occasional column for us — is not only the guitarist for Metal Blade Records’ Ipsissimus, but he also crafts riffs for occult heavy metal sleaze band Nightbitch, which used to feature Hour of 13 […]