Five Finger Death Punch Guitarist: Egotistical Idiot

Zoltan Bathory

Zoltan Bathory is a complete fucking dope. Some of the shit that comes out of that mouth…you have to wonder if he ever actually thinks about the things he says, or if he just fucking says them. The Five Fisted Fart Box guitarist was speaking to Metal Hammer, and said the success of bands like […]

I, Too, Have A Serious Problem With This

Not cool

I was on a metal forum this afternoon, reading about metal stuff, and someone posted a link to Urban Outfitters. They said of the link: “I have a serious problem with this.” I clicked on the link, only to see the hat pictured in this post, on sale for $9.99. What. The. FUCK? How is […]

And Now, Here’s A Nude Picture Of Jill Janus From Huntress Barfing Into A Toilet


That’s gotta fulfill someone’s fetish right? “Nothing gives me a chubby quicker than when a chick with a shitty boob job gets naked but keeps her socks on, and pukes in Germany.” I can see someone being into that. More so than I can see what revved Ian Watkins’ engine. So, Jill Janus of Huntress […]

Ian Watkins Court Transcripts Paint Graphic Picture Of Three Sick, Twisted Fucks

Ian Watkins, at the height of his perversion

Ian Watkins, former frontman for the now defunct band Lostprophets, is, in fact, a sick and twisted fuck, as are the two mothers he was arrested with — women who basically betrayed their children, abused them and permitting Watkins to abuse them. The transcripts from today’s court hearing’s graphic, and paints a disgusting picture of […]

Chimaira, Oceano Tour In The Works


Man. I love Chimaira. Love. I think the band’s got serious talent, before and after the lineup shifts, and I am not just saying that because their singer Mark Hunter writes a column for the site. But this rumor makes me ill. ThePRP claims Chimaira, Oceano, Fit For An Autopsy and Reflections will be touring […]

Soul-Deadening Tour Announced

Escape The Fate

The fact that this tour will likely sell-out each stop should have you feeling quite vomitus, and simultaneously scared shitless for the future of this little floating globe we call home. Falling In Reverse — featuring Ronnie “I’m The Universe’s Biggest Douche” Radke — and Escape The Fate will be teaming up, and the once […]

Judge: Evidence In Ian Watkins Trial Therapy-Inducing

I mean, did you see those fucking pants?!?

The former singer for defunct faux metal band Lostprophets, Ian Watkins, appeared via video in court this afternoon for a pre-trial proceeding. Watkins, who stood beside the other two unnamed female defendants in his case, is facing 24 different sex offense counts. Those charges include two counts of raping a one-year-old infant in April of […]

Wicked Wisdom Still A Thing, Touring

Wicked Wisdom

I thought Wicked Wisdom were done, but apparently, I was dead wrong. The band — which, confusingly, also goes by Wicked Evolution — rolled out a bunch of dates that maybe three people will fucking care about. Maybe three. But likely less. Wicked Wisdom is that shit band fronted by Will Smith’s wife. They were […]

Megadeth, Fear Factory To Tour


Yeah, man. Try to contain yourself. I know that headline elicited one of two reactions: Disgust or elation. Which one were you? The dates follows at the end of this post. I can’t imagine going to this show. I mean, Megadeth headlining a late fall tour with direct support coming from Fear Factory.

Emmure Working On New Album


Yes, I know. I know. Emmure are one of those bands I shouldn’t cover, since they’re poopcore and not even good poopcore, mind you. I’ll admit it…I cringe at the thought of accidentally listening to new music from this shitty fucking band, but alas, I am not King of the Universe and do not rule […]