Sean Harris Meets Soulfly’s Max Cavalera

Max and Sean meet

There are only so many bands in this glorious genre known as metal that really — and I mean really — break through. When it comes to making absolute oodles of money, only bands like Metallica, Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath can really lay claim to having cashed in. Many bands have gotten to a […]

Gunshy Assassin Presents: The Disastercast With Savage Messiah’s Dave Silver

The Fateful Dark

Today, we debut the 20th episode of our podcast, which we’ve affectionately titled The Disastercast. Why? Usually, it’s a shambles. The host is usually drunk and there’s no special guest to speak of. But today’s podcast may just be the best one yet, boasting an interview with Dave Silver from Savage Messiah, who have a […]

Sean Harris Talks To Origin, Gorguts Drummer John Longstreth

John Longstreth

John Longstreth is the longtime drummer of Origin and currently plays in Gorguts as well. He is and has been in many bands over the course of his career and has pulled double duty on Gorguts’ North American tour with Origin. Recently, I had a chance to ask him a few questions about his career, […]

Petrol Hoers Is An Interspecies Grind Phenomenon

Petrol Hoers

Typically, I write just a few paragraphs so I stay within the “Heavy Metal Done Trite” promise emblazoned on GunShy Assassin’s Facebook page. Today is different, though. I found something that deserves more than just a few paragraphs. It is a pretty daunting task to mesh metal and humor consistently and artfully. The bands that […]

Gorguts’ Luc Lemay: The Gun Shy Interview

Luc Lemay

On September 3, technical death metal masters Gorguts will release Colored Sands, their first new album in more than ten years. For fans who waited with bated breath for the new LP, Colored Sands does not disappoint, as its an atonal, aggressive monster marked by hypnotizing guitars, impeccable bass, and punishing drums. Recently, Luc Lemay […]

From Hell’s Chris Zomerfeld: The Gun Shy Interview

Chris Zomerfeld

Little more than a week ago, we brought you fine folks an exclusive song stream from Michigan-based metal act From Hell. You can still hear that tune here, in fact. This week, we had the chance to chat with From Hell’s frontman Chris Zomerfeld, whose gravelly, guttural vocals would remind you of a young Dan […]

Immolation’s Robert Vigna: The GunShy Interview

Robert Vigna

On May 14, a band that makes me proud to say I am from New York, Immolation, will release a fresh, flawless batch of frenzied death metal tracks. Immolation have a new album coming next Tuesday called Kingdom of Conspiracy, a release that will no doubt make a ton of year-end lists come December. Immolation […]

Sacred Mother Tongue’s Darrin South: The GunShy Email Interview

Darrin South

Last week, we brought you an exclusive stream of a Sacred Mother Tongue track, off the band’s new album, in stores today. To celebrate the album’s release, we sent the band’s Darrin South a few questions which he gladly answered for us in this latest GunShy interview. What’s the scene like where you reside? The […]

Todtgelichter’s Tobias and Tentakel Parkinson: The Gun Shy Email Interview


Yesterday, we brought you an exclusive album stream from German avant-garde black metal band Todtgelichter, a band you should get to know. To that end, we sent the band — who’re like nothing you’ve heard before — a couple of questions by email, and vocalist Tobias and drummer Tentakel Parkinson gave us some pretty cool […]

Sean Harris Chats Up The Legendary Jeff Loomis

Sean Harris

It is fun for someone like me to see Sean Harris, the winner of our writer’s contest, enjoy the perks that come with being a music writer. He’s been seeing shows, interviewing bands, and having a great time, generally speaking. He’s not jaded by it all, which is refreshing, considering my stance on things. He’s […]