Century Media To Pull A Roadrunner?

Century Media's logo

If rumors are true, Century Media could soon be purchased by a major label, just like Roadrunner Records’ founder sold his company to Warner Bros. It seems Century Media is being offered to Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group and Universal. Blabbermouth claims Sony is gunning for Century Media, and will leave Century Media founder […]

All That Remains Singer Infers Band’s Secured Summer Fest Slot

All That Remains

This is about the time. The time when legitimate rumors start to surface regarding the annual summer festivals. It used to be Ozzfest, and now, it’s the Mayhem Festival and Summer Slaughter. While it appears Arch Enemy and Black Dahlia Murder may be playing Summer Slaughter, chances are that All That Remains will play Mayhem. […]

Death Angel Drummer Hurt Taking Out The Trash

Death Angel live at the Z7 (Switzerland) on December 14 2010.

I have an immediate question upon learning Death Angel drummer Will Carroll broke his foot while taking out the garbage. For some reason, the dude was taking the trash to his basement, I think. Or out of it, I guess. That’s my question. Was he taking it from or to his basement, because if it […]

Arch Enemy To Play Summer Slaughter?

The new Arch Enemy

Maybe. The organizers of the annual Summer Slaughter festival like to tease their social network followers about the trek’s potential lineup. 
They drop clues here and there to get people talking. A few weeks ago or more, the organizers hinted that the Black Dahlia Murder could be playing as part of this summer’s lineup. Yesterday, […]

Slash Calls Babymetal “Exciting”


That’s cool. I mean, Slash has been rather irrelevant ever since leaving Guns N’ Roses — let’s be honest. Velvet Revolver wasn’t anything anyone would consider radical, and I don’t know a single person who would admit to listening to Slash’s solo albums It figures Slash would think Babymetal’s cool. Only lame asses think that. […]

Does Vision Of Disorder Have A New Guitarist?

Vision of Disorder

It would be appear the Long Island hardcore legends have some new blood. Vision of Disorder have played some recent shows without any sign of guitarist Matt Baumbach. Now, it looks like some band photos were taken recently, and Matt is no included in the pics. Vision of Disorder have not yet commented formally on […]

Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp Playing Rock In Rio


This is one of the strangest collaborations I’ve heard of in a while. Who knows, though? Maybe it will be good. Alice Cooper and Aerosmith’s Joe Perry have teamed up with actor Johnny Depp — who recently married one of the world’s most alluring ladies — in a new group. At least it appears that […]

Noisey Names Metal’s Cutest Boys

Reunited and it feels so gooood

Don’t you dare, for a second, think that the article you’ll find posted here is in any way original. Oh no, kids. For years, I had proposed, through this very site, that someone issue a response to Revolver’s annual Hottest Chicks In Hard Rock list. For a minute, I recall Zeena Koda even began working […]

Killswitch Engage’s Adam D. Wins Big On “The Price Is Right”


This is not fair. It is not fair that Adam Dutkiewicz should not get to be the guitarist for a band as rad as Killswitch Engage AND be lucky enough to get selected to be on a game show to win big prizes, too. But it happened. Adam D. was on “The Price is Right” […]

Mastodon’s Hinds Was Escorted From The Grammys

Brent Hinds

Last week, when I wrote that long-ass post about shutting the site down this May, I mentioned the fact that, through GSA, I have essentially burned dozens of bridges that will never be rebuilt. Two of those bridges involve Mastodon. Years ago, when I was at MTV News, Mastodon were invited to perform at the […]