Deicide, Marduk To Tour North America?


If ThePRP is to be believed, Deicide, Marduk, Septicflesh and Carach Angren will reportedly tour North American together this winter. Dates for the rumored trek, dubbed the “In The Minds Of Evil North American Tour,” have yet to surface. But the site claims they will soon enough. That’s a fucking sick ass lineup, not for […]

Tim “Ripper” Owens Ticked About Something


I’m not exactly sure what Tim “Ripper” Owens is pissed about, but it’s clear he’s peeved about something. Reader Josh Smick sent in the attached image from Tim’s Facebook page. The post has since been removed from the Charred Walls of the Damned member. Part of the post reads: “I make a good amount of […]

Motograter Crowdfunding A Mere $800


Couldn’t you dudes just, like, mow some lawns or something to raise up the cash? I mean, it’s $800. Just $800. You’re telling me the band’s members couldn’t get that kind of cash together themselves? Yes, folks — Motograter have launched a crowdfunding campaign for $800. The money will cover the entry fee in a […]

Will Van Halen Release New Record Soon?

Eddie's a snazzy dresser

Speculation amongst Van Halen fans is a new record’s on the horizon. Why do these fans believe this? Eddie Van Halen visited the Howie Weinberg Mastering Studio in Los Angeles, California, the other day, and even posed for a picture while there. Weinberg mastered Van Halen’s 2012 offering, A Different Kind of Truth. Additionally, David […]

Ex-Overkill Drummer Releases Disturbing Global Warming Video

Rat Skates

I don’t know what kind of a statement founding Overkill drummer Lee “Rat Skates” Kundrat is trying to make with the following video, which is admittedly graphic, at times. But if pressed to guess, I’d say its that humans are more destructive than even the effects of global warming, which some would say is a […]

Tony Iommi Hints Sabbath May Tour More

Tony Iommi

In a video posted on line ahead of Black Sabbath’s “final” show in Hyde Park in London, England on Friday, guitarist Tony Iommi — who has been plagued by health problems — hinted the band could play more gigs. Iommi ended the video by saying “We’ll see you on the next tour.” That seems pretty […]

Carcass, Obituary Tour Rumored


If Carcass are to be believed, and why wouldn’t I believe them…a tour may soon go down with Obituary. That’d be pretty legendary, actually. Carcass and Obituary, on the same nasty bill? I shudder to think of it. So, yeah, Carcass posted on Facebook the tour might happen. Let’s keep all our fingers crossed. Who […]

Upon A Burning Body Frontman Reportedly Missing

Upon A Burning Body

Well, this is not very good and kind of scary, if not some weird promotional stunt. Upon A Burning Body has posted the following missive on Facebook: “Breaking News: Danny Leal (singer of Upon A Burning Body) has been reported missing. He was last seen in his home town of San Antonio, TX on Monday, […]

Mastodon Guitarist’s Project With In Flames, Opeth Members Slow To Progress

Bill Kelliher

This is kind of fucked up. So, Mastodon guitarist and vocalist Bill Kelliher is talking about working with Opeth vocalist and guitarist Mikael Åkerfeldt on a new project. What’s more, the side group could also include In Flames guitarist Björn Gelotte. Kelliher recently spoke of the project to some web site, and video of that […]

Video: Did Gene Simmons Piss Himself During Live Show?

Water or piss?

Look, even if he did, I wouldn’t blame the guy. He’s well into his 60s, and sometimes, holding it while playing for several hours just isn’t an option. Then again, the following fan-shot footage could depict massive ass sweat leakage and not pee. The jury clearly is out. Watch the following video, shot during Kiss’ […]