Iron Maiden’s Christmas Card Has People Guessing

The Maiden Xmas Card

Legendary metal band Iron Maiden has released its 2014 Christmas card, and that card has fans asking a ton of questions. First, is there a hidden meaning behind the card? Chances are the answer’s “yes.” Maiden’s card boasts band mascot, Eddie, running out from a studio and with a sign that says “UROTON 51.” Some […]

Terror Universal: Great, More Dudes In Masks


Frankly, if you wear a mask in a band, I can’t take you at all seriously. I don’t care, man. That shit’s weak. Now meet Terror Universal, a new masked horror metal band. The band boasts current and former members of Machine Head, Soulfly and Ill Nino. Of course, none of them will identify themselves. […]

Black Dahlia Murder: Summer Slaughter Bound?

The Black Dahlia Murder

I actually respect the organizers of the Summer Slaughter festival. They do a pretty stellar job year in, year out of booking some top quality underground acts. You can tell the fest is run by metalheads and conceived with metalheads in mind. The organizers also let out little hints and clues each year, giving fans […]

The Faceless To Be Rejoined By Former Frontman?

Derek Rydquist

That’s the rumor that’s going around the webernets today after a Tweet was issued by Sumerian Records. That tweet reads: “Bring Back #DemonCarcass.” Maybe the label’s offering an actual suggestion to Michael Keene, who is seemingly impossible to work with. Or, maybe that’s an indicator that former vocalist Derek “Demon Carcass” Rydquist is back in […]

Coal Chamber, Filter Tour In The Works?

Coal Chamber

ThePRP is claiming the reunited Coal Chamber will be touring this spring, in support of the new album they’ve been working on as of late. The trek, the site contends, will also boast Filter, who’re also recording music for a new LP as you read this. Combichrist and American Head Charge will also be touring […]

Cannibal Corpse Lyrics Banned In Russia

Cannibal Corpse

I’m feeling defeated. I spent the day trying to fix stuff, to no avail. An entire day wasted on anxious efforts at repairing home electronics and ailing fish. I’m fucking frustrated, man. And I imagine Cannibal Corpse are also frustrated with all of Russia. After the band’s recent concerts there led to protests and suspicious […]

Refused: The Return Is Real


Refused, architects of one of my all-time favorite records, are rumored to be making a big comeback in 2015, with talk of a new record already in the works. Today, the band’s Facebook page came alive with new imagery. Presumably, new promotional images the band recently shot. This lends credence to those rumors of a […]

System Of A Down’s Drummer Is Fucking Annoying

John Dolmayan

What the fuck is up with you, John Dolmayan? Lately, your texts make about as much sense as System of a Down’s hiatus. I mean, why the fuck would a band that big, with that many fans, just stop making music? It doesn’t add up. Anyways, I think Dolmayan’s either purposefully fucking with all of […]

From Autumn To Ashes To Reunite?


Hmmm. So, it seems Long Island’s From Autumn To Ashes — whose first album was pure brilliance — have a Twitter account that’s been active as of late. From Autumn To Ashes, in these tweets, seem to suggest a reunion is in the works. One Tweet quoted the band’s track “Kansas City 90210″ thusly: “If […]

What Is Up With Lamb Of God?

This new image popped up on Facebook

I wish I knew. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to actually talk to drummer Chris Adler, since his publicist tightened his fucking leash. ‘Cause she hates my guts. Like so many other publicists. I digress. But if I could chat with him, I’d definitely be asking dude about the stormy imagery that […]