Billy Gould Talks New Faith No More

Faith No More

Faith No More bassist Billy Gould tells Classic Rock magazine (are they classic rock at this point?) the band may begin work on a new studio album at some point relatively soon. This, after the band debuted two new songs this summer during live sets. Gould says: “We’re considering doing something new. [But] we’re not […]

Mastodon: Living The Dream

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 1.37.18 PM

You know, there are a lot of metal bands I’d readily join and be a member of, but it looks like Mastodon has more fun than most. This Thursday night, for instance. The picture in this post was shot Thursday night and posted to Mastodon’s Twitter account. Some think they were busy shooting the video […]

Nachmystium’s Blake Judd At It Again?

Blake Judd

Just when you thought you could give the creep the benefit of the doubt, along comes this report from Lambgoat, suggesting Nachtmystium mastermind Blake Judd has not fulfilled pre-orders for the band’s new album, The World We Left Behind. Judd claims he’s not fooling anyone twice: “I am simply waiting for Century Media to deliver […]

Five Finger Death Punch Dude Gets Face Tattoo

Driven to craft shitty rock

I feel like only rich rock stars and the criminally insane can pull of the face tattoo. Good thing Jason Hook of Five Finger Death Punch is one of those. Continuing a trend started by some of the Korn dudes, Hook has gotten some ink on his face. The word “Driven” now appears on his […]

For Sale: Angry Chair From Alice In Chains Video


Props to ThePRP for spotting this gem. So, an ad is running on Craigslist claiming to have for sale the chair Layne Staley was angry in for the video to “Angry Chair.” Says the ad: “The original ANGRY CHAIR from the famous ALICE IN CHAINS music video for their hit song “Angry Chair.” That’s right, […]

Faith No More Promise Eventful 2015

Faith No More

So, apparently, things are going to be different in 2015. Things with Faith No More, that is. The band’s 2014 reunion tour just ended, and according to the band, “in 2015, things are going to change.” I hope that means a new album is coming, because fuck, man…of all the bands I miss, Faith No […]

Carcass Leader Defends Babymetal


I know there are some other metal sites on the web that are high on the dog and pony show that is Babymetal, but I’ll never get behind the Japanese pop act. Supporting Babymetal would be like supporting the fucking Olsen Twins if they started a hair metal band at the height of that lame […]

And Now, Two Dudes In A Car Cover Lamb Of God

Dope ride, hoss

For some inexplicable reason, two Asian dudes in a fucking car decided to cover Lamb of God’s “Laid To Rest,” and it may be the very worst version of the song I’ve heard, at least to date. They covered the song in drop A tuning. It sounds like shit that way. The guys then hit […]

Coal Chamber Teasing Big Announcement

Coal Chamber

Next week, the resurrected Coal Chamber will be making some sort of an announcement — which they’ve been teasing online as of late. Of course, speculation is that Coal Chamber will detail a new recording contract it has signed for its first studio album since 2002’s Dark Days. At this point, no one knows for […]

Dragonforce Detractor Represented Anal Cunt


So, yesterday, the metal world reacted to a Dragonforce interview conducted and later written about by Kim Kelly, someone I know personally and used to do podcasts with back during my Noisecreep days. Kim, admittedly, knows her shit — but she can be hyper critical, if I’m going to be honest. I mean, I wrote […]