Steel Panther Frontman Delusional

Steel Panther

A new interview with Steele Panther’s Michael Starr has me convinced: The band’s lead singer is fucking clueless. Starr was asked to explain what separates his band from, say, a band like Spinal Tap. I’d argue the difference is Spinal Tap was funny, and Steel Panther is not. Starr thinks its his band’s level of […]

Let’s Play Guess His Crime With Stephen Coronel

Naughty, naughty

Take a hard, long look at the picture in this post. It’s a mugshot of Stephen Coronel. Who in the fuck is that, you ask? Why, only the guy who introduced Gene Simmons to Paul Stanley. He was in a band with both called Wicked Lester; they bailed on him to start Kiss. Look at […]

xSPONGEXCOREx? This, You’ve Gotta Hear


Maybe I’m way late on this, and if so, tell me. But today was my first day experiencing xSPONGEXCOREx. A straight-edge band based out of Troy, New York, xSPONGXCOREx takes brutal mosh-worthy breakdowns and infuses it with quotes from “Spongebob Squarepants.” Finally, something to listen to with my niece. It’s a slow news day, so […]

Napalm Death Bassist Defends Babymetal


OK, this just needs to stop. Respectable metal dudes need to stop coming to the defense of this sham teenybopper metal outfit Babymetal. Let’s let Napalm Death’s Shane Embury be the last of them. He writes: “I know young kids who already listen to grindcore. There are people who turn up to our shows with […]

Gwar Gets New Frontwoman


This is kind of…unexpected. Gwar have a new singer to replace Dave Brockie, and it’s a woman. Her name is Vulvatron, according to reports. She is set to make her live debut with the band on November 22 in Detroit. She is described as “a spiky purple Amazon whose massive (prosthetic) breasts occasionally shoot geysers […]

Report Claims To ID Slipknot’s Drummer

Jay Weinberg

And the man behind the kit is…the same dude we figured it was in April: Jay Weinberg. The Toronto Sun, citing no credible sources, is perhaps late in reporting that “the son of revered E Street Band drummer Max Weinberg has reportedly signed up to replace Joey Jordison in masked heavy rock act Slipknot.” While […]

Is Mastodon Guitar Tech Slipknot’s New Bassist?

New bassist

Could it be, folks? Could Mastodon’s guitar tech Alessandro “Vman” Venturella be Slipknot’s new bassist? In Slipknot’s video for “The Devil In I” released today, we get to see the new bassist and drummer, but in masks. But Venturella’s hands are tatted up. Someone recognized those tats, and has let it slip that Alessandro’s the […]

Ted Nugent Says It’s Time To Ammo Up


He such an asshole. Mostly because he wears shirts with racist flags embroidered into them. But if Ted Nugent is right about 9/11, well, I don’t want to be the one who criticized him. I understand what he’s saying. Or maybe he has more specific information. But yes, terrorism does seem to be on the […]

Every Time I Die, The Ghost Inside To Tour?

Every Time I Die

That’s one hot rumor floating around the web this evening. The rumor hints that a late-2014 has been planned or is in the works, and will feature Every Time I Die and The Ghost Inside. The first leaked tour date for the suspected jaunt surfaced through several ticketing sites. It seems to imply that Hundredth […]

People Still Seemingly Care About Divine Heresy


I know I could give a fuck, but maybe you’re going to be excited to learn that there’s now two versions of Divine Heresy floating around in the world. They should both be floating around the rim of a toilet. It seems to me people care so let’s see if I can explain this. It […]