Harley Flanagan Inks Southern Lord Deal

Harley and his hounds

NYHC legend Harley Flanagan is hard at work on an LP that will be released later this year through Southern Lord. The one-time Cromags frontman recently started working on the album, laying down the basic tracks for the impending yet-to-be-named offering, which will close the extensive twelve-year gap since the Harley’s War’s initial works were […]

Napalm Death Begin Tracking New One

Napalm Death

U.K. grindcore legends Napalm Death have started tracking their next album. We don’t have many details on the new disc, but here’s what the band had to say about it: “First night done laying some more drum tracks down for the new ND album… different approach than the last record with different recording sessions. “Some […]

Candiria Working On Another New EP


I’m assuming the response to Candiria’s new music was so overwhelming that they’ve decided to craft more tunes. That’s kind of awesome, and I hope my assumption is right. Otherwise, I’d be making an ass out of you and mption. Candiria reported from a studio over the weekend that yes indeedy, new shit is forthcoming. […]

Clutch In Pre-Production For Next LP


These boys never rest on their laurels. No sir. Yes, folks — Clutch have posted a video online, depicting their first day in pre-production for their next album. Additional details on the disc will be released soon. A new Clutch track titled “Run, John Barleycorn, Run” will be featured on a split 7-incg with Lionize […]

Exodus “Well Into” New Album Sessions


The drums are nearly finished for the next Exodus record, which means the recording sessions are in full swing, fucknuts. Exodus have checked in from an unknown Northern Californian studio where they are recording their tenth full-length album with producer Andy Sneap. Says Gary Holt: “We are well into drum tracks; everything is going super […]

36 Crazyfists Almost Done With Next Record

36 Crazyfists

It has certainly taken long enough, but soon, the new 36 Crazyfists record will be completely recorded. Good news for fans of Alaskan metal. Says band frontman Brock Lindow: “Recording is going great, kickin my ass a lil too but that was always the plan. Should be done [with vocals] in the next two weeks […]

Wolvhammer Tracking Next LP


That’s right, people. Midwestern blackened death rock nihilists Wolvhammer are tracking their third album, which will be released this summer, on Profound Lore. The band’s working on the new one at Hideaway Studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Dan Jensen is producing. Says guitarist Jeff Wilson, also a member of Abigail Williams: “Just waking up on what […]

Overkill Name Next Album


New Jersey thrash metal legends Overkill have settled on a name for their next album. White Devil Armory. Weird. Not sure I’m in love with that title. The new Overkill record is tentatively due in stores this July on eOne Music and in Europe through Nuclear Blast Records. Songtitles set to appear on the CD […]

Godsmack Are Recording! Godsmack Are Recording!


Big. Fucking. Whoop. Who honestly is looking for a new album from Godsmack? Anyone? I feel like only people in Third World countries will give a hoot. Still, Godsmack frontman Sully Erna says that sessions for the new album have commenced, now that the pre-production’s all concluded. Says Sully online: “Pre-production is finally over! We’ve […]

Decapitated Get New Drummer


You know it, homeslice. Michal Lysejko is the latest member of Decapitated, becoming the band’s new permanent drummer. Lysejko’s new role follows his successful stint behind the kit with the band during their January tour with Lamb of God. The band’s in Hertz Studio in Bialystok, Poland, at this very moment, tracking their next opus, […]