More Footage From Megadeth Drum Sessions Posted


Of course, we still have no actual idea who the studio drummer is for Megadeth’s forthcoming album, but chances are likely that Chris Adler of Lamb of God is Dave Mustaine’s man. We’ll have to wait for official word, of course. Until then, it’s mere speculation. But, yes…today, more video was filmed, showing Megadeth’s new […]

Ex-Chimaira Frontman Guesting On Wretched Pain LP

Mark Hunter in the studio for Wretched Pain's upcoming offering

Ontario-based extreme metal act Wretched Pain have been hard at work as of late, busting out new material in the studio. And it seems they’ve roped in some special talent to guest on their forthcoming album. Namely, Mark Hunter, the frontman for now defunct band Chimaira. We reached out to Mark, who wrote a column […]

Megadeth Releases Video Of Drummer In Action


Is that Chris Adler’s leg? The following video was released today by Megadeth, who are in a recording studio working on a new record. Presumably, they’ve enlisted Adler, who is the drummer for Lamb of God. Rumors suggest Angra’s Kiko Loureiro is also in the studio with Megadeth, playing second guitar. Adler, of course, is […]

Palms Tease New Tune


What’s that? You don’t dig on Palms? It’s too mellow for your liking, you say? That’s cool. I mean, if you want to listen to nothing but non-stop aggression all the time, go for it. But I like to clear my aural palate from time to time with something a little low-key. Personally, I can’t […]

Deafheaven Tracking Next LP

Deafheaven in the studio

That band Deafheaven everybody raves about is currently in a recording studio, committing new songs to tape. The band’s third studio effort is being tracked at 25th Street Recording in Oakland, California. Deafheaven entered the studio yesterday. Additional tracking is set to occur at The Atomic Garden Recording Studio in East Palo Alto. Look for […]

Krisiun Working On New Album


Not sure how I missed this, but Brazilian death metal stalwarts Krisiun are working on new material. Blabbermouth picked up on some studio photos the band has been posting on its Facebook page. Indeed, Krisiun have entered Mana Recording Studios in Saint Petersburg, Florida, to start tracking their next album with producer Erik Rutan, who […]

Chris Adler And Dave Mustaine Get Tacos

The revealing shot

You know what that means, people? Dave Mustaine and Chris Adler like tacos. The Megadeth frontman and the Lamb of God drummer sat down for a chat in a fast-food restaurant yesterday. The image of the two metallers was taken in some eatery, but we don’t know where that eatery is, exactly. The shot was […]

Danzig — The Band — Returns To Studio

Danzig in the studio

Yes, folks. Glenn Danzig may have a covers album coming out, but that has nothing to do with this. Glenn’s namesake band, Danzig, is holed up in a Los Angeles recording studio with bad lighting to start working on a new record for release later this year or early next. The band, featuring guitarist Tommy […]

Guitars Recorded For Next Motörhead LP


I’m not sure if you’re into Motörhead or not, but you should at least appreciate them for the impact they’ve made. If you’ve never given Motörhead a chance, I’ll assume your a youngster who grew up on Linkin Park and simply doesn’t know better. Do yourself a solid: Spotify the fuck out of Motörhead. If […]

Tool Resolves Lawsuits, Returns To Writing


Since 2007, Tool has been battling it out in court with both a former friend (who’d claimed he was owed money for artwork he’d created for Tool) and their onetime insurance company, who they countersued. But Tool’s legal travails are now finally behind them, with word from Blabbermouth that the suits have been settled, and […]