Anthrax Hit The Studio For Next LP


I know I’m about a day late on this, but you should cut me some slack. Yesterday was the kind of day that makes you wish you just hadn’t gotten up. I was so busy, with so many different things, that I literally had no time to post. My inclination has also been dwindling as […]

Killswitch Engage Tracking “Secret” Tune

Jesse Leach

Jesse Leach has been recording vocals. Those vocals are for a new track from Killswitch Engage that the band recently recorded. Adam Dutkiewicz has been in the studio with Jesse to produce the “last minute secret track,” as Jesse puts it. “Pretty stoked,” Jesse writes on Instagram, foreshadowing the two having a long night ahead. […]

Former Trivium Drummer Forms New Band


It doesn’t have a name yet, but ex-Trivium drummer Nick Augusto has himself a band. That outfit has bee working on a debut EP. So, who is in this new band? Antony Hämäläinen and CJ Cussell from Meridian Dawn as well as Tommy Hjelm of Insense. Drum tracking for this EP has already taken place, […]

Cradle Of Filth Begin Recording Next LP

Cradle of Filth

That’s right, kids. Cradle of Filth has commenced the recording sessions for its forthcoming album, which should hit stores in June through Nuclear Blast Records. The drums were just tracked the past week at Grindstone Studios in Suffolk, U.K., with producer Scott Atkins overseeing those sessions. A brief video report from the studio follows. Says […]

Soilwork Continues Working On New Album


The boys in Soilwork have been busy — busy making loud songs that they plan to eventually release. Björn Strid claims he’s already got demos, which means they’ve been in pre-production, and Strid’s trying to figure out what he wants to say. In short, things are coming along just dandy, so we should have new […]

Nightkin Share Studio Footage


Guess what, kids? Nightkin are in a recording studio right now. The band’s been in the studio in recent weeks, tracking tunes for a new record that should be out next year. If Nightkin’s not ringing any bells, it’s cool. The band features Mike “Gunface” McKenzie of The Red Chord and former The Black Dahlia […]

Antagonist Hit The Studio For Next Opus


That’s correct, sirs. The band known as Antagonist has entered a recording studio to commit fresh tuneage to tape. The band’s next release will likely surface towards the end of 2015. Offered the group: “Today we enter the studio to record our first independent release since 2005 with the same man who tracked our last […]

The Deftones Still Writing New Material


I’ve extolled the virtues of the Deftones on this site many times before. In my estimation, they’re one of the best bands to have ever formed, and every note of music they have released, I love. The fact that the band’s in the studio, writing material for their next disc, makes me happier than a […]

Author & Punisher In The Studio

Author & Punisher in the studio

Author & Punisher, the San Diego-based, one man doom outfit that uses machinery to create music, is currently in the studio recording their Housecore Records’ debut album. The currently untitled album is being recorded at Nodferatu’s Lair in Louisiana With Housecore Records’ founder Philip H. Anselmo and Author & Punisher serving as producers. As Author […]

Lorna Shore Tracking Debut LP

Lorna Shore

New Jersey metal band Lorna Shore are hard at work, people. They have just entered The Machine Shop recording studio near my humble abode to begin work on their debut full-length album with producer Will Putney (Thy Art Is Murder, Upon A Burning Body, Fit For An Autopsy). The album will be released next spring […]