Fleshgod Apocalypse Working On New Album

Fleshgod Apocalypse

That’s right, you fancy fuck. Fleshgod Apocalypse will be releasing a new album in August. If all goes well. The band’s third album is currently being recorded with producer Stefano Morabito. A press release claims the as yet unannounced will boast several “talented guests.” “The concept of this album is based on the myth of […]

Ringworm Recording New Music


That’s right fuckers. I am in Oneonta, New York…for my college radio station’s reunion and I am fucking pumped. I’ll be on the radio tonight for three hours. You can even listen along live online but more on that later. Anyways, so Cleveland’s Ringworm have entered Spider Studios in their hometown with producer Ben Schigel […]

Red Fang Working On New LP

Red Fang

It’s true, kids. Facebook tells me so. Fucking Facebook. I can’t stand Facebook anymore. As useful as it is, it’s fucking evil and makes me wish I was traveling more than I am. But I digress. Red Fang claims that new music is being recorded. The band are in the studio at this very moment, […]

Behemoth’s Next Album Will Make “Strong Fuckin’ Statement”


Polish extreme metal outfit Behemoth are in Hertz studio in Bialystok, Poland, working on their next album. The disc will be finished before this summer’s Mayhem Festival and released later this year on Nuclear Blast. Frontman Adam “Nergal” Darski updated fans this week on the new material. “Every piece of art is born in pain…and […]

Machine Head To Start Demoing

She likes Machine Head, I bet

That’s right. They may not have a bassist for the moment, but San Francisco Bay Area metal act Machine Head are nevertheless started demoing new material today. As in April 11, bitch. The skeletons of the follow-up to 2011′s Unto The Locust will be recorded with engineer Juan Urteaga of Pacheco, California’s Trident Studios behind […]

Skeletonwitch Coming To Canada


That’s right, you lucky Canadians, with your beer and your free health insurance and your hot-ass chicks. Skeletonwitch is coming to see you. Won’t you go see them, too? The band’s plotted a tour this spring with Anciients. Anciients are fucking sick, too. The tour will break up Skeletonwitch’s current album tracking sessions.

Skeletonwitch Start Tracking New Album


That’s right, you sexual beast! Its coming. Skeletonwitch have a new album they’ve written for us all, and that album is now in the process of being recorded. We told you a while ago this would be the month the band got to tracking the fucker, and you know what? We were right.

Eyehategod Album Coming Along


For those of you who’ve been wondering when the next Eyehategod’s coming out, take note. The band’s currently hard at work on their next LP, which has no name yet. Frontman Mike Williams sent out a Tweet last night, saying progress is being made but at a snail’s pace. “Started vocals on new EyeHateGod record,” […]

Machine Head’s New Album Coming Together

Robb Flynn

That’s right, folks. They may not have a bassist, but Machine Head can worry about that later. They have a new album to write. According to formerly herniated frontman Robb Flynn, Machine Head continue to write, and shit’s moving forward at a steady pace. “We’ve been really productive writing-wise,” Flynn writes online. “As of last […]

Behemoth Release Images From The Studio

Inferno doing his thing

Can I get a “Fuck yes?” Believe it or not, it’s old news that Behemoth’s been working on a new album. But a few weeks ago, as promised, they officially entered a recording studio to begin tracking the fucker. Well, Inferno did. Now, the Polish blackened death metal act have released photos from the studio. […]