Five Finger Death Punch’s New LP 65-Percent Done

She probably likes Five Finger Death Punch

Here’s a first…a Five Finger Death Punch post that won’t totally hate on the band. Why? Because I’m in a cheery mood today. And I’m just not feeling the hate, and don’t need a bunch of their inbred fans coming and bitching me out. Although that always helps traffic. Five Finger Death Punch’s new album […]

Judas Priest Working On Next Record

Vanessa and Ashley

It’s true, kids. Get your leather pants dry cleaned. This is the best thing to happen all day. Other than my discovery of the picture in this post, which was shot during the making of the upcoming film “Spring Breakers.” That’s a gloriously naughty pic. Anyways, so a new post on Judas Priest’s official Web […]

Revocation Wrapping New Album Sessions


Massachusetts metal masters Revocation are currently in the studio finishing up work on the follow up to their critically acclaimed 2011 Relapse Records release Chaos of Forms. This is the first full length album with bass player Brett Bamberger, who joined the band in 2012 and was featured on the band’s last EP Teratogenesis which […]

Josh Freese’s Tuba-Playing Dad Tapped For QOTSA LP

Mr. Freese with Mr. Homme

The new Queens of the Stone Age album will presumably feature cameos from anyone and everyone with even a loose affiliation with the band. That’d be awesome were it true. But today, we did learn that the band’s forthcoming new studio album will feature the musical stylings of tuba soloist Stan Freese — pop to […]

Ulcerate Book Studio Time


Fuck! Yes! In late 2011, Ulcerate signed a deal with Relapse Records. This week, the death metal band from New Zealand will enter hometown MCA Studios to harness their anticipated fourth LP. “After almost exactly twelve months of exhaustive work we are now in the final stages of preparation for our fourth album,” says drummer […]

Brujeria Are Recording! Brujeria Are Recording!


Let the jizz shoot forth, my friends. Brujeria are tracking a brand spankin’ new album, which will no doubt rip your face off and fuck the eye sockets. Metaphorically, speaking. We learned in December the band would be playing shows…which they are doing now. But before these shows, tracking for the new Brujeria commenced. The […]

Alcest Tracking New Album


They’ve been recording their new album since yesterday, which is awesome because, well, Alcest are awesome. And if you disagree, we can’t be friends anymore. The French metal act entered Sundlaugin Studio in Iceland to start recording the successor to Les Voyages De L’Âme with producer Birgir Jón Birgisson. “You can expect something different from […]

Motörhead Are Recording! Motörhead Are Recording!


This morning, I woke up at the ass-crack to move my car. On the way, I almost startled a skunk. I live in an urban area. I don’t expect to see skunks like that. Later, I was looking out my window, and saw a fucking possum (or opossum, if you’re Irish) walking around in the […]

The Faceless Planning LP Of Covers, Remixes

Michael Keene

Attention: Fans of The Faceless. The band will soon unleash upon the masses an album with covers and remixes of some of their most beloved songs. It will be in stores later this year, according to the band’s Michael Keene. Dude tells L.A. Weekly that The Faceless will cover David Bowie’s “As The World Falls […]

Eminence Album To Boast Cameo From Sepultura Bassist

The guys, in the studio

Brazilian metal outfit Eminence is working on its forthcoming album, which will feature a cool cameo. The band has reunited with Danish producer Tue Madsen (Moonspell, The Haunted, Sick Of It All), who also produced their 2008 album The God Of All Mistakes. Recording has begun at Minerio de Ferro Studios in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, […]