Obituary Announce Live Pay-Per-View


Now this is something I feel isn’t exploitative. There are a ton of people who — because of geographical or physical limitations — will never get a chance to see Obituary. But they likely have access to the webernets, which basically puts the world at our fingertips. Thanks, Al Gore! Obituary will perform their first […]

Behemoth Name Forthcoming Disc


And the title is somewhat expected from the Catholic-goading band. The name of the new album is The Satanist. The band have been holed up in Hertz Studios working on their tenth full-length album. The album will come out in the fall of 2013. “It took us over two decades to come up with a […]

Ephel Duath To Record This Summer

The album's art

Ephel Duath have confirmed that they will enter St. Petersburg, Florida’s Mana Recording Studios in July with producer and studio owner Erik Rutan (Cannibal Corpse, Hate Eternal) to finish work on their next LP. Rutan is also the leader of Hate Eternal, who are a fucking amazing and under-appreciated band. The band had been working […]

Testament Vocalist Recording In California?

What could it all mean

It seems that’s the case. But the what is the thing that remains a mystery. Testament couldn’t be working on a new album already, could they? Not that I’d complain. I just find it unlikely. Testament’s Chuck Billy posted the picture in this post online, with the caption “Recording with Ross Robinson on Venice Beach.” […]

Hour Of Penance Working On New Album

Hour of Penance

That’s right, kids. Today, there’s some fabulous news out of Italy. Death metal merchants Hour of Penance have begun working on their next release, due out later this year. “Since the release of (2012′s) Sedition, the band has played over 150 shows throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia,” says guitarist Giulio Moschini. ‘We have had […]

Rob Halford Discusses Next Judas Priest LP

Rob Halford

Justin Tedaldi of had the chance to speak with Judas Priest’s frontman Rob Halford and guitarist Richie Faulkner recently, and like a good music journalist, asked about the impending album. Because people — like me — always want to know whats up with the new album, right? So, how’s it coming? “Fantastic,” says Halford. […]

Impending Doom Tracking Next LP

Impending Doom

Impending Doom are recording — believe you me. The group, according to a press release, have entered The Machine Shop in Belleville, New Jersey, and have been working this week on their next album with producer Will Putney. Says band bassist David Sittig of the disc: “The material is our best and heaviest work without […]

Nile Drummer, Leaves Eyes Vocalist To Guest On New Týr LP

George doing his thing

Týr just lost their drummer, right before the band were to hit the studio to track their next LP. So, if you’re the rest of Týr, what do you do? Hire Nile’s drummer. Týr are currently recording their new album with producer Jacob Hansen at his studios in Denmark, and for drum tracking on this […]

Russian Circles Tracking New Disc

Russian Circles

You’d better believe it, fucker! Get pumped — Russian Circles is in a recording studio, tracking new tunes for their next LP. The group’s currently holed up in Electrical Audio studios in Chicago, Illinois, where the new record will take shape. I love Chicago. It’s a hell of a to The band’s working with producer […]

36 Crazyfists: Recording Commences On New LP

36 Crazyfists

Yes, yes, my good friends. I think it’s safe to say we’re all friends at this point. So, yeah, the recording for 36 Crazyfists’ new album began today, but not in Alaska. The band took a break from its native land and travelled to Portland, Oregon, for the sessions. Good move. There are more strip […]