In Flames Begin Tracking Next Offering

In Flames

Try not to piss yourself with glee. Reports claim Swedish metal legends In Flames have entered Hansa Studios in Berlin, Germany, to begin committing their eleventh album to tape. An early 2014 release is anticipated. The band’s lead singer, Anders Fridén, said he cannot wait to get to work at the iconic facility where such […]

Black Tusk Working On New Music

Black Tusk

This is awful good news, I tell you what! Black Tusk have been in the studio as of late, cooking up something magnanimous for your ass. The band is tracking two songs at Converse’s Rubber Tracks Studio in Brooklyn, New York. I’m guessing one of the other blogs will get to post them once they […]

Anaal Nathrakh Already Working On New LP

Anaal Nathrakh

Damn, dude. This is fucking sick news. Like the time you were told the rash on your wang wasn’t contagious. You could never say Anaal Nathrakh rest on their laurels. I feel like they’re trying to release an album every year, which is kind of awesome. Please note: I am not complaining. Simply noting. Anaal […]

Reign Supreme Working On Next LP

Reign Supreme

That’s right, you carrot-loving lolly-gagger. Reign Supreme, who don’t, took to their Twitter feed today. And what did they say? That work has begun on Reign Supreme’s next full-length album. “Writing a new LP,” says the band. “About eight songs done. Heaviest stuff yet, also most experimental stuff.”

Annihilated To Start Tracking New Album


You will soon have to change your pants, people. Especially after learning Los Angeles death metal act Annihilated is planning to hit the studio later this month to record. The plan’s to have the band enter Trench Studios in Corona, California, to record the beast of brutality that will be 13 Steps To Ruination. The […]

Septicflesh Start Tracking New LP


Yuh. Greek symphonic death metal act Septicflesh is in a recording studio, working on their next LP. They’ve entered Devasoundz Studios in Athens to record 10 tracks for the follow-up to their critically acclaimed 2011 release The Great Mass. A press release claims that this time around, the band will record with producer and former Machine Head […]

Adrenaline Mob’s Second LP In The Works

Russell Allen

That’s right, folks. Adrenaline Mob — the band boasting Russell Allen of Symphony X, but no longer features Mike Portnoy — is working on a second LP. Who will care without Portnoy’s contributions, I wonder? The band are in the studio recording material for their sophomore album, tentatively due in early 2014. Says Mike Orlando, […]

Mastodon To Hit The Studio In November


New Mastodon songs are written. Try not to spontaneously combust from overexcitement. The band reveals they will hit the studio this November to start committing the new stuff to tape. “Mastodon has been busy jamming everyday writing and arranging the next studio album,” says the band in an update.

Below Working On New LP With King Diamond Axman

Andy La Rocque

I hate seeing the word “metallers” on other Web sites. When did it become acceptable to use this word to describe bands? I am seeing it in press releases now, which just means some label folks be lazy. Whoever started this trend needs to have their colon punctured with a mailbox post, riddled with rusty, […]

Guess What? Gorgoroth Are Recording — That’s What

Tomas Asklund

Yes, you consumers of the black metal mastery. I feel like I have been writing about Gorgoroth working on this record for years now. Oh, I have. Gorgoroth have finally gone into a recording studio, and they’ve started tracking new music. The band plans to release its new album, Instinctus Bestialis, in early 2014. The […]