Candiria Recording New EP


That’s it, kids. Consider me officially amped. Candiria are currently in a recording studio, tracking material for a new EP they’ll release next year. No exact time frame was offered for the release but the band did break the news earlier today about the sessions. “Today Candiria tracks guitars for two songs that will be […]

Palms In The Studio


Yes sir. On Friday, I was at the Vattnet Viskar show and holy shit, did I have a good time. The band were tight and had the whole crowd transfixed. It was a hell of a night. So Hideous were also pretty awesome, as were Alekhine’s Gun. It was just an all-around fantabulous evening at […]

Vocals Being Tracked For Next Empire Shall Fall EP

Jesse with Mike Patton

That’s right, kids. Killswitch Engage frontman and Gunshy columnist Jesse Leach isn’t resting on his laurels this holiday season. Killswitch may be taking some downtime for the rrest of the year, but Jesse will remain busy with one of his other bands, The Empire Shall Fall. Says the band online: “Today, we had our first […]

Scar Symmetry Working On New Album

Scar Symmetry

Someone must care about this. I’m kidding. Scar Symmetry are decent. I’ll listen to their next album once it’s released. The Swedish melodic death metal outfit is said to be halfway through recording their next LP. Writes the band online: “Guess what we’re up to? We’ve just listened to all the songs from our next […]

Conquering Dystopia Hit The Studio

Merrow and Loomis

What’s that? You don’t know who Conquering Dystopia are? Stop smoking weed. Now. We’ve only told you a thousand times they’re the band featuring Jeff Loomis and Keith Merrow with members of Cannibal Corpse and the Faceless. The band — who, sadly, crowdfunded for their debut — are in the studio this week, tracking that […]

Old Man Gloom Back At Godcity Studio

Old Man Gloom

Fuck! Yes! Old Man Gloom (boasting members of Converge and Cave In with dudes who used to be in Isis) are back in the studio, tracking new tunes. They’re in Godcity Studio, it seems, which, as you know, is the studio owned and operated by Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou. So that makes sense. There’s no […]

System Of A Down Drummer Talks Solo LP, Possible Covers

John Dolmayan

System Of A Down’s drummer John Dolmayan is tired of waiting on the rest of the band to figure out what the fuck they wanna do, and has struck out on his own. We recently told you he began work on a solo album, which would feature some covers. 
Well, earlier today, he updated fans […]

United Nations Working On New Record

United Nations

And it’s almost done, by all accounts. United Nations is the grind project boasting current and former members of Glassjaw, Thursday, and The Number 12 Looks Like You. The band has revealed very little, beyond that they’re working on a full-length record and they’re nearly finished with it. We shall keep you posted as more […]

Vader Are Recording! Vader Are Recording!

The new guy gets to work

Try to contain your excitement, but yes, Vader are in a recording studio, making sinister magic for your ears. The Polish death metal vets are holed up in Hertz Studio in Bialystok, Poland, where they have started committing material to tape for an album that’ll be out sometime next year. Early next year, thankfully. Vader […]

Suddenly, I Care About A Band Named Evenoire


Or more specifically, the Italian symphonic metal act’s singer, Elisa “Lisy” Stefanoni. She is quite a looker. A stunner, really. I wonder what she looks like unclothed. I bet it’s a sight to behold. Can you tell it’s been two months since I’ve known the touch of a woman? Evenoire today announced that they have […]