Skeletonwitch Start Tracking New Album


That’s right, you sexual beast! Its coming. Skeletonwitch have a new album they’ve written for us all, and that album is now in the process of being recorded. We told you a while ago this would be the month the band got to tracking the fucker, and you know what? We were right.

Eyehategod Album Coming Along


For those of you who’ve been wondering when the next Eyehategod’s coming out, take note. The band’s currently hard at work on their next LP, which has no name yet. Frontman Mike Williams sent out a Tweet last night, saying progress is being made but at a snail’s pace. “Started vocals on new EyeHateGod record,” […]

Machine Head’s New Album Coming Together

Robb Flynn

That’s right, folks. They may not have a bassist, but Machine Head can worry about that later. They have a new album to write. According to formerly herniated frontman Robb Flynn, Machine Head continue to write, and shit’s moving forward at a steady pace. “We’ve been really productive writing-wise,” Flynn writes online. “As of last […]

Behemoth Release Images From The Studio

Inferno doing his thing

Can I get a “Fuck yes?” Believe it or not, it’s old news that Behemoth’s been working on a new album. But a few weeks ago, as promised, they officially entered a recording studio to begin tracking the fucker. Well, Inferno did. Now, the Polish blackened death metal act have released photos from the studio. […]

Metal Church Working On New Album

Metal Church

That’s right, you crazy bastards. It’s old news that Metal Church have reunited, but today comes word of a new album from the band. Metal Church boast Ronny Munroe on vocals, Kurdt Vanderhoof and Rick Van Zandt on guitars, Jeff Plate on drums and bassist Steve Unger, who likes pot just as much as you […]

Leprous Are Recording! Leprous Are Recording!


This is fantabulous fucking news! Norwegian prog metal dudes Leprous have entered the studio to start recording the follow-up to Bilateral. These guys are awesome, and I am now eagerly anticipating the release of Coal, their new CD. The album will be released on May 20 in Europe and May 28 in North America through […]

Five Finger Death Punch’s New LP 65-Percent Done

She probably likes Five Finger Death Punch

Here’s a first…a Five Finger Death Punch post that won’t totally hate on the band. Why? Because I’m in a cheery mood today. And I’m just not feeling the hate, and don’t need a bunch of their inbred fans coming and bitching me out. Although that always helps traffic. Five Finger Death Punch’s new album […]

Judas Priest Working On Next Record

Vanessa and Ashley

It’s true, kids. Get your leather pants dry cleaned. This is the best thing to happen all day. Other than my discovery of the picture in this post, which was shot during the making of the upcoming film “Spring Breakers.” That’s a gloriously naughty pic. Anyways, so a new post on Judas Priest’s official Web […]

Revocation Wrapping New Album Sessions


Massachusetts metal masters Revocation are currently in the studio finishing up work on the follow up to their critically acclaimed 2011 Relapse Records release Chaos of Forms. This is the first full length album with bass player Brett Bamberger, who joined the band in 2012 and was featured on the band’s last EP Teratogenesis which […]

Josh Freese’s Tuba-Playing Dad Tapped For QOTSA LP

Mr. Freese with Mr. Homme

The new Queens of the Stone Age album will presumably feature cameos from anyone and everyone with even a loose affiliation with the band. That’d be awesome were it true. But today, we did learn that the band’s forthcoming new studio album will feature the musical stylings of tuba soloist Stan Freese — pop to […]