Judas Priest Finish Writing Next Record

Judas Priest

It’s true, people. If you’re a fan of Judas Priest, it may interest you to know that Rob Halford claims the next Judas Priest record has been written. He tells Billboard.com “the writing process is complete.” What next? “Now it’s the painstaking work of making sure that you get every single note, every single nuance […]

Soilwork Singer Guesting On I Killed The Prom Queen LP


You read that correctly, kids. Soilwork frontman Bjorn “Speed” Strid will be making a cameo on the forthcoming album from I Killed The Prom Queen. The guest appearance will end up costing him exactly 50 metal cred points. I Killed The Prom Queen’s currently recording their new album at Studio Fredman in Goteborg, Sweden. The […]

He Is Legend Hitting Studio Tomorrow

She thinks He Is Legend is a movie starring Will Smith

Yeah dude! After the sun sets today, He Is Legend will hit a recording studio to begin work on their oft-delayed new album. “We’re heading into the studio to start tracking drums on Wednesday,” says the band. “We’re stoked. You get stoked. Pour it out, boys.” I am stoked. I am already stoked. What I […]

Deicide: New Album Sessions Progressing


That’s right! Deicide are working on new music. If that’s not enough to put a smile on your face, you’re beyond hope, fucker. Deicide continue working on their new album at Audio Hammer in Sanford, Florida. “Vocals done,” says Deicide.

AxeWound Working On Second Album


Although completely unnecessary, the dudes in that band AxeWound have decided to make another record. Super. Another stupid album I’ll be writing about for the next year. The band, named after the female genitalia, features members of Cancer Bats and Bullet For My Valentine amongst its ranks. No word on when the sophomore release will […]

High On Fire Back In The Studio

High On Fire

Yes, yes. Other bands may be breaking up, but not High On Fire. The group’s entered Sharkbite Studios in Oakland, California, to track new shit. There’s no official word yet on what they are recording, but Converge’s Kurt Ballou, who is one of the genre’s most sought after producers, seems to be involved. He posted […]

Inter Arma Tracking 40-Minute Song

Inter Arma

That’s right, kids. That band Inter Arma — who are pretty fucking rad — are back in the studio, after just releasing something for commercial consumption. The band’s next effort will be a big-ass song. “There’s no title yet, but it’s a forty-plus minute piece that was originally written during the summer of 2009 and […]

Obituary Need Your Help


And by help, I mean cash. So do I. But do I go begging for it? No. You could buy a GSA shirt, which would put a few bucks in my pocket. Anyways, death metal legends Obituary has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for their impending album. Their goal? A mere $10,000. “We […]

Deserters To Track New EP This Weekend


That’s right, people. Deserters, a highly underrated band, will hit the studio this weekend with producer Kyle Black (Alpha & Omega, Shai Hulud) to begin the recording sessions for their new EP Try To Feel. I’m always trying to feel, if you know what I mean. Of course you do. I mean boobs. Mediaskare will […]

The Empire Shall Fall Shall Soon Record

The Empire Shall Fall

And I shall get excited, and maybe even squirt a bit. Just a touch of pre-jizz. I’m sorry. That’s disgusting, and my sense of humor is fucking juvenile. BUT, The Empire Shall Fall are fucking awesome, and boast Killswitch Engage frontman Jesse Leach. The Empire Shall Fall will begin studio sessions for their new EP […]