It’s Official: Chris Adler Drumming For Megadeth

It's Adler

That’s right, people. Chris Adler of Lamb of God is in Megadeth. The worst kept secret in metal has been confirmed. An image of Adler in a Megadeth T-shirt was posted online. To Facebook specifically. It seems to show Adler, or an Adler impersonator, awash in orange. So, that’s awesome.

Megadeth’s Ellefson Demurs On Chris Adler’s Involvement


Another video has surfaced, featuring footage of the drums for Megadeth’s new album being tracked. This is the third such video the band has released, and it follows at the end of this post. From all appearances, and based on Chris Adler’s drumming style in the video, I’d say that’s Lamb of God’s kitman for […]

Is Behemoth’s Nergal Teasing His Solo Material?


Behemoth frontman Adam “Nergal” Darski has posted two videos, and I am pretty fucking sure they were shot while he was in the studio working on his solo project. You know, the one that’ll sound nothing like Behemoth but instead be “very stripped down and simple. The most primitive, acoustic-based stuff. That’s what I’m really […]

Into Another Releasing New EP

Into Another

Man, back in the day, I used to love me some Into Another. For me, discovering them on my own is something I like to gloat about. They were — and presumably, still are — fucking awesome, but they’re not metal, as it were. They’re appreciated by metalheads because they push the bounds of experimental […]

Overkill Signs New Deal, Announces Symphony X Trek


Nuclear Blast has done it again. They’ve signed another iconic metal band, adding Overkill to its already impressive roster. The band’s first release through Nuclear Blast will be a box set, featuring selections from Overkill’s back catalogue. That box will be ready to open this fall. Overkill’s manager John Finberg spoke on the new deal. […]

Araya Offers Update On Next Slayer LP


Tom Araya, the dude from Slayer, has spoken to that rag Revolver about his band’s upcoming new album — Slayer’s first in eons not to feature Dave Lombardo or the late Jeff Hanneman. One of Hanneman’s old riffs will appear in one of the album’s songs, Araya said. “Ever since his passing, it’s been like […]

Unlocking The Truth Discuss Major Label Disaster

Unlocking The Truth

By now, you’ve no doubt heard of the teenage metal band Unlocking The Truth. They’re from Brooklyn and signed a deal with Sony, accepting a life of indentured servitude, essentially. That deal hasn’t been dissolved but the band is trying, and discussing the whole debacle with The Daily Beast. “It was pretty difficult at times […]

More Footage From Megadeth Drum Sessions Posted


Of course, we still have no actual idea who the studio drummer is for Megadeth’s forthcoming album, but chances are likely that Chris Adler of Lamb of God is Dave Mustaine’s man. We’ll have to wait for official word, of course. Until then, it’s mere speculation. But, yes…today, more video was filmed, showing Megadeth’s new […]

Ex-HellYeah Guitarist Launches Audiotopsy

Greg Tribbett

That band name is atrocious. I know it was supposed to be a clever hybrid of two other words, but I don’t like it. I hate it, in fact. Fucking Audiotopsy? Really?!? If that’s the best you can do, I’m already out. They could be the second coming of Death, and I’m still out. But, […]

Could This Clip Contain New Deftones Music?


I am overly anxious to hear the next Deftones record, so any audio that leaks out onto the web sparks my interest. Today, the video at the end of this post was released, and it allegedly features some audio from the upcoming album the Deftones are now working on in a recording studio. The video […]