Gruesome Streaming New Tune


I have yet to receive a download for the debut album from Gruesome, but can’t wait for it to arrive. The Death-inspired, Chuck Schuldiner-worshipping members of the band are also in bands like Exhumed, Possessed, Malevolent Creation and Derketa. The supergroup’s debut Savage Land will be released next month, according to a press release. Until […]

Agoraphobic Nosebleed Solo Albums Coming Along

Agoraphobic Nosebleed

So the infamous grindcore band is going to be releasing something already. Looks like that’s another band GSA might be the proximate cause of shaking off an unproductive funk from, the other being Through the Eyes of the Dead. This got posted on ANb’s Facebook page today, and I immediately went from six to midnight. […]

Stone Sour Releasing New EP


I know they’re not metal, and that their music is shit, but it’s been a slow news day, shithawk. Stone Sour will release a new covers EP called Meanwhile In Burbank… in April. The five-song effort includes covers of Kiss, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Metallica and Alice In Chains tunes. The album will be out […]

Night Flight Orchestra Details Sophomore Disc

Night Flight Orchestra

A second album will be released by The Night Flight Orchestra. The classic rock superband, boasting members of Soilwork and Arch Enemy, will release their next album Skyline Whispers through Coroner Records on June 9. The album will contain 13 tracks. The track listing follows below. 1. “Sail On” 2. “Living For The Nighttime” 3. […]

Faith No More Reveal New Album’s Cover


The cover art for the new Faith No More album has been released. It accompanies this post. It’s right next to these words. Can you see it? It’s not bad. Nothing stupendous, but not bad. The new Faith No More disc Sol Invictus will be out May 19. A 7-inch single for a new song […]

Coal Chamber Streaming Brand New Tune

Coal Chamber

That’s right, folks. Coal Chamber have a new album coming out. You should know this. The formerly dormant band’s Rivals is due in stores May 19. A new tune from the band called “I.O.U. Nothing” follows at the end of this post, for you listening pleasure or morbid curiosity. Rivals is being released by Napalm […]

Grave Desecrator Ink New Deal


Brazilian black metal horde Grave Desecrator have signed with Season of Mist. Grave Desecrator will release its new album later this year, according to a press release. Said the band’s bassist E. Necrogoat: “A pact has been sealed, and we are very proud of it! Season of Mist will be in charge to spread our […]

Enslaved Streaming New Album In Full

In Times

I just started downloading new albums from the labels this week. It had been a while. For a stretch there, I just wasn’t interested in listening to anything new. The first new album I downloaded was the new Enslaved joint. It’s called In Times and will be out next Tuesday. If you’d like to hear […]

Faith No More Streaming New Tune

Faith No More

So, I’m fucking psyched. Today, I got to hear a new Faith No More song. You can hear the song too, at the end of this post. The song is called “Superhero” and comes from Faith No More’s forthcoming new LP Sol Invictus. That record will be out in a matter of months, and I […]

All That Remains Singer Still Thinks His Opinion’s Important

Phil Labonte

I am not saying that All That Remains frontman Phil Labonte’s opinions are any more or less important than my own. But I will say that there’s a slight difference. As far as I can tell, most people come to this website exclusively for my opinion. Or they accidentally stumble upon the blog, read my […]