The Red Chord Booked Another Gig!

The Red Chord

The eventual return of the Red Chord has me more excited than a rabbit during mating season. The signs are all there. The band keep on booking more and more shows, making me think they’ve gotta come back, despite their lead singer’s demanding profession. They’ve just added another gig to their calendar. The Red Chord […]

Wilson Ink New Deal


Wilson, a band some people dig but I’m not really especially into, has inked a new deal with Razor & Tie. The band have a new album recorded, which they’d worked on with producer Johnny Andrews down in Hotlanta. The album will be released later this year. Said the band’s Chad Nicefield: “Wilson is a […]

Septicflesh Announce North American Tour


Septicflesh are coming to North America. I wish they’d hire me to go to Greece to watch their homes while their on tour. I’d be an excellent housekeeper. The Greek symphonic death metallers will embark on a four-week trek that kicks off with a special headlining date in Mexico City. Then, they’ll head north of […]

Emmure Frontman’s Operatic Project Put On Hold


So Frankie Palmeri from Emmure is out of commission for tearing his vocal chords. That’ll put quite the damper on his new opera side-project.   You read that right. Opera. Apparently, when he got electrocuted in Russia, it rerouted some of his neurotransmitters and turned Palmeri into an opera prodigy. He has an opera-singer’s last […]

Sworn Enemy, Wretched Tour Announced


This April, heavy will be coming to a neighborhood near you. Maybe. I’m not sure where you live, so you’ll have to refer to the following list of dates for the Sworn Enemy and Wretched tour happening this spring. Dark Sermon will also be on the bill along with the good dudes in Hammer Fight. […]

Iron Maiden Drummer Says New Album Is Done


Nicko McBrain may look like he built his own house, and hammered everything together with his face, but I have loads of respect for the Iron Maiden drummer. Obviously. I mean, he’s a legend. He’s played a part in the creation of some of my favorite songs. He’s the man. He’s probably also experienced some […]

Motörhead Tracking Next LP


Lemmy Kilmister must be feeling better following his recent health scares. Motörhead have returned to the recording studio to track their 22nd studio LP, which will be out later this year. The picture that accompanies this post features Lemmy in the studio, doing his thing. Although, Lemmy’s thing usually is banging out hotties. Lemmy proves […]

Original Drummer Sues Korn

David Silveria

A lawsuit has been filed against Korn by the band’s original drummer David Silveria. TMZ claims the suit alleges Silveria’s 2006 departure from the band was actually just a hiatus. Silveria is said to have retained an ownership interest in the band and was apparently ready to rejoin them in 2013, but the band balked. […]

Tool Frontman Offers Album Update


Now I can believe Tool are actually working on a new record. Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan has confirmed it. He’s the all-important piece that needs to be there to complete that puzzle. Maynard offered the following online: “I’ve been making regular trips to LA to check on the writing progress of my Tool brethren. […]

Sorcerer Returning With New LP

I want!

On March 24, Metal Blade will issue the latest release from Swedish epic doom metallers Sorcerer. Called In The Shadow Of The Inverted Cross, a new cut off the disc follows at the end of this post. Pre-orders for the disc are available here. Sorcerer formed in 1988 but split in 1992. A comeback was […]