Enslaved Recording 13th LP

The Enslaved dudes in the studio

That’s right, boys and girls. A new Enslaved album is in the works, as the band’s hit the studio to begin tracking the fucker for release early next year. The new Enslaved will be the band’s 13th studio set. Nuclear Blast will release it. The main recording of the album is going down at Duper […]

Police Find “Forensic Link” In Morgan Harrington Case

Morgan Harrington

Police claim to have caught a major break in the long unsolved murder of Metallica fan Morgan Harrington. According to WTVR.com, a man suspected in the abduction earlier this month of an 18-year-old girl named Hannah Graham from Charlottesville, Virginia, has been forensically linked to the 2009 disappearance of Morgan Harrington. Harrington was 20 and […]

Publicist UK Sign With Relapse

Brett Bamberger

Relapse Records’ latest signing is a band boasting members of Revocation, Municipal Waste, and Goes Cube. Publicist UK features Revocation bassist Brett Bamberger, Municipal Waste’s drummer Dave Witte, and Goes Cube guitarist David Obuchowski. Publicist UK will begin recording their full-length debut in late October. Sessions will take place at Wild Arctic Studios in Dover, […]

Air Above Knotfest To Smell Like Camel Shit


You think that headline’s bogus, but it isn’t. Knotfest will not only boast sets by Slipknot, Five Finger Death Punch, Danzig, and Killswitch Engage, but fans will come away from the experience smelling like camel dung. Burnt camel dung. And it’s not because they’re fans are filthy fucks who don’t practice good oral hygiene. The […]

Madball Announce Tour


That’s right, folks. Madball have announced a handful of dates for a 20th anniversary tour celebrating the 1994 release of Set It Off. Former band guitarist Matt Henderson will rejoin the band for the run, which also boasts openers from Turnstile, Death Before Dishonor, Take Offense and Downpresser. Here are the dates as they’re currently […]

Ken Mode To Record New LP

Ken Mode

Ken Mode have revealed their plans to record a new album. It will be called Success, it seems. Ken Mode plan to start recording the disc at Empire Recording in Winnipeg, Manitoba, on November 23 with producer and engineer Steve Albini — famous for his work with Nirvana. Among the scheduled guests for the outing […]

Mastodon Release Bootietastic Video Clip

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 2.16.04 PM

Wanna see some big booties shaking? Why would you not want that? Proceed to the end of this post, where the new Mastodon video is currently streaming. The video is for the song “The Motherload,” which appears on the band’s new album Once More ‘Round The Sun. I’ve yet to hear the album in its […]

Audioslave Members Reunite On Stage

"As if we'd do another record..."

Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell and his greasy locks made a guest appearance Friday night during a performance by his former Audioslave bandmate Tom Morello. Morello, also the guitarist for Rage Against The Machine, performed a special show at the El Corazon in Seattle. Morello’s acoustic set was part of a benefit concert for 15 Now, […]

Havok Vocalist Breaks Wrist


There goes his sex life. Yes, folks — it’s true. Havok’s guitarist and vocalist David Sanchez broke his fucking wrist. Says Sanchez: “Due to[an] injury, we have been forced to cancel a few shows on our current tour with Crowbar, Revocation, Fit For An Autopsy and Armed for Apocalypse. We plan to rejoin the tour […]

Black Sabbath To Record Final Album

Black Sabbath

Another Black Sabbath record is in the making, folks. Another Black Sabbath record without Bill Ward. A final Black Sabbath album will drop in the not-so-distant future, Ozzy Osbourne tells Metal Hammer. The album will be tracked with by producer Rick Rubin early next year. Says Ozzy: “The whole Sabbath experience this time around was […]