The Ocean Go To India; It Doesn’t Go Well

The Ocean

Ah, India. I have been there, people. I actually loved my time there. It was like New York City, a little bit, only with extreme poverty, no traffic signals at all, and lots and lots of garbage lining the streets. It was like no other place I have ever been, and I’d return in a […]

Tool: Studio Photo Hits The Web


For those who doubt Tool will ever return with fresh material…here’s a picture that’ll have you biting that tongue. Tool guitarist Adam Jones posted a photo of the group working in their loft studio. It’s the second image he’s shared but the first showing Maynard James Keenan’s also in the mix. The photo is hashtagged […]

Deafheaven Releasing New Album In 2015


That’s right, you yellow-bellied son of a motherless whore. San Francisco’s own Deafheaven plan to release a new album — their third — in 2015. And that’s about all they’re willing to say right now about it. The band is believed to have parted ways with Deathwish Inc. Said frontman George Clarke in a new […]

Ozzy: Sabbath To Disband After Next Record, Tour

Black Sabbath

They said they were going to disband after their last album and tour, but are somehow still active. So why should we believe Ozzy Osbourne now when he says next year’s Black Sabbath disc will be the band’s last. And that it’s subsequent tour will mark the group’s final shows together. Why? We shouldn’t believe […]

Danzig To Release New Album Next Fall


You’ve gotta wait a whole year before the release of Danzig’s next full-length — but will have to wait mere months for an EP of Elvis covers. Yes, folks — Glenn Danzig has tracked an album worth of Elvis Presley covers (which we’ve told you about before) and that disc will be in stores this […]

Drummer Returns To Primus

Tim Alexander

Primus have their drummer back. Tim “Herb” Alexander made his return to the kit last night in Philadelphia. Alexander has been taking a break from the band as he recovered from a heart attack he suffered back in July. Tim underwent triple bypass surgery, and followed that up with months of physical therapy. He’s back […]

Faith No More Release Studio Shots


If you are not following Faith No More on Facebook, you’re not very smart. I mean, if you’re not a fan of the band, I guess it is alright not to follow them. But how is it you’re not a fan of Faith No Fucking More? Today, the band posted several photos on Facebook. Proof, […]

Stream The New Anaal Nathrakh Album — Right Now!


One of my favorite bands — no shit — is Anaal Nathrakh. They’ve never released a dud, you know? They are consistently awesome and I dig everything they’ve released thus far. The band’s new album is a masterpiece, and it follows at the end of this post. The record’s called Desideratum and drops on October […]

Arch Enemy Streaming Judas Priest Cover

The new Arch Enemy

I wish it were a cover of “Hell Bent For Leather,” but alas, it’s for “Breaking The Law” — the one Judas Priest song most bands massacre. Arch Enemy’s version of “Breaking the Law” follows. The song appears on the group’s tour-only split with Kreator, which is limited to just 1,000 copies worldwide. You can […]

QOTSA’s Homme Reveals Plans For 2015

Queens of the Stone Age

Queens Of The Stone Age mastermind Joshua Homme has given an in-depth interview to that includes talk of what he plans to do with the next album from the band. Homme said he’s already working on a new album with Eagles of Death Metal, but will get some musicians together soon in Joshua Tree […]