Porno Shot During Amnesia Rockfest

Pamela Kayne

A pair of French Canadian pornos (called “Casting au Rockfest Vol. 1″ and “Casting au Rockfest Vol. 2″) have the organizers of Quebec’s biggest destination festival flippin’ pissed. Both X-rated flicks were shot on the grounds of the 2014 Amnesia Rockfest in Montebello and featured porn chick Pamela Kayne boinking a dozen festival attendees. The […]

David Lee Roth Endorses Busty Chick’s “Teacher” Cover

What's up, girl

I like boobs. Love ‘em, in fact. Big fan. They’re awesome, big or small. But they’re more awesome big. Sometimes sloppy big. Some chick with an ample rack named Trisha Paytas has released a video, which follows at the end of this post. It boasts a bunch of smoking hot babes, but mostly focuses on […]

Video: Start Your Day Off With A Twerking Metal Chick

Who is this girl?!?

Good morning. Today’s going to be pretty awesome, I’m hoping. At least it is starting out on an awesome note. Someone emailed me a 45-second video while I was sleeping that I simply had to share with my gentleman readers…and some of you lady readers, too Something tells me everyone would be able to appreciate […]

Sepultura Frontman Shoots Down “No More Albums” Rumor

Miss Leggs

So, some super fine chick named Hayley Leggs spoke with Derrick Green of Sepultura at this year’s Hellfest, and asked him about that rumor Max Cavalera claims to have heard, that the band were done releasing studio albums. Green said that “I have no idea [where Max got that from]. It’s absolutely ridiculous. All this […]

Suddenly, I’m Intrigued By A Band Called The Oath

The Oath

I wonder why I’d be so interested in them. I mean, the name The Oath isn’t all that great, and the fact that they couldn’t even come up with a name for their debut self-titled album for Rise Above Records strikes me as lazy. Think it could have something to do with the band’s members, […]

And Now, Here’s A Nude Picture Of Jill Janus From Huntress Barfing Into A Toilet


That’s gotta fulfill someone’s fetish right? “Nothing gives me a chubby quicker than when a chick with a shitty boob job gets naked but keeps her socks on, and pukes in Germany.” I can see someone being into that. More so than I can see what revved Ian Watkins’ engine. So, Jill Janus of Huntress […]

NSFW: The Pretty Reckless Release New Album Art

Going to Hell

Now this is what Maria Brink should’ve done. If you’re going to expose your turd cutter, EXPOSE your fucking turd cutter. Fucking go for it. The image in this post is NSFW. It is the cover for the Razor & Tie debut from Taylor Momsen’s faux metal band The Pretty Reckless. The album drops March […]

Suddenly, I Care About A Band Called Adrenaline Rush

That stomach...

I wonder why. Yes, folks — Frontiers Records has signed a band called Adrenaline Rush. A press release says the band is “fronted by one of the most talented and hottest chicks in today’s hard rock scene, Tåve Wanning.” A press release actually perved out on a chick. That’s weird. The band’s debut album was […]

Suddenly, I Care About A Band Named Evenoire


Or more specifically, the Italian symphonic metal act’s singer, Elisa “Lisy” Stefanoni. She is quite a looker. A stunner, really. I wonder what she looks like unclothed. I bet it’s a sight to behold. Can you tell it’s been two months since I’ve known the touch of a woman? Evenoire today announced that they have […]

Suddenly, I’m Interested In A Band Called Mist


And by interested, I mean hot for. Slovenian doom metal band Mist is comprised entirely of women. And cute ones, at that. Usually, band chicks are busted. But these girls look good, boy. I’d marry at least two of them on the spot. The band’s got this new demo out, which you can stream below […]