Tombs Get Their Own Marijuana Beer


I’ve heard for months that marijuana beer would soon be hitting the market, in lieu of Colorado and Washington State’s new laws on recreational use. I never imagined the Tombs dudes would be involved, somehow. The band’s will release a beer they claim has “enormous notes” of marijuana. A coffee is also coming. The IPA […]

Devin Townsend Plans Ziltoid Musical

Ziltoid the Omniscent

Man alive, is this some awesome fucking news! Devin Townsend is planning a “Ziltoid musical” for early next year, which will go down at the Royal Albert Hall in London, England. The musical is set for April 13, 2015. This is basically something Townsend has been dreaming about for a long time, so its nice […]

This Is The Last Time You’ll See The Words ‘King 810’ On This Site

King 810

I actually revile the very existence of King 810, the Michigan-based architects of gangsta metal. Which is why this will be the very last post you ever see about them here, on Frankly, folks, the ‘hood metal upstarts have proven — in mere months, mind you — that they’re simply a bunch of ignorant […]

Killswitch Frontman Detained At Metal Hammer Awards

The Empire Shall NOT Fall

By a bunch of dudes dressed up as Stormtroopers. This is not the Leach you’re looking for. See the attached image, which is fun and I wanted to share with you all. It shows Killswitch Engage and The Empire Shall Fall frontman Jesse Leach at last night’s Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards in London, England, […]

Exhumed, Possessed Members Launch Death Tribute

Matt Harvey

Death is one of those bands that’ll stand the tests of time, because they were just so razor-sharp and fucking nasty. Now, Exhumed vocalist and guitarist Matt Harvey has teamed up with some other metal dudes for what will essentially be a tribute to the music of Death. The band also will boasts former Malevolent […]

Today Is The Day Working On New Music

Today Is The Day

A new album is in the fucking making from Today Is The Day, who are dope as fuck. In case you didn’t know. Today is The Day announced today that they have joined the Southern Lord Recordings roster, and are finishing up their next album, Animal Mother, with plans to wrap sessions for the disc […]

Tony Iommi Lands University Teaching Gig

Tony Iommi

The man who wrote every riff in metal, Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi, has agreed to share his songwriting secrets with music students at Coventry University. 

The University, which awarded Tony with an Honorary Doctorate Of Arts in November for his outstanding contribution to global music, has now appointed him to the role of Visiting Professor […]

Mortvvm Aestvs MMXIV Announced

Mutilation Rites

Abazagorath and Mutilation Rites have been tapped to perform during the upcoming Mortvvm Aestvs MMXIV. What’s that? It’s three nights of underground black and death metal organized by Providence-based promoters forzaMorte. Set for June 13 through June 15, Mortvvm Aestvs MMXIV will take place at Dusk in Providence, Rhode Island. Who else will be playing? […]

Super Mario Bros. Theme Gets Djentrified

Steve rocks out

You and your metal friends at work will be talking about the following viral video on Monday, when you gather around the water cooler. Some dude named Steve Terreberry has uploaded a metal version of the Super Mario Bros. theme song online. Don’t watch the video: Just listen to it. Then you will be impressed. […]

Skeletonwitch Plot Serpents Picture Disc

Serpents Unleashed

The dudes in Skeletonwitch have plans to release a limited edition picture disc pressing of their most recent offering, Serpents Unleashed. That will materialize June 23 through Prosthetic. A video follows, featuring the band’s Scott Hedrick showing it off. Pre-orders for the pressing are available here. The band yesterday announced that it will be opening […]