Gwar-Loving Gamers Want Oderus In Next Mortal Kombat

Dave Brockie

Gwar’s Oderus Urungus could be brought back to life in pixelated form if a petition from fans of the band makes an impact on some game designers. The petition, found here, requests that the late Dave Brockie’s alien alter-ego be included in the next installment in the “Mortal Kombat” series as a playable character. “Mortal […]

Pantera Make New York Times Crossword


Finally, Pantera has made it! Into the New York Times crossword puzzle, that is. Today’s paper ran a crossword that offered the following clue for one line: “Heavy metal band with the #1 album ‘Far Beyond Driven.’” The puzzle also asked a question about Alice Cooper. Could the Times have a new staffer writing crosswords […]

Lord Dying’s Tour Diary: Breakfast Burritos, Lamborghinis, Strip Clubs, And Steak


Lord Dying, an incredibly sick band signed to Relapse Records, recently finished a brief tour of the West Coast with Castle — all in support of their forthcoming album,Poisoned Altars. The guys agreed to keep a little tour diary for us, and what follows is the second and last installment, written by the band’s Erik […]

Online Game Tests Your Drum-Face Recognition

You be the judge

Need something to break up the monotony of another work day? Go here, then. Play everyone’s favorite new online game…Cumming or Drumming. Complete with ’70s porn music. The concept is simple: You’ll be shown a male or female face. You need to determine whether they’re popping off or just pounding the kit. There’s a NSFW […]

Breaking: New Members Of The Faceless Fired Before Identities Announced

Ya fired!

Recent reports claim that three as of yet announced members of the Faceless have parted ways with the band. The members, whose identities are still unknown, were a guitarist, drummer, and bassist meant to replace Wes Hauch, Alex Rudinger, and Evan Brewer. Michael Keene, lead shredder, clean vocalist, founder, and renowned CEO of the Faceless, […]

Lord Dying’s Tour Diary: Meeting Mr. & Mrs. Meth And Getting Black Tusk Tats


Lord Dying, an incredibly sick band signed to Relapse Records, is out there on the road somewhere, blasting awesomeness while heading to the next gig on their ongoing trek in support of their forthcoming album, Poisoned Altars. The guys have been keeping a little tour diary for us, and what follows is the first installment. […]

Exclusive: Lord Dying Offer Up The Ultimate Road Playlist

Lord Dying

At this very second, the guys from Relapse Records band Lord Dying are traversing the West Coast, playing shows with Castle to get the word out about their forthcoming album, Poisoned Altars. That record won’t actually be released until late January, much to our chagrin. But to remind you all about their trek with Castle, […]

Ghost Selling New Watch


They made dildos — why not a watch? Because really, you need to know what time it is when you’re fucking yourself. They’ve made just 150 of them (smart), meaning chances are you won’t fucking get one. Why make just 150 of something? I guess, maybe, they’ll make more if they all sell quickly, and […]

Video: Temple Of The Dog Reunite On Stage

Temple of the Dog

If you remember the 1990s, chances are you remember the band Temple of the Dog. They were comprised of member of Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Mother Love Bone, and other Seattle area bands. Well, they released one fucking album, and never toured, and basically, died with the decade. Last night, in California, Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell […]

Brujeria Are Back


Holy fucking shit! Brujeria — boasting members of Carcass and Napalm Death — are returning, folks. The band has signed a new deal with Nuclear Blast Entertainment. They have a new album all set for release in 2015, too. This is the best news I’ve heard since she said told me her period came. The […]