The Red Chord Booked Another Gig!

The Red Chord

The eventual return of the Red Chord has me more excited than a rabbit during mating season. The signs are all there. The band keep on booking more and more shows, making me think they’ve gotta come back, despite their lead singer’s demanding profession. They’ve just added another gig to their calendar. The Red Chord […]

Meshuggah Recognized For Songwriting


Congratulations are in order for Meshuggah. This is a well-deserved award. Something called SKAP awards annual scholarships and prizes to celebrate Swedish creativity across all musical genres. The awards ceremony takes place in tandem with SKAP’s annual spring fling. In 2014, Swedish progressive metal force Meshuggah were awarded an exclusive scholarship for their services to […]

Snapcase Booked For Fests


I’ve been a fan of Snapcase for years, so this has been fucking psyched. Not that I’ve got cash to fund trips to these upcoming fests, but perhaps more shows will be announced, and maybe one will be close enough for me to attend. Snapcase have been booked for the Amnesia RockFest in Quebec this […]

Saxon Drummer Recovers From Brain Aneurysm


Nigel Glockler is a lucky man. Two months ago, Glockler suffered a near-fatal brain aneurysm. That’s when one of the blood vessels in the brain balloons and fills with blood. Most time, they hemorrhage. Somehow, Nigel had fully recovered from his brush with death, and is already back working with Saxon. The drummer endured two […]

Lamb Of God Singer Hosting Photo Exhibition

Randy Blythe

Anyone who follows Randy Blythe on Instagram knows the dude has an eye. Some of the shots he posts are gorgeous. Most of what he shoots is in black and white, which is also pretty cool. Point is, you should follow Randy on Instagram. You’ll soon know why the Lamb of God singer will be […]

Torche Release Online Video Game


Not only are Torche a kick-ass band, they’ve done something kick-ass for their fans. They have unveiled an 8-bit themed video game called “Torche vs. Robots: Annihilation Affair.” Go here to play. A mobile version of the game — which sees you adopt the persona of a band members who fights to save Miami — […]

Gwar-Loving Gamers Want Oderus In Next Mortal Kombat

Dave Brockie

Gwar’s Oderus Urungus could be brought back to life in pixelated form if a petition from fans of the band makes an impact on some game designers. The petition, found here, requests that the late Dave Brockie’s alien alter-ego be included in the next installment in the “Mortal Kombat” series as a playable character. “Mortal […]

Pantera Make New York Times Crossword


Finally, Pantera has made it! Into the New York Times crossword puzzle, that is. Today’s paper ran a crossword that offered the following clue for one line: “Heavy metal band with the #1 album ‘Far Beyond Driven.’” The puzzle also asked a question about Alice Cooper. Could the Times have a new staffer writing crosswords […]

Lord Dying’s Tour Diary: Breakfast Burritos, Lamborghinis, Strip Clubs, And Steak


Lord Dying, an incredibly sick band signed to Relapse Records, recently finished a brief tour of the West Coast with Castle — all in support of their forthcoming album,Poisoned Altars. The guys agreed to keep a little tour diary for us, and what follows is the second and last installment, written by the band’s Erik […]

Online Game Tests Your Drum-Face Recognition

You be the judge

Need something to break up the monotony of another work day? Go here, then. Play everyone’s favorite new online game…Cumming or Drumming. Complete with ’70s porn music. The concept is simple: You’ll be shown a male or female face. You need to determine whether they’re popping off or just pounding the kit. There’s a NSFW […]