Readers’ Bands: Tumbleweed Dealer Are Dope

Tumbleweed Dealer

And really, I think one needs a big old bag of dope to fucking relax with while listening to these dudes. Their music almost demands you be high. We received an email from the Montreal band not that long ago (OK, so it was a long time ago) about this EP they’d just finished. “I […]

Readers’ Bands: Now, Let’s Meet Greece’s Dope Flood

Dope Flood

Meet them and then stay far, far away from them, because, well, they’re a clumsy hard rock band who would’ve been relevant 20 years ago. Guitarist Cris Harison contacted us not that long ago to tell us all about Dope Flood, who are from Greece and re-released an EP called A Planet On Four Legs […]

Readers’ Bands: Giza Is Really Pretty Rad


Regular readers of the blog know how I feel about instrumental bands. The whole time I just keep waiting for the vocals to kick in, but it never happens. Kind of like when I watch soccer. I just want them to pick up the fucking ball already, and they never do. We received an email […]

Readers’ Bands: Burrows Kick Massive Ass


If you dig delay-heavy sludge rock, proceed to the end of this post. There, you will find music from Connecticut band Burrows. “Greetings,” the band writes us. “Big fans of Gunshy Assassin and it’s contributors. Thank you for supporting awesome music.” Well, you’re welcome. We have no problem supporting bands that sound like older Mastodon. […]

Readers’ Bands: So, Eldergaad Is A Thing


I hate when Readers’ Bands columns end up this way: Me, just shitting all over someone’s hard work. But let’s face it: Eldergaad, while seemingly musically proficient, need help. They’ve got a sound that’s not so much raw as it is clumsy, and their singer appears to be going through some kind of transformation…puberty, from […]

Readers’ Bands: Now Let’s Check Out Sun Voyager

Sun Voyager

If you’re into doom-laden psychedelia inspired by the likes of Black Sabbath, Sleep, Fu Manchu, and Electric Wizard, well then you may just dig on Orange County, New York-band Sun Voyager’s sound. The four-piece have released two demos, called Cosmic Tides and Mecca. Bassist Stefan Mersch contacted us some time ago, asking for some coverage […]

Readers’ Bands: No Salvation Are From Massachusetts

No Salvation

Like most bands from Massachusetts, No Salvation’s got it going on. And I don’t say that about many bands…the “got it going on” thing. But got it going on, they do. They’re fucking aggressive, are masters of their instruments, and had me wishing I were in a band recently, whilst I was listening to them. […]

Readers’ Bands: France’s Amoeba Are Tech-Death


An email we received months ago indicates that some of the members of Amoeba — a French technical death metal band — are Gunshy readers. We can’t verify this for sure, but some representing the band did contact us about the column, saying we should give the band of 20somethings a little exposure. So, here’s […]

Readers’ Bands: Let’s Listen To Restos Humanos

The demo's cover

Attention, all of you who’ve sent in emails requesting inclusion in our weekly Readers’ Bands column: Be patient. We’re still getting emails almost daily, but we will get to all of your submissions and listen to all of your bands. Consider today’s subject: A while back, a reader names Julian wrote to us from Italy, […]

Readers’ Bands: A/S/L? Are From New Jersey


There is something vaguely Daughters-ish about A/S/L?, and, well, Daughters is a band I love to listen to. So let’s just put it this way: I’m down with A/S/L? And you will be too after listening to their album Ladycop at the end of this post. “I am a daily reader of your blog/reader,” says […]