Readers’ Bands: Orphan Make Insane Noise


So, there’s a band I dig from Austria called Orphan. Lucky for me, they dig my blog. I guess you could call it a mutual admiration. This week, let’s listen to Orphan together. They’re loud, they’re noisy, and they’re fucking all over the place, yet it’s not at all overwhelming. In fact, it’s pretty fucking […]

Readers’ Bands: Straight Outta Wrocław, It’s Grimlord!


There’s nothing worse than a band with immense talent, fronted by a dude who just doesn’t get it. Today’s Readers’ Band column is about a band from Wrocław, Poland. The band is death metal act Grimlord. Someone from the group wrote to me a while back, asking for coverage of a then-new album, V-Column. At […]

Readers’ Bands: Get Progressive With Russia’s Paskura


If you’re a regular here, you well know my affinity for progressive rock and metal. That’s why I was excited to check out Russian outfit Paskura. Andrey, the band’s drummer, wrote to GSA a while back seeking a review for their debut album, Spika, which is streaming for his and her pleasure at the end […]

Readers’ Bands: Programmable Animal Confuse Me

Programmable Animal

For me, there’s no joy in telling some band they’re terrible. I don’t get off — as some have suggested — on bashing “talented people who’re just trying to do their thing.” I was raised to be honest. Transparent. Perhaps that’s why I got into journalism. If I can’t be honest, I can’t be me, […]

Readers’ Bands: This Is Imminent Peril

Imminent Peril

After a long hiatus, I’ve revived the Readers’ Bands column because, well, some of the people who check out the site are also fairly imposing musicians, in groups that should get some recognition but can’t afford publicists to help them achieve it. Being a broke bitch myself, I can relate. Today, we’re all going to […]

Readers’ Bands: Reduced To Ash Are Badass

Reduced To Ash

So, for a while there, I stopped writing the Readers’ Bands column because, well, I was fixing to shut the site down. But I’ve since reconsidered, with a patron campaign currently underway to raise funds to the site’s continued operation. Hence, I’ll be doing two Readers’ Bands columns a week going forth. If you’re a […]

Readers’ Bands: This Is Outright Resistance

Outright Resistance

I’m sorry to all you unsigned and unknown bands out there who’ve been looking for coverage on GSA. It has been fucking forever since I spotlighted one of the bands of one of the site’s readers, and there’s no excuse. I will say, though, that for a while there, I didn’t see a point in […]

Readers’ Bands: From Russia, Here’s Grenouer


The thing about this column, which highlights unsigned or lesser-known bands with members who read the site, is that we don’t discriminate. If you read this site, and your band is shit, it’s not as though I’m going to delete your email seeking coverage. I’ll still give the group a write up, but I will […]

Readers’ Bands: Get Lost In Near Grey


For a second straight week, frustration and/or lack of time prevented me from writing about another band featuring one of our devout readers during the week, so here’s another weekend installment of Readers’ Bands. This week, we talk a look at, and listen to, the Montreal-based instrumental post-metal outfit Near Grey; guitarist Mitch reached out […]

Readers’ Bands: Let’s Get Somber With The Howling Void


Last week was an absolute cluster fuck, and in all the cluster fuckery, I totally forgot to run a Readers’ Band column. A thousand apologies. In general, my mind has been overrun as of late. There’s about a hundred rather pressing tasks, errands, chores, or obligations that need to be attended to, but I feel […]