Readers’ Bands: Valhalla Rising Are Rough And Raw

Valhalla Rising

This week, I decided to take some time out of my day to devote to Valhalla Rising, a London, Ontario-based four-piece that deals in straight fucking metal that’s raw and unrefined. This band could benefit from a producer, as you’ll see from the tune (a pre-production number) that follows at the end of this post. […]

Readers’ Bands: Kingdom Of Giants Craft Banal Metalcore

Kingdom of Giants

Sadly or perhaps not sadly, I’m not much for the metalcore anymore. Hell, I saw all of the greats — the fuckers who started the fucking genre — rock stages back in the day, so it’s been hard to get behind the bands of the modern scene after watching bands of nincompoops sully the metalcore […]

Readers’ Bands: Mahogany Head Grenade Got Riffs


We get emails from all sorts of bands — from punk rockers and emo pussies to thrash bands and blackened death metallers. Today, we’ve got something for the general guitar nerds out there. Dallas, Texas-based Mahogany Head Grenade is a progressive metal trio that lacks vocals. Some people have problems with instrumental bands; I only […]

Readers’ Bands: Now Let’s Listen To Iowa’s Panthallasa


You’ve gotta respect a band with three guitarists. I’m pretty sure you have to respect that. Whatever. All I know is three guitarists seems to work just fine for Panthallasa, who hail from the fertile soils of Des Moines, Iowa. One of the band’s guitarists — longtime reader G. Michael Peter — contacted us some […]

Readers’ Bands: Temple Of Void Are Pretty Effin’ Sick

Temple Of Void

I usually dread the middle of each week, as it means I’ve gotta write something about another of the site’s readers’ bands. Usually, the Readers’ Bands column gives some exposure to duds who’ll never get beyond the confines of their regional scene. But ever so often, I am thoroughly impressed by something a band’s doing, […]

Readers’ Bands: Let’s Meet Greek Metal Act Damned Creed

Damned Creed

Believe it or not, you are not alone. You are like many people around the globe: You’re a reader of this very site, and you’re awesome for that. Lots of our readers, it turns out, have bands. Unsigned bands for the most part — baby bands looking for love in the press, but not able […]

Readers’ Bands: Let’s Check Out New England Rockers Mongrel


Not that long ago, a fellow by the name of Adam Savage wrote us to sing our praises. “Just found the site and really enjoy it,” Adam writes, before pitching us on his female fronted “rock-punk-metal” band. Rock-punk-metal, you say? That’s like the mafia restaurant near my house that has a sign out front that […]

Readers’ Bands: Now, Here’s A Band Called American Standards

American Standards

We get emails from bands on the regular, asking us for some promotional space on the site, and this is how we handle it. The Readers’ Bands column is where we spotlight smaller bands with hardly any publicity machine behind them, but only if they actually happen to an express an opinion about the site. […]

Readers’ Bands: Let’s All Check Out The Mascaron


So, who among you listens to melodic progressive metal? Anyone? Bueller? I happen to dig progressive metal and progressive rock, so I was more than just a little pleased to get an email from Gints Grinbergs, the guitarist for Latvian band The Mascaron. He wrote to Gunshy a while back to praise us for our […]

Readers’ Bands: Are Love Cream For Real?

Love Cream

So, I can’t figure out if Love Cream’s a joke band or what. I mean, part of me feels like they’re Australia’s Steel Panther without the hair nation getups. But listening to them, you can tell that they’ve got chops. They almost sound like AC/DC crossed with Def Leppard. But, they’re called Love Cream. Cum, […]