Hell On The Bay Fest Rocks Melbourne

Bane of Winterstorm at Hell On The Bay

Hell on the Bay is a new killer local festival which is definitely what it sounds like: The whole night takes place out on the Victoria Star, a ferry/party boat that cruises around Port Phillip in Melbourne. Complete with awesome Australian talent, a metal DJ downstairs, free pizza, and a very cramped space to try […]

Tankard, Abigail Roll Through Australia


I know, I know, this is VERY late. Combined with my sister visiting from China, going to visit my relatives out in the country, and getting back to university, I haven’t had much time to sit down and write this review up. Forgive me. I’ll say this right now, I hadn’t even listened to Tankard […]

Aborted, Psycroptic Invade Australia


I was stoked about this tour from the start, man. Aborted are nothing short of amazing, Psycroptic are so much better live and The Schoenberg Automaton are pretty damn killer. Hadal Maw opening for the show wasn’t a bad choice, either. Plus, The Hi-Fi has the best sound I’ve heard at a venue. This was […]

Morbid Angel Perform Down Under

Morbid Angel

Let’s get this out of the way: Morbid Angel are pretty cool, but they’re far from my favourite band. Altars of Madness is a fantastic album, but as this is the 20th anniversary of Covenant, Morbid Angel decided to play it from start to finish. I’m still not overly familiar with it or the openers, […]

Gloryhammer Lays Waste To Australia


As soon as I heard about Gloryhammer touring here, I knew I was going. Tales From the Kingdom of Fife is my fucking jam, dude. I love the shit out of that album. Combined with my mates in Aquilus and Hybrid Nightmares (HN were replacing Bane of Winterstorm) opening before the mighty Lagerstein, this was […]

Iron Reagan Rock Arkansas

Iron Reagan

As you have heard me bemoan before, being in law school and working fulltime is a suckfest. One of the side effects of this lifestyle is that I hadn’t been to a concert in almost a year. Luckily I broke the cycle of abstaining from live performance and went to see blackened thrashers Occultist and […]

Orphaned Land In A Land Down Under

Orphaned Land

I’ll be honest, I completely forgot about this gig by the time it rolled around. I only managed to go by a complete stroke of luck — a friend of mine won a double pass, texted me saying, “Hey, wanna see Orphaned Land?” and took me. Justin, I love ya. Anyway, Voyager opening meant this […]

Absu, Portal Dazzle Fans In Australia


Seeing as I missed Absu last time they were in Australia, I was determined to see them this time, and when Portal were announced as their national support, I knew I had to go. But I’ll be honest, here; I was kind of hoping Portal would play last. No band can follow Portal’s example, ever. […]

Iced Earth Deliver Masterful Set For Australian Audience

Stu Block

Ever since it was announced, I was looking forward to seeing Iced Earth return to Australia. I’d seen Iced Earth at their first-ever Australian show in 2012 and it was amazing, so I knew what to expect. Unfortunately, the universe conspired against the bands playing and resulted in a performance that musically wasn’t top-notch, but […]

Mastodon, Gojira, Baroness Blast Aussies


I know, I know, this one’s late too. Uni’s crazy already and I’ve been at Obscene Extreme all weekend, so now that I have time I’m churning this out for you all. So, Mastodon, Gojira, and Baroness: that’s probably one of the best lineups I’ve ever heard. And I knew as soon as it was […]