Porcupine Tree Touring Guitarist Releasing Solo LP


Miss Porcupine Tree? Do you, like me, know it’s over and are having a hard time dealing with the harsh fact that we probably won’t get a new album from them? Well, the forthcoming solo LP from a guy who only tours with the band should make everything alright. Touring member John Wesley is set […]

Nile Guitarist’s Side Project Issues Lyric Video


And what lyrics they are! If you were wondering what Dallas Toler-Wade’s side project would sound like, wonder no more. The Nile guitarist and vocalist has released a lyric video from his band Narcotic Wasteland, who have a new album coming very soon. As in two days. “Our debut self-titled album will be released digitally […]

Dear Hunter: Episode 17 — Changes

Dear Hunter

2014 — here we are. It’s been a little over a year since the world ended (according to the Mayan calendar) and I must say the afterlife is pretty… disappointing. Same shit, different equiniox. Actually, I just found out that the 2012 solstice more than likely ushered in the Age of Aquarius, but enough about […]

Cattle Decapitation Shifting Direction To Christian Metal?

Cattle Decapitation

Travis Ryan, the lead singer of Cattle Decapitation, has announced the band’s got a new album coming out in 2014. Oh, and it’ll sound a little bit different. “Cattle Decapitation’s new album To The Lord Jesus Christ Thou Art True will be released on April 1st 2014,” Ryan writes online. “We hope you enjoy our […]

Mudvayne Side Project Gets Name

Ryan Martinie

I know what you’re thinking: Mudvayne is so fucking awesome on its own, how could a side project be any better? Trust me. But give Kurai a chance. Give Kurai a chance! The band boasts Mudvayne bassist Ryan Martinie, ex-Head guitarist Scott Von Heldt and drummer Abel Vallejo (who is a Korn drum tech). The […]

Slipknot’s Clown Selling Custom Mask

Looks like me after a night of drinking

That there’s a picture of it. I’d rock that. On any day other than Halloween. To scare kids. ‘Cause that’s fun. Scaring kids is fun. Slipknot percussionist M. Shawn Crahan — better known as Clown to maggots everywhere — has launched his own limited edition series of clown masks. The inaugural mask will cost $500, […]

Gwar Streaming Tune From Battle Maximus


That’s right, ladies and gentleman. A brand new Gwar song that sounds nothing like any other Gwar song ever released before it follows at the end of this post. The track is called “Madness At the Core Of Time,” and again, it doesn’t sound at all like every song Gwar’s ever released, combined into one. […]

Attila Frontman Claims To Have A Vagina

The Fronzak

I knew there was something off about this guy. Turns out, he has a vagina! How wonderful, especially on this defeat of the Defense of Marriage Act day. See, it all started when singer Chris Fronzak called out the Westboro Baptist Church on his useless band Attila’s new album. He told them, in one song, […]

Rob Zombie Comments On Ex-White Zombie Drummer’s Death

Rob Zombie

Yesterday, we told you about the death of former White Zombie drummer Phil Buerstatte; he died over the weekend. Since then, Rob Zombie has come forward with a statement on Phil’s death. “Well, I heard rumors of this a few days ago but I wasn’t sure if they were true or not. But it seems […]

Breaking News: Slipknot DJ Has New Mask

Sid Wilson's new mask

Slipknot members getting new masks is the metal equivalent to Jennifer Aniston getting a new haircut. It’s fucking lame, but people — for reasons I will never know — fucking flip out over it. The last time the band debuted new masks, the internet nearly shut down from the massive traffic generated by the reveals. […]