Soilwork Frontman Will Sing For Food


This is kind of unusual. I received a press release the other day about Soilwork lead singer Bjorn Strid. Strid, who “has become a pioneer in the melodic death metal genre with intense and powerful vocals,” is now available for hire.  Want a big name guest on your album? Call Bjorn. Need him to sing […]

Sleep Selling Pillowcases

I want

It’s true. And kind of hilarious. Sleep have produced their own pillowcases, emblazoned with their logo and everything. 
“Yes, it was inevitable,” says the band of the 100-percent cotton, 300 threads per inch, hotel quality pillowcases. The logos are “printed with water-based inks for softness. These will be for sale in limited quantities at our […]

Fleshgod Apastalypse? Band Releases Own Spaghetti

The Fleshgod pasta

It sounds like an Onion headline, but it’s not. Fleshgod Apocalypse have branched out and started their own line of pasta. “You know, wearing a t-shirt from your favorite band can be awesome, but what about something a bit more… extreme? There’s a trademark we’re REALLY proud of as Italians, and we’re pretty sure you […]

Chris Barnes Extends Crowdfunding Effort

Chris Barnes

If at first you don’t success in fleecing the general public, try, try again. Six Feet Under frontman Chris Barnes has failed to meet his crowdfunding goals, so is just extending the time you can donate cash to his IHate side project. Says Barnes: “Well…unfortunately after about a month or so of campaigning to raise […]

Dying Fetus Putting Out Ugly Holiday Sweater


I wish this trend would cease. I mean, I get that bands need to make money, and that the only real way to do it is through merch. But these ugly holiday sweaters…they’re just so lame. But Dying Fetus today released one that’s sort of amazing. It’s still lame, but…it says “Kill Your Mother, Rape […]

Psychostick Crowdfunding For Next LP


Full disclosure: I am no fan of Psychostick. I had the skateboard as a kid, but can’t appreciate the band named after it because they’re “comedy rock.” Like Spinal Tap, I guess. But Spinal Tap was more than just music. They’re just a band trying to be outrageous and goofy. Please. Now, Psychostick have become […]

DevilDriver Release Ugly Christmas Sweater


Yup. Even DevilDriver’s getting into the spirit of commercialism. The band I think should just go away quietly won’t, and instead, is releasing its own “ugly Christmas sweater,” like every other band’s been doing. And the DevilDriver sweater is a beast. Ugly is an understatement. It’s a green and red monstrosity with the band’s logo. […]

Motörhead Trivia Game Released

Sorta shameless, no?

What do you get for the Motörhead fan who already has everything? The latest gift item released by the band, which is approaching Kiss status with their merchandising leanings as of late. A company called Rock Science has joined forces with Motörhead to deliver the first band-themed trivia game ever — just in time for […]

Between The Buried And Me Enter Ugly Sweater Game

The BTB&M ugly Xmas sweater

This one, I’d actually wear. But would I buy it? Nope. I’m still waiting for Lurker Of Chalice to do it. Or Mayhem to come out with an ugly Christmas sweater. But something tells me its gonna be a while. Yes, folks. Between The Buried and Me and just as shameless as all the other […]

Megadeth’s Mustaine: “I Have Legendary Status”

Dave Mustaine

I mean, look — can anyone really argue with him? Dave Mustaine of Megadeth will be remembered long after he’s gone, not only for his music but for his classic foibles and often-controversial stance on shit. He is a legend. But he doesn’t have to say that. Mustaine was in Brazil, and gave an interview […]