Glen Drover Selling 10-Year-Old Laminate


You know times are fucking tough when dudes who made Megadeth bank are trying to sell their band shit off to fans. Glen Drover, formerly of Megadeth and King Diamond, is selling his 2006 Gigantour laminate. He wore it for the whole tour, he claims. “[It] comes with the luggage laminate (bag tag) that was […]

Carach Angren Poke Fun At Dani Filth

Uncanny resemblance

Carach Angren are not angry that Dani Filth has copped their member Seregor’s corpse paint style. But they certainly aren’t above giving the Cradle of Filth frontman some gentle ribbing. The band posted the attached photo today, with the following: “After many fans approached us on this matter we decided to look into it, there […]

In This Moment Reveal Hits Set’s Artwork


After being a band for literally ten years, In This Moment is releasing a greatest hits collection. The cover art was revealed today and — surprise, surprise! — it focuses entirely on frontwoman Maria Brink. For a while, I used to post pictures of scantily-clad women on this site instead of photos of sweaty, burly […]

So, There May Be Hope For This Site Yet

It's worthwhile...

It would appear that none of you is interested in getting into the heavy metal blogging game, and, well, I can’t say I blame you. I’ve received only a few email inquiries since revealing a little while ago I’d be open to selling this site, which I intend to pull the plug on this coming […]

Huntress In The Studio; Singer Flatters Herself

Jill Janus in the studio

The thing about Jill Janus is, outside of the so-called metal realm, where — let’s face it — cute chicks are comparatively few and far between, she would just be some five-beer broad no one would actually pay any fucking mind to. But because she’s a “singer” in a “band” that “people” have falsely implied […]

Kiss Team Up With Japanese Pop Group


Blame Babymetal and their proliferators and supporters for this one. Kiss has agreed to collaborate with Japanese pop group Momorio Clover Z. The two groups will team for a new single, to be released on January 28. The track — “Yume No Ukiyo Ni Saitemina” — was composed by Kiss guitarist and vocalist Paul Stanley […]

Testament Selling Shares Of Song


Testament have turned up the shamelessness notch a smidgen. The thrash act was somehow convinced by its management that it was a good idea to attempt to sell worthless, useless “ownership” shares of their 2012 song “Native Blood,” entitling each shareholder to little more than lame “bragging rights.” “Guess what? I wasted money on nothing. […]

The Acacia Strain Release Unsettling Christmas Sweater


OK, so…I’m going to have a “Get off my fucking lawn” moment for a minute. Forgive me in advance for sounding like an elderly curmudgeon. I’m no fan of the metal-themed Christmas sweater trend that some idiotic band started just a couple of years back. I mean, I guess if you get off on being […]

“The Osbournes” To Return For Eight Episodes

Sharon Osbourne

Fuck me. Because there’s literally no offer Sharon Osbourne will turn down so long as the price is right, there will likely be another season of “The Osbournes” next year. The MTV reality show was a bona fide hit back in the day, but that was a long time ago. The show ended in 2005, […]

System Of A Down Bassist Starts Jewelry Line

Items from Shavo's line

That’s fucking metal, man. Now the world has someone to replace Joan Rivers. At least in the “selling cheaply-fabricated jewelry” kind of way. Yes, folks — System Of A Down bassist Shavo Odadjian will be launching his own Sinister Soul jewelry line on September 27. Odadjian will also be soon kick off a new radio […]