Astrakahn Exclusive Song Stream: “Blinded By The Diamond Planet”

A Tapestry of Scabs and Skin

It’s that time, folks. What time? That time when we once again discover something awesome together. That time. Astrakahn is a band from Vancouver (one of the coolest cities on the planet) that will simply resonate with you. What they do, on every level, seduces that junkie side of me. Yes, folks — I’m a […]

Napalm Death Streaming New Tune

Napalm Death

Head to the end of this post for some nastiness. A new song from Napalm Death has been made available for streaming. The track is called “Cesspits.” Says band frontman Mark “Barney” Greenway of the song: “‘Cesspits’ is both literally and figuratively about people living in holes. It is perhaps one of the ultimate indignities […]

Let’s All Listen To Faith No More’s “Motherfucker”

Faith No More

Wanna hear Faith No More’s first new song in 17 fucking years? Then head to the end of this post. Right now. That is where you will find it. “Motherfucker” will be released as a digital single before the year is out. It is presumed the song will appear on the band’s new album, which […]

Black Sheep Wall Exclusive Song Stream: “White Pig”

Black Sheep Wall

This is kind of fucking awesome right here. Today, GSA gets to debut a song from the forthcoming Black Sheep Wall album, which Season of Mist is releasing January 27. The album is called I’m Going To Kill Myself, which coincidentally also happens to be the exact phrase that runs through my head most often. […]

Grannies Grind Out In Foetal Juice Video

Foetal Juice

Wanna see something partially amusing? Then head to the end of this post. There, you will find a new video from British death metal and grind outfit Foetal Juice. It’s a clip for a track called “Albert Grindstein” and the video was directed by a guy name Mat Johns. The video shows a bunch of […]

All That Remains Release New Song

All That Remains

Frankly folks, I’m not even going to listen to it. At least not today. It was a rough week and its been an even rougher weekend. Adding a new All That Remains song to that mix sounds like the kind of torture that may just drive me over the edge. Of a cliff. All That […]

XTRMST Video Hits The Web

Davey and Jade

Today’s a painfully slow one for news, so here’s an item about XTRMST, the straight-edge hardcore outfit boasting two members of AFI. Those members are Davey Havok and Jade Puget, who also had a short-lived project together called Blaqk Audio. The band’s premiered a new video for their track “Conformist.” The clip follows below. XTRMST’s […]

Soundgarden Release New Song


I know that at some point today, the band Soundgarden released audio of their cover of a Sly and the Family Stone song, but that audio has since been disabled. I’m sure it sounded like Soundgarden, if you catch my drift. Anyways, there is a new Soundgarden song also playing online today — and it’s […]

Abigail Williams Is Back

Abigail Williams

That’s right, porky. A refurbished Abigail Williams has announced its return. The retooled lineup now features ex-Nachtmystium members Jeff Wilson on guitar and Charlie Fell on drums. The band has debuted two new tracks — “Forever Kingdom Of Dirt” and “Will, Wish And Desire” — here. It seems the band’s been working on material for […]

Animus Mortis Exclusive Song Stream: “Hyperbole Of Senses”


In the mood for some Chilean black metal? If you answered “Yes,” then head on down to the end of this post, where you will find an exclusive stream of a track from Animus Mortis. Founded in 2004, Animus Mortus have released several splits and studio offerings over the last ten years. This week, though, […]