Arch Enemy Streaming Judas Priest Cover

The new Arch Enemy

I wish it were a cover of “Hell Bent For Leather,” but alas, it’s for “Breaking The Law” — the one Judas Priest song most bands massacre. Arch Enemy’s version of “Breaking the Law” follows. The song appears on the group’s tour-only split with Kreator, which is limited to just 1,000 copies worldwide. You can […]

Listen To A New Carcass Track — Now!

You know you want it

Carcass have released a lyric video for a new track you’ve never heard before. The video for “Livestock Marketplace” follows at the end of this post. The tune comes from the band’s Surgical Remission/Surplus Steel EP, which will be out November 11. I have it. The thing rules. How these songs were left off the […]

BTB&M’s Tommy Rogers Streaming Solo Tune

Thomas Giles

Between The Buried And Me frontman Tommy Rogers is streaming a new song from his forthcoming second Thomas Giles record. The song at the end of this post is called “I Appear Disappear” and comes from Modern Noise. The track includes a guest solo from Between The Buried And Me bandmate Paul Waggoner. Rogers said […]

Listen To A New Job For A Cowboy Tune — Right Now!

Job For A Cowboy

The new Job For A Cowboy album arrived in my inbox for download this morning. Have I listened to it yet? No. This new At The Gates joint has my full attention now. But if new Job For A Cowboy music appeals to your inner child, head to the end of this post, where a […]

Erra Signs With Sumerian


That’s right, kids. Sumerian Records has announced the signing of Erra. They’re also a band I can’t get into. But look, I can’t be into every band. Erra will release a new album on November 10. It’ll be an EP called Moments of Clarity. The band has released the following song from that effort — […]

Black Dahlia Murder Frontman Guests On Disentomb Track


Head to the end of this post. There, you will find a track from Disentomb. The cut boasts a guest appearance by the Black Dahlia Murder’s frontman Trevor Strnad. Check out the song, called “Forced Adornment Of The Funerary Crown,” and tell us what you think. The song appears on the band’s new LP Misery. […]

Hideous Divinity Exclusive Video Premiere: “Cobra Verde”


Today’s a good day, folks. We have got a video exclusive here for you that will get your blood bubbling. At the end of this post, you will find a video featuring a dastardly new song from Italian death metal horde Hideous Divinity. Unique Leader will be releasing Hideous Divinity’s sophomore album, Cobra Verde, at the […]

Isis Detail Oceanic Reissue


You probably already knew this, because we told you about it last month. But Isis plan to reissue a remastered version of Oceanic, the band’s 2002 album, on November 4 on Ipecac Recordings. “With the Oceanic remaster I feel we’ve saved the best for last,” explained drummer Aaron Harris, a stand-up dude. “The clarity that’s […]

Killswitch Engage Singer Releases Another AliKen Track

Jesse with Mike Patton

Jesse Leach is a rather creative dude so naturally, he needs different outlets to express himself. Killswitch Engage is an outlet. Times of Grace, an outlet. The Empire Shall Fall…outlet. His column for GSA = outlet. But Leach isn’t content being in just three bands and writing down his thoughts for this site. He’s been […]

New Cavalera Conspiracy? Yes, Have Some


The Cavalera Conspiracy have released upon the webernets a brand new song, and that song is good. The group, boasting Max Cavalera of Soulfly and Sepultura fame, has unleashed a cut called “Babylonian Pandemonium” for your enjoyment. Warning: It’s a Cavalera Conspiracy song. If you don’t like this band (and I know people who don’t […]