Pelican Debut New Track Online — Hear It Now!


Pelican fucking rock. I don’t really know how else to put it. I know a lot of you people may have an aversion to instrumental music. Most times, I know I do. Pelican, though, are one of those bands you can’t help but love. That’s if you give even one fuck about musicianship. The Chicago […]

Red Fang Reveal New Song, Tour Dates

Red Fang

Listen to a new Red Fang track right now. It’s streaming at the end of this post. Enjoy. Also, Red Fang will be touring later this year with Cancer Bats, it has been confirmed. The tour will also boast The Shrine. The December trek will, on various legs, also feature Indian Handcrafts and Radkey. Dates […]

Listen To New Monster Magnet — Or You Might Die!

Monster Magnet

You won’t die. But holy shit. Can I point out for a quick second how much fucking music hit the web today. New Skeletonwitch, new Warbringer and now, new Monster Magnet. Not as exciting, but…what can you do? Monster Magnet, of course, will release a new album called Last Patrol on October 15 on Napalm […]

Listen To A New Skeletonwitch Track — Now, Posers!


That’s right. At the end of this post, you can hear a new song from Skeletonwitch, called “I Am Of Death (Hell Has Arrived).” It’s a feel good tune about the human spirit and how sometimes, when we’re not looking for it, redemption finds us. I’m kidding. It’s not about that. But take note: Skeletonwitch […]

Listen To A New Warbringer Track — NOW!

I want

Or don’t. No sweat off my sack. But if you are a fan of Los Angeles-based thrash outfit Warbringer and would like to hear new music from them, go to the end of this post. The song is called “Hunter Seeker” and it rips. You’ll be able to own it when the band’s fourth studio […]

Power Theory Exclusive Song Stream: “Cut And Run”

Power Theory

Philadelphia-based traditional metal outfit Power Theory have finished working on a new song, and reached out to us to debut it to the world. We were like, “OK, that’s cool.” And they were like, “Sweet.” And so, here it is. At the end of this post, you will a track from Power Theory called “Cut […]

Carpe Noctem Exclusive Song Stream: “Metamorphoses Maleficarum”

In Terra Profugus

Wanna listen to a long-ass, extremely raw, wholly chaotic and absolutely apocalyptic black metal song, featuring lyrics that deal with the obscure and magic? Of course you fucking do. That’s why you come here. For the filthy, black shit we debut on the site all the time. Carpe Noctem have a new album out called […]

Broken Hope Streaming New Tune

I want!

Get it at the end of this post, people. The song is called “The Docking Dead,” and comes from Broken Hope. It comes from the Chicago doom act’s sixth album, Omen Of Disease, which will be released on October 1 (September 30 internationally) through Century Media Records. Broken Hope tapped James Murphy to mix and […]

At Least I’m Not The Only Metal Head Psyched For Mazzy Star’s Return

Travis Ryan

Listen. The bottom line with me is, metal is my favorite type of music. But not all moods, encounters, or occasions call for the heavy stuff, you dig? Like, when a woman comes over to your home for drinks and a chat, you don’t wanna put on Cannibal Corpse or Anal Cunt. Instead, you wanna […]

Veil Of Maya, Structures Announce Tour

The proof it is happening

So far, though, there are no official dates available. So for now, you just have to wait, you fuck. Be patient, please. Yes, Veil Of Maya will headline a North American tour later this year with support from Structures, Northlane, Vildhjarta, and Here Comes The Kraken. Speaking of Vildhjarta, a new track from the band […]