Sabbatory Exclusive Song Stream: “Infantasy”

Endless Asphyxiating Gloom

The following song is straight nasty, people. It comes from Sabbatory — a band from Winnipeg that deals in dastardly death metal. Sabbatory are the kind of band fans of Morgoth and Celtic Frost will no doubt dig. I know I’m now a fuckin’ bona fide fan. Streaming at the end of this here post […]

Enthroned Streaming New Tune


And you can hear that shit at the end of this post, people. The song — “The Edge of Agony” — comes from the band’s new album Sovereigns. The album drops April 15 on Agonia Records. Enjoy the tune, fuckers. You should. The song is fucking dope as shit.

Miasmal Streaming Killer New Tune


Miasmal have a new song for us to listen to, and the song kicks butt, folks. Head to the end of this post for it. Miasmal has finished working on its second album, called Cursed Redeemer. The disc will be available starting April 28 European and May 13 North American release, both through Century Media […]

The Agonist Release Lyric Video With New Singer

Vicky Harris has a certain ring to it

Wanna hear what the new version of The Agonist will sound like? Well, head to the end of this post then, where you will find a lyric video for the song “Disconnect Me.” The song is our first taste from the new band since losing their singer to Arch Enemy and finding a new frontwoman […]

This New Version Of Arch Enemy Might Not Be So Bad

The new Arch Enemy

So, this new version of Arch Enemy isn’t so bad. At least the following song’s not bad. I dig it. Props to Alissa White-Gluz, formerly of The Agonist. I was worried she’d take a band that was already on the decline and make them worse. This is actually the first Arch Enemy song I’ve been […]

You’ve Got To Hear Khonsu’s Björk Cover

S. Gronbech

It’s not every day that someone from Norwegian progressive and dark experimental metal band Khonsu emails us, but the other day, S. Gronbech did, so we figured we’d better bring you this news. The band, which features members from Keep of Kalessin, released a debut album in 2012, and for the last three Saturdays, has […]

Meridian Dawn Debut New Tune

Meridian Dawn

Calling all fans of Nightrage and Into The Moat. There’s this band called Meridian Dawn you should know about. The band features ex members of both groups. The following is the band’s song “Thieves.” Check it out and let us know what you think of it.

Listen To A Demo Of Metallica’s New Song


Or don’t. Fucks…I could not give ‘em. But if you wanna hear a rough version of the new Metallica song “The Lords of Summer,” head to the end of this post. Like I said the other day, the song’s not bad. It’s just not great. They should maybe get a new drummer, huh?

Listen To A New Down Tune — Right Now!


Quick. Head for the end of this post, and press play. Take in the newest song from Down, because it’s a winner, kids. Called “We Knew Him Well,” the cut comes off the band’s new EP, Down IV — Part Two, which will be released on May 13 via Down Records/ADA Music. The album was […]

Downpour Release Full Track

Brian Fair

Dude, I don’t know about you, but I think the following Downpour jam is the business. I’m serious. Listen to the tune below, and try not to mosh in place. I just did a windmill in my fucking living room, and drop kicked my cat. It was sick. The song is called “The Serpent’s Tongue” […]