Listen To A New Tankard Track — Now!


If you’re an alcoholic who happens to love metal, chances are you’re familiar with Tankard already. In the event you aren’t, change that by heading to the end of this post, where the beer swigging German thrash act is streaming a tune. The cut comes from the band’s new disc R.I.B.” (Rest In Beer), which […]

Another New Mayhem Track Debuts Online

Esoteric Warfare

Yup. And you can hear that track — called “Trinity” — at the end of this post. The song made its premiere on Metal Insider, but thanks to the majesty of Soundcloud, we, too, can bring the song to you, the readers. Mayhem’s new album Esoteric Warfare is slated for a June 10 release through […]

Listen To A Song From Entombed Offshoot Fireborn


Who’s Fireborn? You must have a short-term memory, son. Otherwise, I’d assume you’re new to GSA, because we have reported on Fireborn before. They’re the band boasting Entombed’s Lars Göran Petrov and Victor Brandt with Necrophobic’s Alex Friberg and Fredrik Folkare. “This is a new band that will not conflict with our other bands,” says […]

Listen To New Bane — Right Now!

Don't Wait Up

Quickly. Head to the end of this post where we are streaming a track from Bane called “All The Way Through.” The song appears on the band’s upcoming farewell LP, Don’t Wait Up. That record will be available in stores starting May 13 through Equal Vision. What follows pretty much rips. Enjoy.

Arch Enemy Release Another New Song

The new Arch Enemy

This time, it’s in lyric video form. I must say…this newfangled version of Arch Enemy isn’t fucking bad. It’s at least better than the last few records they released with Angela. I care about Arch Enemy again. Never thought that would happen. The song is called “As The Pages Burn,” and comes from War Eternal, […]

Judas Priest Releasing New One In July

Redeemer of Souls

That’s right, people. Head to the end of this post to hear a new song from Judas Priest. The song is the title track from the band’s forthcoming album, Redeemer Of Souls. The CD will be released through Epic/Columbia on July 15. Guitarist Glenn Tipton said that fans should not expect wild experimentation on the […]

Evisorax Issue New Video


If you don’t recognize the name Evisorax, you clearly don’t know Dan Lynch’s story. He was jumped a while back, and in the process, curb-stomped by some hooligans who split one of his legs in half. The incident hasn’t deterred Lynch or the band from doing what they do; Dan healed, and the band has […]

Madball Release New Tune

Hardcore Lives

They have done so in the form of a new lyric video which can be seen and heard at the end of this post. The video features audio of a song called “DNA” from the band’s upcoming album, Hardcore Lives. That drops in the state June 27 (on the band’s own The Black N Blue […]

Gonga Team With Portishead Singer On Sabbath Cover


The following is pretty fucking rad, folks. This instrumental sludge band Gonga, who are fucking unbelievably awesome and come highly recommended, have covered Black Sabbath’s eponymous tune. What’s cool is they’ve enlisted Portishead songstress Beth Gibbons for the cover. Notice the song has been renamed “Black Sabbeth.” Clever. Now listen and try telling me this […]

Slayer Release New Song, Sign With Nuclear Blast

New Slayer

Wanna hear a new, yet totally mediocre song from Slayer called “Implode?” Then head to the end of this post, people. That’s where you will find the band’s first new studio recording in five fucking years. It’s actually almost unlistenable. It’s a shame when a band that used to be great can’t admit to itself […]