Architects Streaming Another New Song


Head to the end of this post if you’d like to hear a new song from Architects. The song comes from the band’s new album, Lost Forever // Lost Together/ It’ll be out in North America on March 11 on Epitaph Records. Remember when Epitaph was a strictly punk label? The CD will be made […]

Video: Watch Triptykon Play New Track Live


You probably already know that Triptykon are a sick band. You may also know that they’ve got a new album coming out soon called Melana Chasmata. That album has a song on it called “Altar of Deceit,” and last Friday, the band performed that tune at the Blastfest in Bergen, Norway. Thankfully, someone there taped […]

Listen To A New Enthroned Song — Now!


Belgian black metal masters Enthroned have premiere a brand new song entitled “Of Feathers And Flames” and you can hear it at the end of this post. The song is the first to be revealed from the band’s upcoming 10th album, Sovereigns. That album will be in stores April 15. Sovereigns was recorded and mixed in […]

Order Of Isaz Exclusive Song Stream: “The Coalesce”


Today, we’re partnering with Season of Mist to bring you a song stream that’s nothing if not semi-controversial. The following song — “The Coalesce” — is the opening track off the forthcoming album from Order of Isaz, the gothic metal act founded by former Tiamat bassist Johnny Hagel. Called Seven Years Of Famine, the album […]

Walls Of Jericho Streaming New Tune

Walls of Jericho

Well, I don’t think you can call it an actual stream. They’ve released a lyric video for a new tune called “Relentless.” It’s a demo Walls of Jericho have been working on. The band’s also revealed it will be playing a benefit show for children with cancer and life-threatening illness at The Magic Stick in […]

Listen To A New Animals As Leaders Track — NOW!

Animals As Leaders

Their new one won’t be out for a bit, but you can hear a new song from Animals As Leaders’ forthcoming opus at the end of this post. The song is called “Tooth and Claw,” which is also a fetishist magazine for bear-fuckers, I’ve been told. I don’t know how true that is. All I […]

New Lacuna Coil Song Released For Streaming

Die and Rise

Wanna hear a new song from Lacuna Coil? No? Well, alright then. In that case, don’t head for the end of this post, and do not stream the new song, called “Die and Rise.” The single’s now available for purchase through iTunes and Amazon. The following track’s from the band’s new studio album, Broken Crown […]

Listen To A New Song From Twilight — NOW!

III: Beneath Trident’s Tomb

Twilight — the band, not the fucking movie — offered up a first taste of their new, and final record today. Find that taste in the form of a song called “Swarming Funeral Mass,” which follows at the end of this post. The black metal band, as you should know, boasts members of Sonic Youth, […]

Lost Society Streaming New Tune

Lost Society

Finnish thrash act Lost Society has unleashed a track from its forthcoming album, which you can hear at the end of this post. The LP, Terror Hungry, drops April 4 through Nuclear Blast Records. The song you are about to listen to is called “Lethal Pleasure,” which is my tag on The album was […]

Listen To A Song From I Am Heresy

I Am Heresy

Or don’t. I benefit not from your listening to it. That’s ‘cause I Am Heresy, who feature members of the once-rad Boysetsfire, are signed to a label that doesn’t seem to wanna advertise with the Gunshy no mo. They used to. Look, nobody has to like my opinion on anything, but they can certainly punish […]