Tim Williams’ Flat-Out Aggression: Te Amo Baby…

A picture Tim took just before writing this column

Tim Williams, the frontman for Vision of Disorder, is back with what may very well end up being his last column for this site, as we are set to shut down in less than a month. When Tim first said he would write for my site, I was humbled. Vision of Disorder resonated with me […]

Tim Williams’ Flat-Out Aggression: The Whore And The Yachtsman


Silvery sails, a smooth jeweled breeze, beautiful crystal glass-tech giant from the valley. Hookers with heroin, a wild eyed sociopath. Black Death awaits in her sullen pussy… At what length to we go for the so called “good time?” What values have you become comfortable with? What has the Google glass gotten you? The yacht, […]

Tim Williams’ Flat-Out Aggression: Not The Jamaica You’re Thinking Of…


I sit here in agony — every painful minute passes by though it were a slow century of early times. The crackle of the styrofoam cup in my hand is a welcome comfort, as steam burns off the cheap Spanish coffee. El Salvadorian shops and food — reflect on gang signs — MS-13 as I […]

Tim Williams’ Flat-Out Aggression: Delta Sleep

Tim Williams' Flat-Out Aggression

For the seventh installment in his ongoing GunShyAssassin column, Vision of Disorder frontman Tim Williams has sent in a rather powerful poem we’re proud to be bringing you this morning. Enjoy! Earth moves on the open plain, aimless in a ray of delta sleep. I wish you well in all your living glory as I […]

Tim Williams’ Flat-Out Aggression: Atlantic Ambitions

Tim Williams' Flat-Out Aggression

I’ve revealed to you all how I love to get up early before all the yuppies, college doofs and farmer-looking hipsters…epecially when it involves a big ol’ boat and fishing with friends. As I cross the street, an 18-wheeler is stuck on my corner again and about to crush some unlucky person’s car. Don’t park […]

Tim Williams’ Flat-Out Aggression: Memphis…I Still Haven’t Shit You Out!

Tim Williams' Flat-Out Aggression

Some fucking cock-sucking programmer on the plane with his elbow in my side, bad breathe in my ear, orders a fucking tomato juice to top it off! Fuck you, Feldman. With that irritating fart of a situation out of the way we arrived in Memphis tonight. We are here to rip some songs for the […]

Tim Williams’ Flat-Out Aggression: A Quick Update

Tim Williams' Flat Out Aggression

Hello friends and fans! Vision of Disorder is gearing up for some spring and summer fun. We have Scionfest down in Memphis Saturday June 1 and we are very happy to announce we will be heading out to the United Kingdom for some Golden Gods action, a headline show in London and the mighty Download […]

Tim Williams’ Flat-Out Aggression: The Wave That Bit The Apple

Tim Williams' Flat-Out Aggression

This Saturday in Brooklyn, Vision of Disorder — easily one of the greatest things to come from Long Island, after Johns Tesh and Williams — will be playing a benefit gig for those living in the New York Metropolitan area who were adversely impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Called “Picking Up Change: Hardcore For Hurricane Relief,” […]

Tim Williams’ Flat-Out Aggression: This Is London

Tim Williams' Flat-Out Aggression

You know, a lot of sites have been praising the new Pig Destroyer as the best album of 2012; I’ve yet to hear it, so I can’t say one way or the other. But what I can tell you is that today, Vision of Disorder have a new album in stores called The Cursed Remain […]

Tim Williams’ Flat-Out Aggression: New York City Sugar War

Tim Williams' Flat-Out Aggression

Gun Shy Assassin is most proud to be able to lay claim to this one fact: Tim Williams of Vision of Disorder is writing a column for us. We’ve been VOD fans for well over a decade now, so…we’re psyched. Here is Tim’s first contribution to the site, and we hope you enjoy it. Also, […]