Dillinger Escape Plan Plays Brooklyn Set

Dillinger Escape Plan

Man, I miss out on all the good shit. Seriously. Every time there’s a secret show at Saint Vitus in Brooklyn, one of my favorite places to see a band play, I’m the last motherfucker to know. Fucking sucks, man. I would have skipped working last night to head into the city for this one. […]

Devin Townsend Releases Casualties Of Cool Video, Ziltoid Art


Devin Townsend fans got a double shot of awesome this morning. First, Townsend’s Casualties Of Cool released a music video for their song “Flight” — perhaps my favorite song off that debut disc. The clip was put together by Townsend’s friend Konrad Palkeiwicz. Dev checked in, saying: “Casualties Of Cool is one of my favorite […]

Slipknot Album Details Due Tomorrow?


If Tweets are to be believed, we may finally know the name of the new Slipknot album tomorrow. In fact, we may even get some new music tomorrow, too. Let’s hope. For the sake of the maggots. I could care less about new Slipknot. But I know a lot of people are into ‘em. So, […]

Ex-Slayer Drummer Working With Faith No More Bassist

Dave Lombardo

This is news I wanted to make sure you all saw. Hence my electing to write it at 10:33 p.m. See, I feel asleep (I was tired) for a few hours earlier this evening, and now I’m awake and wishing I wasn’t. So I thought, “Might as well post.” It was either this or flog […]

Electric Wizard Release Music Video

Electric Wizard

Head to the end of this post if you wanna see something rad. This morning, Electric Wizard released a new music video for their track “I Am Nothing.” Of course, the track comes from the band’s forthcoming album, Time To Die, which will hit stores on September 30. Here it is:

Slipknot Release Another New Album Teaser


There’s a new Slipknot album recorded, and coming soon. In case you’ve missed that all-important news. The band’s been releasing a bunch of video teasers to promote the forthcoming offering, and I’ve basically been ignoring them since Slipknot isn’t a band I’ve ever been able to get into. Sorry. What follows is the most recent […]

Kirk Hammett’s Comic-Con Party Boasts Exodus Set


Scion Audio Visual celebrated San Diego’s enormous comic and entertainment convention over the weekend with Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett and his namesake toy company Kirk Von Hammet Toys with an exclusive, RSVP-only celebration dubbed the “Fear FestEvil After Party.” About 400 people attended. The event showcased a performance by legendary Bay Area thrashers Exodus this […]

Killswitch Engage Deliver Hardcore Set In Philly

Killswitch Engage

One of my favorite Killswitch Engage tracks is “Soilborn.” It’s such a brutal cut, with razor-slicing guitarsand Jesse growls like a fucking monster on it. The band performed a special “hardcore” set in Philadelphia last night, and ripped through “Soilborn” early…the second track in. Well-played, fellas. Appropriately, the hardcore set happened during the “This Is […]

Video: Phil Anselmo Covers The Smiths

Phil Anselmo

Not only does he cover The Smiths, he covers the one song chicks really dig by The Smiths. Disclaimer: I fucking love The Smiths. I have most of their albums, and have turned numerous friends on to them over the years. They’re the epitome of depressing music, because their lead singer is asexual. I could […]

Video: Killswitch Engage Frontman Joins Code Orange On Stage

Jesse, doing his thing

The following video is cool shit. Not only does it feature Jesse Leach of Killswitch Engage (who wrote a new column this week you should read) but it also boasts Code Orange (the band formerly known as Code Orange Kids). Jesse joined the band on stage last night for something I like to call show […]