Mike Patton’s Tētēma Debuts Video


Not that this is some profound revelation, but Mike Patton is perhaps one of the most prolific musicians of our era. The dude’s released his own solo albums, but also has a bunch of other ongoing projects he’s involved in. There’s Faith No More, of course. But he’s also made (and, with any luck, will […]

Nightkin Share Studio Footage


Guess what, kids? Nightkin are in a recording studio right now. The band’s been in the studio in recent weeks, tracking tunes for a new record that should be out next year. If Nightkin’s not ringing any bells, it’s cool. The band features Mike “Gunface” McKenzie of The Red Chord and former The Black Dahlia […]

CBS Schools Your Parents On Carcass, Goatwhore

Lucy Liu

Check out the clip that follows at the end of this post. It’s from an American television show called “Elementary,” and in all likelihood, your parents totally dig it. They probably watch it together in the rumpus room and let the packed action of the detective show get them all heated and oiled up, all […]

Grannies Grind Out In Foetal Juice Video

Foetal Juice

Wanna see something partially amusing? Then head to the end of this post. There, you will find a new video from British death metal and grind outfit Foetal Juice. It’s a clip for a track called “Albert Grindstein” and the video was directed by a guy name Mat Johns. The video shows a bunch of […]

VIDEO: Religious Nuts Claim Brockie’s Burning In Hell

Dave Brockie

I’m all for free speech. Hell, it’s what enables me to voice my odious opinions on everything daily, right here on this very blog, folks. In fact, I’d never dream of taking away any person’s right to free expression. Although I’d make an exception in the case of the dumb fucks prominently featured in the […]

XTRMST Video Hits The Web

Davey and Jade

Today’s a painfully slow one for news, so here’s an item about XTRMST, the straight-edge hardcore outfit boasting two members of AFI. Those members are Davey Havok and Jade Puget, who also had a short-lived project together called Blaqk Audio. The band’s premiered a new video for their track “Conformist.” The clip follows below. XTRMST’s […]

“Metalocalypse” Creator Not Sure How He Influenced Nicki Minaj

Brendon Small

Hip-hop artist Nicki Minaj claims her controversial new video for the song “Only” was inspired — in part — by “Metalocalypse,” the Adult Swim show centered around cartoon metal band Dethklok. In the video for “Only,” an animated Minaj leads an army of soldiers wearing red arm bands at a large rally, similar to the […]

Video: Metallica Perform At BlizzCon


Got some time to waste? Good. I figured. At the end of this post, you can find a video showing Metallica performing live at this year’s BlizzCon gaming convention. The performance occurred on November 8 in Anaheim, California. The set took place during the convention’s closing ceremony. According to the video, here’s what songs were […]

Porcupine Tree Frontman Working On New Solo LP

Steven Wilson

Steven Wilson just keeps on making solo albums, while the rest of Porcupine Tree sits around, waiting for him to express the urge to return. But it doesn’t seem like that will happen any time soon if ever. I am still convinced the band’s on an unannounced hiatus. Wilson has given fans a second glimpse […]

Melvins Frontman Appears In New Video Game

The King

I have no idea what “Sunset Overdrive” is about, but the creators may have been tripping on mushrooms from camel dung whilst making it. Just watch the following video, and see if you don’t concur. What makes the video cool is the game boasts a pixelated appearance by Melvins frontman Buzz “King Buzzo” Osborne. The […]