Ocean Guitarist’s Side Project Releases Video

The Damian Murdoch Trio

Head to the end of this post for a video for the track “Jump Rope With Electric Wires,” which comes from the 2013 LP Electric Tentacles, released by the Damian Murdoch Trio. 
Damian reached out to us via email, about the video. He’s the new guitarist in The Ocean, as you know. “Check it out, […]

For All Those Sleeping Release New Video

For All Those Sleeping

If a more aggressive Linkin Park sounds like something you’d maybe be into, even just as a guilty fucking pleasure, then head to the end of this post. There, you will find a new song from St Cloud, Minnesota-based five-piece For All Those Sleeping. This post is in no way an endorsement. To be clear. A […]

Mastodon Debut New Video


Back in the day, when I was an investigative reporter in Hartford, Connecticut, I once wrote a feature piece on live action role playing. My summation was such an undertaking is an immense waste of time, reserved only for the lame. The new video for Mastodon’s song “High Road” boasts LARPers, doing their thing. The […]

Killswitch Engage Release Third Behind-The-Scenes Clip

Jesse, doing his thing

And this one’s extra awesome as it boasts an acoustic version of “Always” which is pretty fucking gorgeous. Go check it out, folks. The third behind-the-scenes video from KsE throat and GSA columnist Jesse Leach has been uploaded to the web and follows at the end of this post. Life on the road isn’t bad […]

Another Arch Enemy Video Makes Its Debut


I feel like Arch Enemy have released three music videos already for their new album, which is now in stores. The following clip is for a song called “No More Regrets,” which comes from the album, titled War Eternal. I dig the new Arch Enemy, not for nothing. Sure, it breaks no ground. But it’s […]

Origin Release Lyric Video


Wanna hear a cut off the impending Origin album? Then head to the end of this post, people, where you will find such a video for the track “Absurdity Of What I Am.” The song comes from Origin’s new LP Omnipresent which will be out on July 8 in North America via Nuclear Blast (July […]

Inanimate Existence Exclusive Lyric Video Premiere: “Staring Through Fire”


We are teaming up today with California technical death metal behemoths Inanimate Existence to exclusively premiere a lyric video for the band’s new song, “Staring Through Fire.” At the end of this post, you will find that video, which you are sure to enjoy. Inanimate Existence features members of Brain Drill and Son Of Aurelius. […]

Venom Cover May Be Worst Thing You’ll Ever Hear

Many demerits

My initial reaction to the following Venom cover was “What is this lame-ass bullshit?” Seriously. What the fuck is up with the following cover? Are you trying to make everyone who ever liked metal hate your ass? Is it a joke? Whatever it is, it may actually be the worst thing you ever hear. After […]

Staind’s Aaron Lewis Goes Off On Pervy Fans


I’ve never understood the crowd-surfing chick. Far too often, I have seen women attempt to ride the crowd, only to be violated (groped, molested, fingered, etc.) by the losers below them. Staind frontman Aaron Lewis saw an underage girl getting groped during his band’s May 31 set at Rockfest in Kansas City, Missouri, and went […]

Opeth Release Official Video For New Tune

Pale Communion

Last week, the new Opeth song “Cusp of Eternity” leaked online, and was streamable via YouTube for a few hours before the label interceded and had it removed. If you didn’t get the chance to hear that tune, go to the end of this post now. There, you will find an official video — animated, […]