Suddenly, I’m Intrigued By A Band Called Rentap


Well, I’m not so much intrigued in the band as I’m intrigued in their singer, Phoenix. Among the questions I have upon seeing a picture of her: Is she single? Does she dig American dudes? And does she shave it all off or just leave a little patch for me to tickle my nose with? […]

Behemoth Release “Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel” Video


Head to the end of this post to watch it, folks. The video’s been pimped and pumped up for months now, and is for the song “Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel,” from the forthcoming LP The Satanist. The Satanist will be unleashed February 3 in the U.K., February 4 in North America and Poland, February 5 […]

Mastodon Release Clip From Live Set


Wanna watch a clip from Mastodon’s live DVD? That’s great. Then head to the end of this post. That’s where you will find one. Its for the song “Dry Bone Valley” from their forthcoming live set Live At Brixton, which will be released digitally on December 10. Again, Mastodon began recording their new album this […]

Denied Release New Video


Wanna see a new video from Denied for their track “Garden of Stone?” Well then, head to the end of this post. That’s where you will find the new Denied video, for a song off their new album Let Them Burn. Of course, Denied’s a band featuring Johan Fahlberg of Jaded Heart and former members […]

Listen To A New Kampfar Song — Now!


I am telling you people Kampfar is worth a listen, especially if you’re into filthy, black shit from Norway. At the end of this post, find a lyric video for the track “Mylder,” and be glad that I exposed your ass to it. Soon, Kampfar will release their sixth studio album, Djevelmakt (or “Devil Power”). […]

Godsmack’s Midget Frontman Appears In New Horror Flick

Sully in action, short as ever

A straight-to-DVD horror flick, but a horror flick nonetheless. Yes, folks. Sully Erna, the diminutive frontman for Godsmack, was in a movie called “Army Of The Damned.” The movie marks Sully’s B-film acting debut. It will be released on DVD on January 14 and will have an early video-on-demand release December 3. The action follows […]

Kurai Streaming New Lyric Video

She has nothing to do with Kurai, but who's complaining?

Who or what is Kurai? It’s not a Southern Indian delicacy made from the ovaries of a newborn goat. It’s a band boasting Mudvayne’s bassist and Korn’s erstwhile drum tech. Sounds like a winner, right? Well, you can see a lyric video from the band at the end of this post. Its for a song […]

Suddenly, I Care About Some Broad Named Kiara Laetitia

Lean forward just a little more...

You know how I feel about symphonic metal. You do if you read the site on the regular, anyways. I hate that shit more than I hate racism and ass itch. But fuck, dude — this chick Kiara Laetitia could sing to me anytime. Preferably, into the head of my cock…using it like a microphone. […]

The Safety Fire Release New Video

The Safety Fire

I have never really given the Safety Fire a chance. Not before today. But I did watch this sorta-lame video they released today, and caught myself digging their tune “Mouth of Swords.” The video for the title track off the band’s second album can be seen below. That album was released on September 3 in […]

Indian Release Trailer For New LP

From All Purity

Holy fucking fuck, is this some stellar fucking news right fucking here, folks. Indian — a band you should know, and should love, because…well, they’re the shiznit — have a new album in the can. Called From All Purity, the new Indian LP drops through Relapse on January 21. At the end of this post, […]