Watch An Interview With Drunk Phil Anselmo

Phil Anselmo

Philip Anselmo — known for his work with Pantera, Down, and Superjoint Ritual — was shithoused back in August when he was interviewed by EMP Rock Invasion at the Summer Breeze festival in Dinkelsbühl, Germany. For some reason, it took all this fucking time for the video to surface. The video is only mildly embarrassing […]

Devin Townsend Releases Second Ziltoid TV Episode


Devin Townsend has released the second episode for his Ziltoid TV channel online. It follows at the end of this post. Devin offered up the following: “Ok guys, episode 2! Wow… Ziltoid heats up and takes the pole position as the most adolescent use of capital by a dude my age! Oh well, it’s a […]

Foo Fighters Cover “War Pigs” On Letterman

Dave Grohl

“War Pigs” by Black Sabbath is one of those songs I feel like everyone ends up covering at some point. I have heard far too many fucking versions of this song in my time, especially since no one ever fucking does anything to change the tune up. Last night, the Foo Fighters began their week-long […]

Another New Bloodbath Song Hits The Net

Sweet art

Quick! Go to the end of this post. There, you will find a lyric video for a new song from Bloodbath. It’s called “Famine of God’s Word” and comes off the band’s fourth album of supreme death metal, Grand Morbid Funeral, which is set to release on November 18 through Peaceville Records. Check it out. […]

Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine: “We Need Your Help”

Dave Mustaine

I feel awfully bad for Dave Mustaine, his wife, and his comely daughter at this difficult time. Dave’s mother-in-law is missing, and searches for her have yielded zilch. The Megadeth frontman and his wife Pam held a press conference on Friday afternoon at the Sheriff’s Department headquarters in San Diego, to implore help from the […]

Let’s Listen To A New Sylosis Track — Cool?


At the end of this post, you will find a music video for a track called “Mercy” — our first taste from the forthcoming Sylosis album. Sylosis will release the new album — called Dormant Heart — on January 13 through Nuclear Blast. Here’s the track listing for the disc: 1. “Where The Wolves Come […]

Old Man Gloom Documentary Streaming

Old Man Gloom

A 40-plus minute documentary on the band Old Man Gloom can be seen in its entirety at the end of this post. The band, boasting members of Cave In, Converge and Isis, is the subject of “Old Man Gloom: Here Is A Gift For You,” which was released today by Kenneth Thomas. Frontman Aaron Turner […]

Check Out This Metal Version Of The “DuckTales” Theme

That's right

I’m posting this merely for shits and giggles. And because this dude can fucking riff. When I was not yet a teen but not necessarily a kid, they had this show on called “DuckTales.” Basically, Disney’s Scrooge McDuck and Donald Duck’s three nephews would go on fucking adventures and shit. I recall there was a […]

Devin Townsend Project Exclusive Video: “Deathray”


Today is a fucking dope day, dudes and dudettes. Why’s that? Well, we’ve been asked to exclusively premiere a brand new lyric video from the one and only Devin Townsend — my hero, basically — and his extraordinary band, the Devin Townsend Project. This is the first chance you are getting to hear new music […]

KsE Frontman Jesse Leach Covers Mazzy Star

Jesse Leach

Mazzy Star’s one of those bands I used to listen to back in the dizzay, and I wasn’t ashamed to admit I was a fan. Still am. Them, Portishead, Sneaker Pimps, Hooverphonic, Esthero…I love moody female vocalists soaring above dope sounds, and don’t care who knows. I’m a man, baby. A full grown man. I […]