Metallica Star In Latest SportsCenter Ads

James and Lars in the ad

The commercials for ESPN’s SportsCenter are often hilarious, but the latest one kinds of flops. Surprise, surprise…it stars Metallica. The new spot will air during tonight’s Home Run Derby. The ad intimates that, since Yankees relief pitcher Mariano Rivera retired at the end of last season, Metallica don’t have much to do around the ESPN […]

Video: Exodus Returns To The Stage With Zetro


At the end of this post, you can watch some fan-filmed video footage of Exodus’ July 12 performance at Antwerp Metal Fest in Antwerp, Belgium. It was Exodus’ second show with singer Steve “Zetro” Souza since he rejoined the band a month ago. The band played one day earlier at the Bang Your Head!!! festival […]

Upon A Burning Body Won’t Cop To Publicity Stunt

Upon A Burning Body

Remember a couple of weeks ago when those darts in fucking Upon A Burning Body pretended their lead singer was kidnapped, and reported him missing? Yeah, well, their label owner called it a press stunt that he had no involvement with, and the next day, the band released the first single off their likely-shitty next […]

AC/DC’s Brian Johnson Awarded Honorary Degree

This guy says "Me son" a lot

An honorary doctorate has been bestowed upon AC/DC lead singer Brian Johnson. Dude can now lay claim to having a Doctor Of Music from Northumbria University in Newcastle, England. He received the honor Wednesday. The degree recognizes the significant contribution he has made to the music industry as lead singer of one of the world’s […]

Ex-Overkill Drummer Releases Disturbing Global Warming Video

Rat Skates

I don’t know what kind of a statement founding Overkill drummer Lee “Rat Skates” Kundrat is trying to make with the following video, which is admittedly graphic, at times. But if pressed to guess, I’d say its that humans are more destructive than even the effects of global warming, which some would say is a […]

In Flames Release Video For “Rusted Nail”

In Flames

In Flames have released a video for a song of their impending album. The clip for “Rusted Nail” follows at the end of this post. The song comes from the band’s album, Siren Charms, which releases September 9. Watch it, why don’t ya? What else are you doing right now? Nothing. So, check out the […]

Korn Members Pray For Their Fans In Movie Trailer


Someone once tried to tell me that the reason this web site isn’t bigger than it should be is because I don’t pray. I know plenty of people who pray for shit that never happens, so instead of wasting my time asking some omnipresence who has never made its presence known to me to magically […]

The Contortionist Release Video Teaser

The Contortionist

So, to my surprise, a number of you folks checked out a post we’d recently written on the new Contortionist record, suggesting to me that some of you are fans of the band. This post is for you. Just scroll down to the end to find a teaser video for the band’s next album, Language. […]

Video: Did Gene Simmons Piss Himself During Live Show?

Water or piss?

Look, even if he did, I wouldn’t blame the guy. He’s well into his 60s, and sometimes, holding it while playing for several hours just isn’t an option. Then again, the following fan-shot footage could depict massive ass sweat leakage and not pee. The jury clearly is out. Watch the following video, shot during Kiss’ […]

Alice Cooper Performs With New Guitarist

Nita Strauss

At the end of this post, you will find video showing Alice Cooper performing for the first time with his new guitarist, a hot-ass broad named Nita Strauss. The video was shot during the kick off of Cooper’s summer tour with Mötley Crüe. Strauss was recently announced as the replacement for Orianthi, some other hot […]