Papa Roach Singer Got Herpes From His Uncle

Papa Roach

It sounds like an insult. “What, did you get herpes from your uncle?” But for Jacoby Shaddix, the singer of Papa Roach, that’s just what happened. Or so he claims. And my response is: Of course he did. “My first kiss was when my uncle kissed me and he gave me herpes. It was terrible. […]

Five Finger Death Punch Dude Gets Face Tattoo

Driven to craft shitty rock

I feel like only rich rock stars and the criminally insane can pull of the face tattoo. Good thing Jason Hook of Five Finger Death Punch is one of those. Continuing a trend started by some of the Korn dudes, Hook has gotten some ink on his face. The word “Driven” now appears on his […]

Carcass Leader Defends Babymetal


I know there are some other metal sites on the web that are high on the dog and pony show that is Babymetal, but I’ll never get behind the Japanese pop act. Supporting Babymetal would be like supporting the fucking Olsen Twins if they started a hair metal band at the height of that lame […]

Solo Set Coming From Five Finger Death Punch Guitarist

Jason Hook

This is just what the world doesn’t need: Five Finger Death Punch members branching off with solo side projects. Although, I would like to keep the band’s production level to a minimum. Solo albums could mean less music from the Punch, theoretically. Either way, corporate metal site Revolver claims Fine Flickered Horse Cunt guitarist Jason […]

People Still Asking Jimmy Page About Led Zep Reunion

Jimmy Page

Enough already. You’d think that, if you’d landed an interview with someone like Jimmy Page, you’d do some fucking work and come up with ACTUAL fucking questions for the man about his legacy. Not questions everyone has asked him a billion times before, and you already knew the answer to. Like, say, “Will Led Zeppelin […]

Korn Bassist Gets Second Face Tattoo


I guess Fieldy’s run out of places on his fucking body to get inked, so now, he’s getting tatted on his face. It appears last week, Korn bassist Fieldy got a second tattoo on his ugly mug. Anything to detract from those dead eyes and molester facial hair, I suppose. Fieldy shared images of himself […]

Dude Pees In Own Mouth At Trash Talk Show


This picture is just too amazing not to be shared. So, I know who Trash Talk are, but I am not a fan. That is a good thing. ‘Cause, it seems Trash Talk fans are disturbed people. Trash Talk played a “secret” show in Melbourne, Australia, a few days ago, and some guy pissed in […]

Slayer Statues Coming Soon

Kerry King

If you ever wanted to own a pint-sized version of Kerry King, you’re in luck. KnuckleBonz, creator of the Rock Iconz music collectible series, has announced that it will create Slayer statues of Kerry King, Tom Araya, and Jeff Hanneman. Only 1,000 of each statue will be made and they will ship this fall. The […]

King 810 Are So Hardcore, They Bring Guns To Shows

King 810

I know that King 810 is supposed to be a band full of tough guys who hail from a murder capitol where people murder for capital, but this…this is just fucking stupid and does not send the right kind of message, I don’t think. Roadrunner Records’ latest signees were in Columbus, Ohio, this weekend to […]

Ill Niño Working On New Album, Reminds Us Of Dill Piño’s Existence

Ill Nino

That’s right, folks. Despite what would seem to be an apparent and complete lack of fans, Ill Niño continue to make music. The band have begun tracking their new album Till Death, La Familia in a studio somewhere in Dallas, Texas. The album will be out on July 22, right before the band’s stint on […]