One-Man Band Craterface Releases Ode To Anti-Santa


Wanna scare the shit out of your kids, while also annoying the hell out of them? Play them the following video. It’s from some dude who emailed me this morning. He’s a multi-genre one-man-band known as Craterface. Today, his press release was about his new metal song and lyric video, “praising everyone’s favorite Alpine Christmas […]

Glen Drover Changes Band’s Name To Something Lame

Glen Drover

Drunk news! Scotch, scotch, scotch. I am Ron Burgundy. The Ron Burgundy of metal. If you think about it, the similarities are there. Decision making is problematic, and saying the appropriate thing, always an issue. Fuckin’ hell, man. Glen Drover, formerly of Megadeth, used to have a band called the Glen Drover Band. Now, that […]

Fleshgod Apastalypse? Band Releases Own Spaghetti

The Fleshgod pasta

It sounds like an Onion headline, but it’s not. Fleshgod Apocalypse have branched out and started their own line of pasta. “You know, wearing a t-shirt from your favorite band can be awesome, but what about something a bit more… extreme? There’s a trademark we’re REALLY proud of as Italians, and we’re pretty sure you […]

Flaw Returning With Original Lineup

"Drop those pants."

Flaw — for reasons beyond my comprehension — have returned from relative obscurity with their original lineup. I foresee a stint at the 2014 Carolina Rebellion, people. Now, from the press release: “After a decade of being dormant, Chris Volz (Vocals), Jason Daunt (Guitar), Lance Arny (Guitar), Ryan Jurhs (Bass/Backing Vocals) and Chris Ballinger (Drums) […]

From First To Last Reunite; Hope For Skrillex Cameo On EP

"Nobody puts Skillex in the middle! NOBODY"

When I was at MTV News, there was a minute there when people were saying From First To Last would be the next big thing and that the band would be unstoppable. For a second out of that minute, I actually believed it would happen. Little did anyone know their drug-ingesting frontman Sonny Moore would […]

Ihsahn To Produce LP By Trivium Frontman’s Side Project


So, this is a bit of a bummer. I like Ihsahn. A lot. But this is lame. In fact, it makes me quite sad. Trivium frontman and guitarist Matt Heafy tells MetalInjection that Ihsahn will produce the debut from his side project, Mrityu. But Heafy said the project won’t be happening any time soon. Because […]

L.A. Guns Frontman Releasing Signature Fragrance

NOT Sex Panther

Wanna smell like Philip Lewis? Who, you ask? Why, he’s the lead singer of L.A. Guns, a band you no doubt give zero shits about. His new unisex fragrance is called Gypsy and was conceived using the finest essential oils from around the world. “Holy frankincense from the East, refreshing California citrus, and Egyptian patchouli […]

The Pretty Reckless Ink New Deal

I'd be her friend

Man. It’s true, folks. Have cute blonde willing to take off clothes, will get label deal. Razor & Tie has signed New York-based band The Pretty Reckless. For some reason, certain people consider them pseudo-metal. Those people are called idiots. The group is currently working on its forthcoming studio album, which is due out in […]

Stryper Announce First-Ever Fan Weekend


For who? Are they expecting attendance to top out at 25? I mean, who the fuck still listens to Stryper? The Christian hard rockers have announced that the first — and likely last — Stryper Fan Weekend, which will be held in Nashville, Tennessee, from October 11 to October 13. The band will host the […]

Canada Wants To Dissuade Bands From Playing There

"Oh Canada, don't be so fucking lame"

This is beyond fucked up, and good lookin’ out to Sean Harris for picking up on this yesterday. My bad not posting about it until now. So, according to this online petition, an additional $275 has been tacked on by the Canadian Government to the application for international artists looking to enter and perform within […]