Revocation Touring With Oceano, Veil Of Maya


Hmm. I will not analyze Revocation’s decision to join this tour. I will not question it. Obviously, Dave Davidson — a columnist for this site — and the rest of Revocation must have their reasons for signing on for “The Matriarch Tour.” I mean, I will probably be missing this trek, even though I think […]

Lamb Of God Frontman Appears In Peculiar Video

I am utterly confused...

The following video featuring Randy Blythe, the lead throat for Lamb of God, confuses me more than the physical mechanics of lesbian sex. In the clip, which was allegedly filmed in Australia recently, Blythe appears in corpse paint under a red and yellow circus tent with similarly corpse-painted Sam Haycroft, who is a member of […]

Broken Hope Release Disturbing Walking Dead Shirt

Who thinks of this?

Somehow, I don’t think this shirt’s going to fly once word gets back to the producers of “The Walking Dead” and their legions of lawyers. But I definitely give a nod to Broken Hope for thinking outside the box when it comes to merch. Broken Hope are taking orders here on a shirt that spoofs […]

Zack De La Rocha Has Tea With Morrissey

Zack and Mozz

Good spot by ThePRP on this one. The site scoped out a picture that Elektra Records president Jeff Castelaz shared last week on his Instagram, I believe. The shot shows Rage Against The Machine frontman Zack de la Rocha with Morrissey, who fronted The Smiths. Now, if you’re a metalhead about my age, chances are […]

Death Angel Drummer Hurt Taking Out The Trash

Death Angel live at the Z7 (Switzerland) on December 14 2010.

I have an immediate question upon learning Death Angel drummer Will Carroll broke his foot while taking out the garbage. For some reason, the dude was taking the trash to his basement, I think. Or out of it, I guess. That’s my question. Was he taking it from or to his basement, because if it […]

Papa Roach Singer Got Herpes From His Uncle

Papa Roach

It sounds like an insult. “What, did you get herpes from your uncle?” But for Jacoby Shaddix, the singer of Papa Roach, that’s just what happened. Or so he claims. And my response is: Of course he did. “My first kiss was when my uncle kissed me and he gave me herpes. It was terrible. […]

Five Finger Death Punch Dude Gets Face Tattoo

Driven to craft shitty rock

I feel like only rich rock stars and the criminally insane can pull of the face tattoo. Good thing Jason Hook of Five Finger Death Punch is one of those. Continuing a trend started by some of the Korn dudes, Hook has gotten some ink on his face. The word “Driven” now appears on his […]

Carcass Leader Defends Babymetal


I know there are some other metal sites on the web that are high on the dog and pony show that is Babymetal, but I’ll never get behind the Japanese pop act. Supporting Babymetal would be like supporting the fucking Olsen Twins if they started a hair metal band at the height of that lame […]

Solo Set Coming From Five Finger Death Punch Guitarist

Jason Hook

This is just what the world doesn’t need: Five Finger Death Punch members branching off with solo side projects. Although, I would like to keep the band’s production level to a minimum. Solo albums could mean less music from the Punch, theoretically. Either way, corporate metal site Revolver claims Fine Flickered Horse Cunt guitarist Jason […]

People Still Asking Jimmy Page About Led Zep Reunion

Jimmy Page

Enough already. You’d think that, if you’d landed an interview with someone like Jimmy Page, you’d do some fucking work and come up with ACTUAL fucking questions for the man about his legacy. Not questions everyone has asked him a billion times before, and you already knew the answer to. Like, say, “Will Led Zeppelin […]