Ask A Bombshell With Zeena Koda

Ask A Bombshell with Zeena Koda

I’ve been friends with Zeena Koda — musician, writer, hustler, and DJ for Sirius XM’s Liquid Metal — for a spell now, and I definitely miss her. Work prevents us from getting together more often, but luckily, Zeena doesn’t hold it against me and still contributes to this humble site from time to time, answering your pressing questions on life, love, relationships, and post-coital cum cleanup.

Today, on this very special artificial holiday, Zeena’s bestowed us with a video response to your questions.

Alas, she skipped answering a question about Jenkem, but it’s probably for the best.

This installment of Ask A Bombshell covers all sorts of tough questions, answered in the way only Zeena Koda can.

What’s the difference between fuck buddies and friends with benefits? How do ordinary-looking dudes land hotties? Why do nice guys seem to finish last, and good girls always go for douches? What are the craziest places to take a date?

These are the pressing questions you had for Zeena. Along with one about cuddling vs. cleaning up after a vigorous love-making session.

If you would like to send more questions in for Zeena to answer, either leave them in the comments section below or email them to

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About Zeena Koda

Zeena Koda is an unconventional misfit. As a lifetime musician and purveyor of all things metal, rock, hip-hop, she's made it her life mission to manifest the Jersey hardcore 'tude in the most reverent way, by rockin' the mic fearlessly and appreciating the plethora of hot males in the universe. The former morning host for SiriusXM's Liquid Metal, she is a constant in the NYC/NJ music scene, trying to meticulously sift out the gems. Versatility has been her ammo and she has held it down at a variety of music industry jumbles including Roadrunner and Earache Records, as well as pimpin' hip hop and indie jams via Cornerstone Promotion. Zeena strokes out her musical hard-on as front woman of ambient rock band Aphonia and vocalist of the acoustic heartbreaker, Gazelle. Perpetually classy and many times borderline trashy, Zeena's mind is an amalgamation of unique tastes, passion for music and a heart full of love for true, impactful moments.

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