Coffin Dust Exclusive Album Stream: This Cemetery, My Kingdom

This Cemetery, My Kingdom

This Cemetery, My Kingdom

Today’s a good day, folks.

Today, we’ve got an exclusive album stream for you from Philadelphia’s own Coffin Dust.

You can listen to the horror-inspired death thrash band’s first full-length offering — This Cemetery, My Kingdom — at the end of this post, in its glorious entirety.

For the uninitiated, Coffin Dust formed four years ago, and have in that time released three splits with Cape of Bats and Spewtilator, who you can hear here.

This is music for those interested in devouring some gore-infested groove.

The album you are about to listen to boasts a bevy of guest vocal appearances, including Cape of Bats’ Frank O’Kane, Living Decay’s Rob Russell, Razormaze’s Alex Citrone, Tombstalker’s Chuck McIntyre and Anton Escobar, Woe’s Chris Grigg and Brandon “Stench” Hartwell of Night Nurse.

Coffin Dust’s debut album was recorded by Grigg in Brooklyn, New York, during 2012, and was subsequently mixed and mastered by David Prae and John Micars at Monolith Studios. 

Now, sit back, relax, and listen to the new Coffin Dust album. You’re sure to latch onto it, because the songs are infectious, like TB.

Be patient: some of the songs may take a second to load, depending on what browser you’re using. Hit refresh if some don’t fully load.

The Obelisk

Ancient Rites of Buried Evil

Crack Open A Cold One

Coffin Dust

Homicidal Tendencies

Saw Wolf

Sir Doohme The Coffin Master

Mary Jane Rotten Crotch

Bone Head

Pig Roast

The Portal In The Crystal Casket

This Cemetery, My Kingdom

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  • skullfucker

    Thumbs up to the priggin artist on that album cover man, I want that graphic on a shirt and I’ve not yet listened to a song.