Mutilated Veterans Exclusive Song Stream: “A Tank Full Of Corpses”

Necro Crust Warhead

Necro Crust Warhead

So…you into death-crust?

I sure fucking hope so, because today, we’ve partnered with Hells Headbangers to stream a cut off of the new Mutilated Veterans’ LP, Necro Crust Warhead.

The Spanish band is the side project of Dopi from Machetazo and Ramon from Looking For An Answer.

The group’s heavily influenced by the likes of Disgust, DeathStrike and Wolfpack.

Necro Crust Warhead is a hulking, heaving mass of utter D-beat destruction, galloping like the four horsemen of the apocalypse on the bones of the battlefield’s dead.

But far from being mere Discharge plagiarists, Mutilated Veterans up-ratchet the D-beat idiom with a molten metallic might that handily trounces even the most “brutal” death metal band.

Simple translation: This shit’s worth your time and attention.

Check out a pithy track off their new one, called “A Tank Full of Corpses,” which is streaming below.

And order your copy of the LP here.

A Tank Full of Corpses

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