Ov Hollowness Exclusive Song Stream: “Hoarfrost”

The World Ends

Today, on my Facebook page, someone asked me if I like “anything” in response to an article I wrote.

I replied that I like a lot of new music that’s coming out. The new Suffocation is dope. The new Kvelertak is killer. But holy fuck, if I don’t absolutely love Ov Hollowness.

The one-man atmospheric black metal project from Canada was founded in 2009 by Mark R. It is the result of inspiration coming from acknowledgement of an emptiness, a desperation, a reflection on darker subjects, embedded in a harsh cold sound.

The song at the end of this post — “Hoarfrost” — is long, beautiful, grim, and awesome — and really, not even the best song on Ov Hollowness’ new album, The World Ends. It’s one of many good songs, but is not one of the best tunes on the album.

And yet, it’s still fucking better than half the shit that comes out these days, released under the guise of “heavy.”

More than just atmospheric, Ov Hollowness is like a controlled chaos of melancholic sounds while keeping intact some of the aggression of black metal.

The World Ends will be in stores March 18.

Warning: It may take a second to load, so be patient, will ya?


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