Readers’ Bands: So, Eldergaad Is A Thing



I hate when Readers’ Bands columns end up this way: Me, just shitting all over someone’s hard work.

But let’s face it: Eldergaad, while seemingly musically proficient, need help.

They’ve got a sound that’s not so much raw as it is clumsy, and their singer appears to be going through some kind of transformation…puberty, from the sounds of it.

Either that or dude just suffers from tone deafness.

Jake, who, I’m guessing, is a member of the group, emailed me a while back with a link to the group’s music, with the words “submitted for your evaluation.” He says the Minnesota band’s sound is progressive thrash.


All I will say is that the guitarist in this band seems to know a thing or two, but would be better utilized elsewhere. But that’s just my opinion.

See, sometimes, bands rush to record music and release it without first fine tuning their sound, and honing it. Something tells me that’s what happened with Eldergaad’s EP, which is streaming below.

The band probably should have taken some more time to practice, and get better, before unleashing themselves on an unsuspecting world.

Again, just my impression. Maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about and they’re the best thing to happen to music since Darkthrone. You tell me: Thumbs up, or pure poop?

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  • Jason Deal

    I gave it exactly 60 seconds before I turned it off. Vocals sound like shit, as well as the drums. They might have some potential, but it needs work.