A Pale Horse Named Death Exclusive Song Stream: “Devil In The Closet”

Go get it
Gun Shy Assassin is humbled and honored to be able to bring you an exclusive song stream this morning…of A Pale Horse Named Death’s song “Devil In The Closet.” It comes from the band’s forthcoming album, And Hell Will Follow Me, which we spoke to Sal Abruscato about. Who’s Sal? Only the band’s mastermind! You can read that whole interview by going here.

For those who may not know (and shame on your for not knowing), Sal is also a member of Life of Agony and Type O Negative.

If forced to describe the following tune, I would say that — to me — the song sounds sort of like Alice In Chains crossed with early Pantera. That’s a good thing. That’s just what it sounds like to my ears, so you may think different. Head for the jump and tell me what you think it sounds like. Go, press play, and sink it all in, my friends.

I love the guitars and the drums in the song. The thing about the track is, knowing the basis for some of these songs, I can feel this man’s pain. I, too, have gone through a divorce (…just another statistic) and it sucks. But for Sal, I understand a child is involved. At least I didn’t have that complicating an already complicated matter.

Last month, Sal said that with APHND, he wanted to make songs that he could hear in his head, “without the interference or objections of others in a room. I’ve been playing drums for 30 years and was kind of bored with it. I have been playing guitar a long time. Starting this band helped build my skills as a writer, and I wanted to create something that combines the heaviness with a good melody.”

Sal wrote the record while going through a divorce, and admits the material is dark. Real dark. “When I wrote these songs, I didn’t set out to say, ‘Well this has to make it big.’ I just went in to do what I like and do what I hear in my head and if the people embrace it, awesome! If not, great. At least I am still doing what I want and progressing.”

[wpaudio url=”http://gunshyassassin.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/05-Devil-In-The-Closet.mp3″ text=”A Pale Horse Named Death: Devil In The Closet” dl=”0″]