A Perfect Circle

Damn. That was quick. Just a few West Coast gigs and that’s it? Well, maybe not. You see, when Gun Shy Assassin spoke with A Perfect Circle’s Billy Howerdel back in August, he gave us this sense that he was completely committed to releasing another LP with Ashes Divide, his other band. He said the reunion shows were happening because Maynard James Keenan had a break in his schedule, but that the reunion ultimately comes down to Maynard.

With Tool writing, it’s only natural that Billy would return to his work on the new Ashes Divide. But Billy didn’t give us the sense that this reunion was temporary; he said there would be new APC music, he just didn’t know when. Again, it depends on Maynard’s schedule.

So, speculation that the APC reunion is back on ice indefinitely is misguided. As Billy recently Tweeted, “2010 tour is done. Thank you all for the warm welcome back! Now back to work on @AshesDivide.” See, the warm welcome back…not thanks for coming out, the reunion is now over.

The tour is done, not the band. APC is alive and well…just as time permits. I bet you after the next Tool record comes out and Tool tours for two years, we’ll get new APC. Billy’s got to be writing shit for it right now, no? He’s just gotta be!