Gun Shy Assassin is actually overjoyed to be bringing you an exclusive song stream today from Los Angeles-based psychedelic doom rockers Ancestors. We’ve been fans of these dudes for a few years now and after the jump, at the end of this post, you will find another exclusive stream — this time, of Ancestors’ “Invisible White.”

The song is the title track to Ancestors’ new EP, Invisible White, which, coincidentally, comes out today through Tee Pee Records

The follow up to the group’s sophomore album Of Sound Mind, Invisible White marks the debut of new member Matt Barks on Moog and modular synthesizers and it charts a new course for the band’s progressive, colorful sound.

Invisible White was recorded at Los Angeles’ Bright Street Recorders on a 20 channel mixing desk formerly owned by James Brown, which is fucking phat. The songs on the EP feature a hybrid of orchestral and electronic instruments and assume an almost cinematic, film score feel augmented by guest musicians playing violin and vibraphone. 

Ancestors guitarist and vocalist Justin Maranga said that “Invisible White” was actually “the first song that really began to come together in the studio and gave us a glimpse into where this EP was headed — something we hadn’t predetermined. In addition to the usual suspects, it features Amanda Salazar playing a beautiful violin melody, and my sister, Jenna Maranga, with a haunting vocal line in the first half of the song.”

It’s a slow starter, but give it a chance. This band is honestly freakin’ amazing, for freak’s sakes.

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