I wanna be a bicycle seat

According to reports, the lead guitarist of the Colorado Springs-based rock band Aleister Wild was still in a coma Wednesday after getting knocked unconscious by the band’s bassist. Remind me never to start a band with either of these dudes.

The incident which led to the coma happened early Saturday outside Union Station, a Colorado Springs tavern where the band had just finished performing.

Bassist Michael Sorden got angry at lead singer Ernest Munoz for refusing to help him load equipment and punched the dude in the face. Douche move — both the punch and the refusal to help. Dude, what the fuck — you can’t help your band with loading equipment back into the van? What — too busy trying to score some snatch?

“I told him ‘[Forget] you’ and he came at me, but I thought he was just going to yell in my face,” Munoz said. “And he just swung and punched me so hard that I fell to the ground.”

Terry Span, the guitarist, then stepped in and tried to calm Sorden down.

“The next thing I know, I see Mike hitting him and Terry falls down like dead weight,” Munoz said. “Blood spattered on my arms and I knew there was something really serious about this.”

Span was rushed to Memorial Hospital where doctors say he has little chance of waking up from the coma. Sorden faces a possible charge of second degree assault and was being held without bond at the El Paso County Jail.

So, I’m guessing this Aleister Wild band’s done now.

This fucking sucks, man. One douche bag has to ruin the party for everyone. Sorden really didn’t have to react like such a tough guy. Our thoughts are with Span’s family. We hope he does recover, even though the prognosis doesn’t seem positive.

  • Eric Layton

    You Chris are one of the biggest douchebags in the modern world of journalism. Shit, some guy is in a coma and all your sorry arse can go on about is how this bands done now. Imagine being a family member of his and looking at him strapped to a life support machine, knowing he’ll most likely never wake up, seriously, show more respect.

    • Anonymous

      I did say he was in my thoughts. And hey — we all have to laugh and joke to keep from crying when shit goes south. So fuck you very much, chappy.

  • Ray63830

    hey i am his little brother and the guy that did do this is a fucking piece of shit. i cant be there to see my big brother right now and this sucks but my my brothers band will always live on.that guy has put our family through enough shit and i hope he never gets out of jail. rott in hell you fucking piece of shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000197205674 Pseudonymous Kristen

      Ray, I’m Scott’s wife. Please know that we are thinking about you and your family, and you are not alone. Hold your mom through this. Don’t worry about the people who don’t matter. I am so deeply sorry.

    • Luke Chaston

      I think I speak for all the metal community when we say all our thoughts are with you man. And yeah, the guy who did this should be crippled for life the fucker.

  • Ray63830

    hey i want to thank everyone who is keeping my brother Terry in their thoughts and prayers. I do want to be the first to say that Mike is a piece of shit and a cowardly little bitch. Why hit my brother then oh shit start crying you little bitch didnt your mom and dad ever teach you think before you speak or act. probably not you trailer trash fuck. again ROT IN HELL asshole

  • Robert Wilson28

    Yea I have to agree with Eric.The headline should read asshole journalist put in a coma!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Dude, that’s harsh. What did I say that was so bad? The guy’s brother is on here leaving comments and has no problem with what I wrote…

  • Robert Wilson28

    Terry happens to be a friend of mine and I think you could have been a little more sensitive.

  • Ray63830

    Hey i think the way this was viewed was taken maybe the wrong way. I do have to say that my brothers band will live on inside everyone that jammed with my brother and in our family.no matter what happens we do try to laugh about memories we cry about memories. Mike is in the wrong in every aspect of this situation hands down……………. chris i dont think your an asshole i think what you have wrote was taken wrong but yes a little more sensitive. But again the band will never die this is what my brother loves and will always have love no matter what happens to him. I wish he could have made it big becuause my brother could rip on the guitar and its a shame this FUCKING ASSHOLE MIKE had to ruin it for my brother…………………. for that i will never forgive him…………… thanks again to everyone that is praying for my brother…………………..

  • Ray63830

    I want to say REST IN PEACE MY DEAREST BROTHER. my brother will be missed to everyone that has prayed for my brother i do thank you. i love you terry i know that you are already jamming with randy your life long dream…………….my brother will live on in all of us………. again i think all of you for praying for my brother……………. ONCE AGAIN FUCK YOU MIKE ROT IN HELL YOU LITTLE BITCH i would love to be there when the judge tells you that you are gone for life.FUCK YOU…………………..MIKE 

  • Judithldennis

    Terry is a friend of ours and my husband was his original bass player. in the Canton, Ohio. This never was a fighting throw punchs band.  Music was the glue and reason to be there.  Why on earth these guys got so hateful over who is doing what I cannot understand.  But it happened.  Nothing is done yet.  Just remember to pray and keep the healing energies flowing to  Terry.  Pray for a miracle.  

  • Trollsftw

    I hope he gets life in prison and gets but raped again and again.