Alexia Rodriguez

About a month ago, I wrote a column about the Rodriguez sisters — the stunning one-two punch who’re the face of Eyes Set To Kill — and how I’m single and they should basically be my girlfriends. So, the band’s publicist contacted me to tell me that the girls would be in town in late September and suggested we meet for “a lunch date.” I lit up like a fucking Christmas tree…here was my chance — the kind of chance a dude doesn’t get every day.

So on Wednesday, I went to Red Distribution’s downtown offices to chow down on pizza and watch Alexia Rodriguez play two songs from her new solo record Underground Sounds (dropping October 12) and damn, are these girls adorable. I mean, Anissa is put-a-ring-on-her-finger adorable. While it was not the “date” I had been envisioning (the girls fanning me with palm leaves and feeding me Swedish meatballs) but it was nice meeting these ladies — who, much to my chagrin, are both attached; Alexia dates Alex Lopez from Suicide Silence. Lucky man.

The album features an amazing cover of Radiohead’s “Climbing Up The Walls” and is the polar opposite of Eyes Set To Kill. It also contains Alexia’s first attempt at a love song called “Still Here.” “It’s a love song but its not…the guy I wrote it for, I just broke up with over the summer, so when I was writing it, I felt passed the point of liking someone — I felt like I loved him,” Alexia tells Gun Shy Assassin. “That’s why in the song I say ‘I think I love you’ instead of just flat-out saying I love you. I didn’t know if I was just taking the next step just to take the next step or if I was actually in love.”

As I gaze into her eyes, I think to myself, “Poor bastard. This chick must’ve broken his heart.” She tells me it was the first time she’s ever broken off a relationship and it was easy.

“What ended up happening is we got into an argument about me not doing something…I’m not going to name the thing, but he got mad and was like ‘Well I don’t even know why we’re in this relationship together than if you’re not going to do these things for me?’ I was like ‘Fine, then I’m done.’ He called me later on and was like, ‘So that’s it — it’s over?’ and I was like ‘Yeah.’”

The girls

Turns out this guy was in Eyes Set To Kill and left the band. I won’t get into who the dude is, but let’s put it this way: My feeling bad for him quickly turned into “What a colossal douche! He forced this gorgeous girl away and quit a successful band. Tool.” “We were always together, always together,” she says. “I don’t think we had more than two days away from each other, and I think that’s what broke us. Just…I didn’t get a chance to miss him.” And now, he has a song written about him. Ass.

Alexia struck out on her own because while touring with Eyes Set To Kill, she began writing acoustic numbers that just wouldn’t fit on any of her band’s records. But she still wanted to get these songs out. “I feel like there are two different sides of me because I appreciate all music,” she says, adding that her fellow band members are busting her balls about going solo. “I really want people to know that when you’re an artist, sometimes you write songs and it doesn’t matter if you’re a metalhead, sometimes you write them on [an] acoustic first sometimes, and it can turn out to be a really heavy song.”

Alexia — who admitted that Eyes Set To Kill are working on material for the follow-up to 2010’s Broken Frames — has also been honored by the staff at Revolver, being named one of metal’s hottest chicks. Does she feel that’s demeaning in any way? “I think its just like prom king and prom queen…just a fun little thing to be in there, I guess,” she says.

Her status as one of the hottest chicks in metal couldn’t keep the handcuffs off of her delicate, tattooed wrists during a border stop in El Paso, Texas.

“Someone was with us and still is with us — working for us — and he had hash on him and we got put in a holding cell because he lied at first,” Alexia tells me, adding that dude didn’t confess to the possession. “The police were like, ‘If you tell us right now you have it, we will charge you and you’re friends can go. But if you don’t tell us, we’re putting all of you guys in ‘cuffs.’ We’re all looking at him, going, ‘Please say something’ and then, of course, he doesn’t and they have their dogs sniffing for his hash. They find it and put me and Anissa in a cell. We were dying. It was freezing the toilet was so dirty. The worse two hours…so boring.”