Is Corey Taylor Velvet Revolver’s New Singer?

Corey Taylor in drag
I admit it — I didn’t hear this rumor Billboard is referring to that Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor is the “known singer” that Velvet Revolver claims it is now working with. That one didn’t make it to me. But I guess that rumor was going around.

Billboard called Corey out on the rumor, and what did he have to say? “To be continued!”

Neither a denial or a confirmation — and Joey would not discuss the rumor further. Instead, he talked more about the future of Slipknot following the death of Paul Gray, the one year anniversary of which is coming up.

“I go back and forth,” he says. “There are moments when I’m like, ‘Let’s keep going for (Gray),’ and there are moments when I’m like, ‘It’s not the same without him.’ Right now my main concern is baby steps. We lost a huge piece of our band. We lost a huge member of our family — in my opinion the biggest — and it’s a different vibe now. So right now I’m just taking it step by step, and I can only hope that the other guys in the band are as well.”

As for the Velvet Revolver rumor…I can see that. Corey Taylor has proven himself a versatile fucking vocalist with a wide range and that’s what VR needs. This would actually be an interesting move, but would probably alienate Slipknot fans. I wonder…will this rumor end up being true?

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