Necrodeath Exclusive Song Stream: “Black Magic”

Gun Shy Assassin is glad to be able to bring you an exclusive song stream from legendary black/thrashers Necrodeath’s forthcoming album, The Age of Fear.

The name of the track is “Black Magic” and the opening riff is fucking sick. Why? Because its a cover of Slayer’s classic tune. Nevertheless, the entire record’s really solid. If you like thrashy riffs and fucking neck-breaking metal with sinister vocals, proceed to the end of this post and check out the tune. Why wouldn’t you? It won’t cost you a thing, and may, in fact, turn you onto something you may have otherwise blown off because of an aversion to their name, or something. Jerk. Necrodeath is a great name!

By the way, The Age of Fear drops June 14, so go and get that mo-fo when it comes out on Scarlet Records.

According to the press release, “The Age of Fear features 15 classic tracks including the previously unreleased ‘onyric’ version of the song ‘Queen Of Desire’, featuring guest appearances by Giorgia Gueglio (Mastercastle) on vocals and Botys Beezard (Godyva) on piano.”

[wpaudio url=” Magic.mp3″ text=”Necrodeath: Black Magic” dl=”0″]