Saxon’s Biff Byford Talks New Album

She likes Biffs
What’s that you say? You don’t dig Saxon? What the fuck, bro? Saxon are the joint. They’ve got a great name, and the lead singer’s name is Biff, like that dude from the “Back To The Future” movies. They’re legends! You know you’ve seen super tall dudes at shows with long-ass hair, sporting Saxon shirts under his leather jackets, and you were like, “Saxon’s cool.”

Well, Saxon are working in on a new record. Biff Byford tells Guitar International that Saxon “have a good team in place on this CD. The drums were recorded straight with no samples. All the guitar songs were organic. We went back to a more working-class sound. We intended to get back to our roots and got into that mindset from the beginning.”

Excellent! Fucking Saxon, dude. You know it’s going to rule…and bring you right back to those days when you were 13 and had no clue what was good, and not a care in the world.

“We are still climbing mountains because they are there,” Biff adds. “It’s just within us to create new music and we are fortunate enough to do so. To write songs, put them out, and have people still find them relevant is exciting is a great feeling.”

Now make like a tree and get outta here.

By the way, that girl there in the picture…she loves dudes named Biff. Basically, she’s never dated a dude not named Biff. True story. Not sure if she ever dated the Saxon dude, but…who knew there were that many Biffs?

  • Jason Curtis

    Saxon has been releasing some pretty solid albums recently, and the new one ‘Call to Arms’ is no exception. I dig it. Absolutely great live too. Both times I’ve seen them they’ve completely blew away any of the younger supporting acts by miles!

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